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Valerius Maior, Hell`s Fool card scan: click to enlarge

Valerius Maior, Hell's Fool:

Advanced, Sabbat.
Red List: If Valerius attempts to block, the acting minion cannot play action modifier or combat cards that require Chimerstry [chi] or Obfuscate [obf].
[MERGED] Independent: Valerius becomes non-infernal and non-Red List as he merges. While merged, his capacity is reduced by 2.

  • Number: 55
  • Rarity: U/PB
  • Blood Capacity: 7
  • Type: Vampire
  • Disciplines: nec pre AUS DAI DOM THA
  • Group: 4
  • Artist: Ken Meyer, Jr.
  • Clan: Tremere Antitribu
  • Level: Advanced
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