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Amazoness Chain Master (Sneak Preview Promo) card scan: click to enlarge

Amazoness Chain Master (Sneak Preview Promo):

When this Monster is destroyed as a result of battle and sent to the Graveyard,by paying 1500 Life Points, look at your opponent's hand and select 1 Monster Card from it. Add the selected card to your hand, and you can use it in this duel. (When the card is sent to the Graveyard, it is sent to the owner's Graveyard.)

  • Number: SP1-EN002
  • Rarity: Ultra Rare
  • Card Type: Monster / Effect
  • Monster Type: Warrior
  • Attack Points: 1500
  • Defense Points: 1300
  • Level / Rank: 4
  • Attribute: Earth
  • Password: 29654737
SP = Short Print (Common);
SSP = Super Short Print (Common);
DNPR = Duel Terminal Normal Parallel Rare;
DRPR = Duel Terminal Rare Parallel Rare;
DSPR = Duel Terminal Super Parallel Rare;
DUPR = Duel Terminal Ultra Parallel Rare;
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