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Spellfire: Master the Magic

Spellfire: Master the Magic

Home page for the game Spellfire: Master the Magic

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List of expansions for the game Spellfire: Master the Magic
To get the complete list of collectible cards in a specific expansion set, please select it from the following list:

The most wanted
These are the cards appearing most often in wanted lists.
Card Set #  
Underground Lair Draconomicon 4 search
Wyrmblight Draconomicon 3 search
Vesve Forest Draconomicon 3 search
Ultrablast Draconomicon 3 search
Verminaard the Dragonmaster Draconomicon 3 search
Vulture of the Core, The 4th Edition 3 search
Wyrm's Decree Draconomicon 3 search
Venomdust Draconomicon 3 search
True Seeing Draconomicon 3 search
Treasure Hoard Draconomicon 3 search
Wyvern Draconomicon 3 search
Wyrms' Conclave Draconomicon 3 search
Wand of Magic Detection Draconomicon 3 search
Well of Many Worlds Draconomicon 3 search
Wand of Negation Draconomicon 3 search
Undead Dragonrider Draconomicon 3 search
Wheel of Fate Powers 3 search
Trapped! Draconomicon 3 search
Tower of High Sorcery Dragonlance 3 search
Wind Walk 4th Edition 2 search
Wish 4th Edition 2 search
Wall of Fog 4th Edition 2 search
Tyrol 4th Edition 2 search
Treants of the Grandwood 4th Edition 2 search
Ward of Sleep 4th Edition 2 search
Ward of Peace 4th Edition 2 search
Trident of Fish Command 4th Edition 2 search
Wijon 4th Edition 2 search
Wall of Fire 4th Edition 2 search
Tyrinon 4th Edition 2 search
Powers of the Land Draconomicon 2 search
Winged Horror 4th Edition 2 search
Vangerdahast 4th Edition 2 search
Vitralis 4th Edition 2 search
Yumac the Cold 4th Edition 2 search
Xeno-Xylophone 4th Edition 2 search
Troll 4th Edition 2 search
Ancient Dead, The 4th Edition 2 search
Madman Enraged 4th Edition 2 search
Bride of Malice 4th Edition 2 search
Wall of Force 4th Edition 2 search
Ward of Erebus 4th Edition 2 search
Dragonspine Mountains Draconomicon 2 search
Griff Mountains Draconomicon 2 search
Mount Nevermind Draconomicon 2 search
Palanthas Draconomicon 2 search
Mount Deismaar Draconomicon 2 search
Dragon's Hoard Draconomicon 2 search
Dark Depths Draconomicon 2 search
Mistmarsh, The Draconomicon 2 search
Mist Caves, The Draconomicon 2 search
Dragon's Crown Draconomicon 2 search
Council of Wyrms Draconomicon 2 search
Dragon Magic Draconomicon 2 search
Dragon's Graveyard Draconomicon 2 search
Lair of the Shadowdrake Draconomicon 2 search
Dragon Mountain Draconomicon 2 search
Ward of Lancoon 4th Edition 2 search
Wand of Orcus 4th Edition 2 search
Ward of Freedom 4th Edition 2 search
Ward of Ironguarding 4th Edition 2 search
Ward of Ruin 4th Edition 2 search
Ward of the Erinyes 4th Edition 2 search
Wither Touch 4th Edition 2 search
Urdlen 4th Edition 2 search
Yondalla the Provider 4th Edition 2 search
Verenestra 4th Edition 2 search
Towers of Menzoberranzan 4th Edition 2 search
Winner's Cape, The 4th Edition 2 search
Rauglothgor's Lair Draconomicon 2 search
Ward of Laius 4th Edition 2 search
Winged Boots 4th Edition 2 search
Warband Quest The Underdark 2 search
Vecna the Arch Lich Runes & Ruins 2 search
Wulfgar Runes & Ruins 2 search
Tyranthraxus, The Possessing Spirit Runes & Ruins 2 search
Vampire Attacks, The Runes & Ruins 2 search
Undead Guardian Runes & Ruins 2 search
Volcanic Eruption Runes & Ruins 2 search
Wave Runes & Ruins 2 search
Whelm Runes & Ruins 2 search
Winter Wolf Pack Runes & Ruins 2 search
Uppercut Runes & Ruins 2 search
Undead Regeneration Runes & Ruins 2 search
Tower of Spirits Runes & Ruins 2 search
Gorgon's Crown, The Birthright 2 search
Tuarhievel Birthright 2 search
Vault of the Drow Runes & Ruins 2 search
Village of Hommlet Runes & Ruins 2 search
Wolf Spirits The Underdark 2 search
Ward Matrix The Underdark 2 search
West Wind, The The Underdark 2 search
Unnamed, Avatar of Gruumsh, The The Underdark 2 search
Uncaring, Avatar of Boccob, The The Underdark 2 search
Umber Hulk The Underdark 2 search
Zaknafein the Weapons Master The Underdark 2 search
Xontra The Underdark 2 search
Ultimate Triumvirate, The The Underdark 2 search
Underground River The Underdark 2 search
Way Out, The The Underdark 2 search

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