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Dream Card Number 28: Sun Swordsman

Dream Card "Number 28: Sun Swordsman"
by lok01  for YuGiOh!
Number 28: Sun Swordsman card image: click to enlarge
Number 28: Sun Swordsman
2 Level 4 Monsters
Once per turn: When this card attacks, you may detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; This card gains 1000 ATK during the Damage Step.

  • Rarity: Fixed
  • Card Type: Monster / Effect / Xyz
  • Monster Type: Warrior
  • Attack Points: 2500
  • Defense Points: 2000
  • Level / Rank: 4
  • Attribute: Light
  • Password: 07172345
[Modified on August 5, 2014 02:46 pm]

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Author Message
El Salvador

Avatar for taem
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Subject:    Posted: August 10, 2012 12:10 pm

the boost effect is nice since its an effect that activates only during your turn, good to tak down a big guy or for a massive damage...

It do not requieres any special type or attribute other than Level 4 monsters and its warrior-type... which means its very exploitable and would make a nice addition in mostly of all warrior-type deck... not too much in mostly of the Fire Attribute but it would be nice to have at least 1 in the extra deck.

Without the effect just like Utopia (both 2500 ATK, Warrior, Rank 4 and with 100 DEF of difference)... so, again, it would be nice to have in the extra deck. In fact, if you manage to summon both, you can manage to have strong comeback.

The boost effect can only be used twice and only in your turn, so its not overpowered as you might think... plus its a boost effect, which means it can trigger mostly any trap or quick spell. Also, the attack most reach the damage step to work. If you detach during your Main Phase, your opponent can chain it with a Waboku, Gravity Bind, Threatening Roar, ect. making you lose the effect.

In the end, its nice to remove strong monster and cause heavy damage.
The only problem I have is that you decided to make it a "Number" monster. Since I'm pretty sure both the Anime and TCG are going to end up filling all the 100 cards...

But in the end, is great and should be made.
Back to top Modified on August 10, 2012 03:09 pm 
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