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Asako Kinuye (Experienced) card scan: click to enlarge

Asako Kinuye (Experienced):

Phoenix Clan • Shadowlands • Monk • Bloodspeaker • Experienced • Unique

After Kinuye enters play: Lose 3 Honor.
You may ignore the cost of bowing Kinuye for Kiho actions she performs.
Kinuye may perform Kiho actions as if she were a Shugenja.
Maho Limited: Once per game per card by title: Search for and choose a card in your Fate discard pile with the Maho keyword or a Maho ability. Put it in your hand.

  • Card Type: Personality
  • Force/Strength: 6
  • Chi: 4
  • Rarity: Fixed
  • Number: 48
  • Gold: 11
  • Personal Honor: 0
  • Honor Requirement: -
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