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U.S.S. Defiant, Commandeered Warship {X} card scan: click to enlarge

U.S.S. Defiant, Commandeered Warship {X}:

Defiant Class

Cloaking Device. To staff this ship, you must have a
[Dom] Engineer personnel aboard.
Order — If this ship is staffed and at your mission, stop this
ship to take an two overcome dilemmas from beneath that
mission and place it them face up beneath your [AQ] mission.

"The bridge is secure. ... The bridge officers are confined in the mess hall; other survivors in the cargo bay."

Tenth Anniversary Collection has a Tenth Anniversary logo in the upper right corner. Cards were awarded with $10 purchase over 9 weeks.

Errata: specific to Dominion

  • Rarity: P
  • Type: Ships: Dominion
  • Number: 0P18X
  • 1st Edition compatible: No
  • Attributes: RANGE 8 WEAPONS 10 SHIELDS 10
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