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Dream Card Pot Of Tea

Dream Card "Pot Of Tea"
by calmastea  for YuGiOh!
Pot Of Tea card image: click to enlarge
Pot Of Tea
When this card is played you can use the following effects:

Pay 1000- life points to destroy everything on your opponents side. If all you have is 1000 you gain 1000 more life points.
Gain a total of 200+ life points for each card on the field or it can go to your monsters atk and for each card you monsters level.

  • Rarity: Secret Rare
  • Card Type: Spell/Magic Card
  • Password: CalmTea
[Modified on October 26, 2012 10:34 pm]
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Discussion about this Dream Card
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Author Message
LV21 United States

Avatar for admiralz
Member since
September 29, 2012
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Subject: Hmm ...   Posted: October 26, 2012 10:34 pm

Pay 1000 life points to combine Harpie's Feather Duster and Raigeki (or gain 1000 life points to do the same if you are at 1000 or less) OR gain 200 lifepoints per card on the field OR have a monster (or monsters) gain 200 ATK points per card on the field (presumably including themselves) AND gain a level for each card on the field (again, including themselves).

... This card is the most overpowered, vague card I have ever seen.
The 1st effect is single-handedly the most game-breaking I have ever seen, and I was around for when Raigeki and Harpie's Feather Duster were both legal AND there wasn't a Ban list.
The 2nd effect would be great by itself.
The 3rd effect would be interesting if this card were a Quick-Play Spell and specified if one Monster would receive the bonus until the end phase of the turn it is activated (fair) or if all face-up Monsters on your side of the field receive the bonus (rather broken) and how long it is supposed to last (end of turn or permanent ATK boost).
The 4th effect would actually be detrimental to any sort of Synchro summoning, and would only be good in a Calculator deck.

My point here is that you can do better. Just read the effect text of good cards you have seen, and they will guide you on how to create and balance the effect of a Dream Card like this.
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