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Dream Card Forbidden: The Sealed Devil/The=Bolbalzak, Grand Legendary Forbidden

Dream Card "Forbidden: The Sealed Devil/The=Bolbalzak, Grand Legendary Forbidden"
by  Premium Member  for Duel Masters
Forbidden: The Sealed Devil/The=Bolbalzak, Grand Legendary Forbidden
Forbidden: The Sealed Devil/The=Bolbalzak, Grand Legendary Forbidden
Forbidden: The Sealed Devil

Forbidden Field

This card is put into the mana zone with 4 seals on it at the start of the game.

If this card has seals on it, it cannot leave the mana zone.

If you put a Dragon that costs 5 or more into the battle zone, if it's the first dragon you put into the battle zone that turn, remove a seal and put it into your mana zone face up. This card's seals can only be removed this way.

Forbidden Awakening: If this card has no seals on it, put it into your battle zone and untap it. Effects cannot prevent forbidden awakening.


The=Bolbalzak, Grand Legendary Forbidden

Cost: 96

Power: 96000

Forbidden Creature

When this creature forbidden awakens, your opponent puts a seal on each of his creatures, then take an extra turn after this one. At the end of that extra turn, you lose the game.

Triple Breaker

When this creature would leave the battle zone, flip it back to your mana zone and put a seal on it. If it's removed by one of your opponent's cards, Until the start of your opponent's next turn, you cannot lose and your opponent cannot win the game.

  • Rarity: Legend Rare
  • Type: Forbidden Creature
  • Power: 96000
  • Mana Number: 0
  • Cost: 96
  • Civilization: Fire/Nature
[Modified on June 16, 2018 12:05 pm]

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