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Caught Off Guard Drill:

Heroes only. When this Drill enters play, name a non-Dragon Ball card. That card cannot be played or used by either player while this Drill is in play.
Where is he?
Errata: This card gains, “Limit 2 per deck.” You cannot name or affect a Personality Card, Dragonball, Sensei, or Mastery. If you name Caught Off Guard Drill when you play Caught Off Guard Drill, no more Caught Off Guard Drills may be played or used, and any cards that were being affected by other Caught Off Guard Drills in play are no longer affected. If the Caught Off Guard Drill that is affecting Caught Off Guard Drill leaves play, the other Caught Off Guard Drills return back to normal.

  • Number: 111
  • Rarity: 5
  • Type: Non-Combat
  • Character: Cell
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