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Unique. During the movement/hazard phase, the number of cards that opponent draws based on Alatar's company's movement is reduced by one. If in a haven when a hazard creature is played on another company, he may join that company and face one of the hazard creature's strikes; he must make a corruption check immediately following the attack, and, if untapped, he must tap.

  • Card Number: TW001
  • Rarity: Fixed2
  • Card Type: Character
  • Alignment: Avatar
  • Home Site: Edhellond
  • Artist: Angus McBride
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Author Message
Avatar for xymer
Card Erratum: Change "he must tap and make a corruption check immediately following the attack." to "he must make a corruption check immediately following the attack, and, if untapped, he must tap."
Alatar can force someone to draw 0 cards when he moves.
When Alatar uses his special ability he must face a strike. Alatar overrides all other effects pertaining to the assigning of strikes.
Alatar must teleport and declare he is facing a strike before any other strikes are assigned.
Allies Alatar controls are discarded when he teleports.

Thought posting this errata on this wizard for review was rather critical in playing this avatar. Coming in at Rivendell or down south in Edhollond, starting at a Haven with him is exactly want you want. By using his teleport ability first off into joining another company, getting to help in combat for a strike to gain hazard MP is good. Note wanna do this without allies or they get discarded. The teleport helps to override a deadly strike on a weak character plus moving him fast on the map is nice. His card draw denial is real nice down to zero can easily catch an opponent with no hazards to play when going to a site or make them clog up their own hand with hazards. Doing that strategy comes into Alatar's play style which is combat along with item collecting. Consider taking him to an under-deeps run, as well works great into his theme I think. Taking him into company combat against a minion or balrog player is a possibility most would not think of either.
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Posted: April 2, 2016 05:27 pm
Modified on April 2, 2016 05:27 pm 
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