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card reviews for the game YuGiOh!

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List of Card Reviews for YuGiOh!

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Our current Card Review of the Week is "Blue Storm Karma Dragon, Maelstrom "Яeverse", ", created by heymekenji  for the game Cardfight!! Vanguard
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Title  Card Type  Author  Date  Comments  Votes  Score 
Mobius the Frost Monarch
A one tribute magic and trap killer!
Monster / Effect  spyked_one  April 23, 2006 2 6
Gilford the Lightning (Collector Tin Set 4)
Gilford the Lightning
Monster / Effect  sdmd  April 26, 2006 2 4
Inferno Tempest (Exclusive Pack)
Very underused card.
Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play  benjonw  April 28, 2006 6 7
Ancient Gear Golem
My all time favorite. Let's take a look at the Gran Daddy of all Gears.
Monster / Effect  legendkiller  April 29, 2006 2 21
Granmarg the Rock Monarch
The most overlooked monarch. Lets look at this monarch's power.
Monster / Effect  legendkiller  April 29, 2006 0 18
Dark Snake Syndrome
One of the card that cause tremendous pressure in the game.
Spell/Magic Card / Continuous  legendkiller  April 29, 2006 0 7
Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8
Let's take an in depth look at one the best of all level monsters.
Monster / Effect  legendkiller  April 30, 2006 8 32
A card made solely for Burn Decks.
Spell/Magic Card  legendkiller  May 1, 2006 0 5
Armed Dragon LV10
some armed dragon
Monster / Effect  warlord666  May 11, 2006 1 8
Airknight Parshath
This card shouild really see more play with the new(ish) april list
Monster / Effect  aftermath1191  May 12, 2006 1 31
Armed Dragon LV10
The strong dragon that has reached its goal
Monster / Effect  king_dragun  May 13, 2006 0 6
Gilford the Lightning (Collector Tin Set 4)
Possibly the best Warrior Card in the game?
Monster / Effect  phantomfreak  May 15, 2006 1 5
Raviel, Lord of Phantasms
Raviel, Lord of Phantasm might be ancient but is still the most popular sacred card.
Monster / Effect  dipset_boii  May 16, 2006 1 6
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Shonen Jump)
The Ultimate weapon
Monster / Fusion  sub_zero  May 16, 2006 2 9
Big Shield Gardna
This Card Is Becoming More And More Popular
Monster  aftermath1191  May 16, 2006 0 5
Gate Guardian
The original macdaddy of frustration
Monster / Effect  phantomfreak  May 17, 2006 5 17
Mirror Force
This card is the bomb!!
Trap Card  athenasparadise  May 17, 2006 4 26
Water Dragon
My alltime favorite card
Monster / Effect  myth_king  May 18, 2006 1 8
Cyber End Dragon
The cheapest fusion machine ever made!
Monster / Effect / Fusion  athenasparadise  May 19, 2006 2 32
Deck Devastation Virus
The best way to stop your opponents strategy!!!
Trap Card  kmoney0572  May 20, 2006 1 15
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