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Spellfire: Master the Magic

Spellfire: Master the Magic

Home page for the game Spellfire: Master the Magic

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List of expansions for the game Spellfire: Master the Magic
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The most wanted
These are the cards appearing most often in wanted lists.
Card Set #  
Knights of the Sword Dragonlance 4 search
Skull of Fistandantilus Dragonlance 4 search
Takhisis's Abyssal Gateway Dragonlance 4 search
Medallion of Faith Dragonlance 4 search
Cold Cup of Calamity Forgotten Realms 4 search
Glimmer the Brass Dragon Draconomicon 4 search
Shan, Karate Master Dungeons! 4 search
Necba the Wrathmaker Dungeons! 4 search
Underground Lair Draconomicon 4 search
Red Dragon Figurine Draconomicon 4 search
Winner's Trophy Dungeons! 4 search
Enter Darkness Together Dungeons! 4 search
Dragon's Breath Draconomicon 4 search
Boreas Draconomicon 4 search
Chimera Draconomicon 4 search
Morcanth Dragontamer Draconomicon 4 search
Dragon Hatchling Draconomicon 4 search
Dragon Cultist Draconomicon 4 search
Playing to Lose Draconomicon 4 search
Draconic Allies Draconomicon 4 search
Poor Oriental Lord Dungeons! 4 search
T'char, Dragon of Flame Draconomicon 4 search
Dragon Skirmish Draconomicon 4 search
Battle Must Go On!, The Draconomicon 3 search
Mad Scientist's Laboratory Nightstalkers 3 search
Mausoleum of the Zombie Master Dungeons! 3 search
Den of Thieves Nightstalkers 3 search
Gib Aklem Nightstalkers 3 search
Gib Drawsemaj Nightstalkers 3 search
Shadowcloak Nightstalkers 3 search
Madman Enraged 4th Edition 3 search
Ancient Dead, The 4th Edition 3 search
Pavlov's Bell Nightstalkers 3 search
Ring of Lycanthropy Nightstalkers 3 search
Varney the Vampire Nightstalkers 3 search
Moonbeast Nightstalkers 3 search
Gib Lhadsemlo Nightstalkers 3 search
Magian, The 4th Edition 3 search
Gib Hcivonad Nightstalkers 3 search
Gib Reltub Nightstalkers 3 search
Gib Irod Nightstalkers 3 search
Mystic Passage 4th Edition 3 search
Age of the Dragon Draconomicon 3 search
Roper 4th Edition 3 search
Dark Depths Draconomicon 3 search
Powers of the Land Draconomicon 3 search
Mistmarsh, The Draconomicon 3 search
Mist Caves, The Draconomicon 3 search
Dragon's Crown Draconomicon 3 search
Council of Wyrms Draconomicon 3 search
Dragon Magic Draconomicon 3 search
Dragon's Graveyard Draconomicon 3 search
Dragon's Hoard Draconomicon 3 search
Mount Deismaar Draconomicon 3 search
Palanthas Draconomicon 3 search
Evade Draconomicon 3 search
Winner's Cape, The 4th Edition 3 search
Rauglothgor's Lair Draconomicon 3 search
Dragon Mountain Draconomicon 3 search
Lair of the Shadowdrake Draconomicon 3 search
Dragonspine Mountains Draconomicon 3 search
Griff Mountains Draconomicon 3 search
Vesve Forest Draconomicon 3 search
Mount Nevermind Draconomicon 3 search
Wyrm's Decree Draconomicon 3 search
Treasure Hoard Draconomicon 3 search
Wyrms' Conclave Draconomicon 3 search
Wyrmblight Draconomicon 3 search
Dor Amberglow Dungeons! 3 search
Dragon's Bones Draconomicon 3 search
Wand of Orcus 4th Edition 3 search
Saphire the Blue Dragon Draconomicon 3 search
Charm, the Crystal Dragon Draconomicon 3 search
Flash Flood 4th Edition 3 search
Iuz, Avatar of Evil 4th Edition 3 search
Ancient Dragon Magic Draconomicon 3 search
Titania 4th Edition 3 search
Elemental Avatar of Air 4th Edition 3 search
Elemental Avatar of Water 4th Edition 3 search
Garl Glittergold 4th Edition 3 search
Yondalla the Provider 4th Edition 3 search
Brandobaris 4th Edition 3 search
Corellon Larethian 4th Edition 3 search
Great Mother 4th Edition 3 search
Dragon's Scale Draconomicon 3 search
Wish 4th Edition 3 search
Wyvern Draconomicon 3 search
Lernaean Hydra Draconomicon 3 search
Celestial Lights Nightstalkers 3 search
Mirror of Corruption Nightstalkers 3 search
Amulet of Undead Aura Nightstalkers 3 search
Arcane Formula for a Lich Nightstalkers 3 search
Bag of Beans Nightstalkers 3 search
Vulture of the Core, The 4th Edition 3 search
Bride of Malice 4th Edition 3 search
Lesser Mummy, The 4th Edition 3 search
Dark Dreams Nightstalkers 3 search
Dark Prophesy Nightstalkers 3 search
Confused Hunchback Nightstalkers 3 search
Painted Hills, The 4th Edition 3 search

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