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Spellfire: Master the Magic

Spellfire: Master the Magic

Home page for the game Spellfire: Master the Magic

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List of expansions for the game Spellfire: Master the Magic
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The most wanted
These are the cards appearing most often in wanted lists.
Card Set #  
Underground Lair Draconomicon 5 search
Wyrmblight Draconomicon 4 search
Dragon Skirmish Draconomicon 4 search
No Funny Business Artifacts 4 search
Death Rock Artifacts 4 search
Good Fortune 0th Edition 3 search
Good Fortune 1st Edition 3 search
Skulk 1st Edition 3 search
Age of Entropy 1st Edition 3 search
Tapestry of the Stag 1st Edition 3 search
Bengoukee the Witch Doctor 1st Edition 3 search
Big Chief Bagoomba 1st Edition 3 search
Gib Ekim 1st Edition 3 search
Gib Evets 1st Edition 3 search
Gib Htimsen 1st Edition 3 search
Ring of Regeneration Ravenloft 3 search
Worden Ironfist 2nd Edition 3 search
Good Fortune 2nd Edition 3 search
Chaos Shield 2nd Edition 3 search
Mercenary Gold 2nd Edition 3 search
Living Scroll 2nd Edition 3 search
Ren's Bell of Death 2nd Edition 3 search
Annulus 2nd Edition 3 search
Mind Flayer Lord 2nd Edition 3 search
Aurak Draconian Lord 2nd Edition 3 search
Chest of Many Things 2nd Edition 3 search
Knights of the Crown Dragonlance 3 search
Knights of the Sword Dragonlance 3 search
Knights of the Rose Dragonlance 3 search
Skull of Fistandantilus Dragonlance 3 search
Takhisis's Mirror and Staff Dragonlance 3 search
Takhisis's Abyssal Gateway Dragonlance 3 search
Takhisis's Mirror of the Abyssal Warlord Dragonlance 3 search
Tower of High Sorcery Dragonlance 3 search
Blessing of the Gods Dragonlance 3 search
Age of Dreams Dragonlance 3 search
Golden Age, The Dragonlance 3 search
Medallion of Faith Dragonlance 3 search
Wish Forgotten Realms 3 search
Deck of Many Things Forgotten Realms 3 search
Cyric Forgotten Realms 3 search
Thrice Hearty Cup of Balder the Red Forgotten Realms 3 search
Golden Touch Forgotten Realms 3 search
Spellblades Forgotten Realms 3 search
Axe of the Dwarvish Lords Artifacts 3 search
Machine of Lum the Mad Artifacts 3 search
Daern's Instant Fortress Artifacts 3 search
Sorcerer-Kings Artifacts 3 search
Artifact Vault Artifacts 3 search
Artifact Champions Artifacts 3 search
Cosmic Justice Artifacts 3 search
Ship of the Sky, The Artifacts 3 search
Dregoth, Undead Dragon-King Artifacts 3 search
Hornung the Anarch Artifacts 3 search
Erital Kaan-Ipzirel Artifacts 3 search
Silencer of Bodach Artifacts 3 search
Lord Blacktree Artifacts 3 search
Killian Artifacts 3 search
Ghostly Piper Artifacts 3 search
Forbiddance Artifacts 3 search
Bigby's Clenched Fist Artifacts 3 search
Thunder Staff Artifacts 3 search
Amulet of Spell Protection Artifacts 3 search
Amelior's Restraint Artifacts 3 search
Adjatha, the Spell Drinker Powers 3 search
Sword of the Avoreen Powers 3 search
Sword of the Black Rose Powers 3 search
Dark Negation Powers 3 search
Icedawn, Avatar of Auril Powers 3 search
Bonemaster, Avatar of Nerull Powers 3 search
Lady of Fate, Avatar of Istus Powers 3 search
Misfortune, Avatar of Ralishaz Powers 3 search
Tempest, Avatar of Zeboim Powers 3 search
Sirrion, Avatar Powers 3 search
Tako Powers 3 search
Wheel of Fate Powers 3 search
Sea Queen, Avatar of Zeboim Powers 3 search
Kiri, Avatar of Kiri-Jolith Powers 3 search
Gift of the Avatar Powers 3 search
Crystal Sphere Powers 3 search
Rock of Bral Powers 3 search
Unipsi Powers 3 search
Quill Pen of the Planes Powers 3 search
Tantelear, The Powers 3 search
Shawl of Mordenheim Powers 3 search
Psionatrix Powers 3 search
Poisoned Water Powers 3 search
Avatar's Edict Powers 3 search
Good Fortune 3rd Edition 3 search
Free City of Greyhawk 3rd Edition 3 search
Minotaur Attacks!, The The Underdark 3 search
Cave-in! The Underdark 3 search
Mandate of Dori the Barbarian, The The Underdark 3 search
Minotaur, The The Underdark 3 search
Oogly the Half-Orc The Underdark 3 search
Scourge of Mika The Underdark 3 search
Lost Treasure Runes & Ruins 3 search
Phylactery, The Runes & Ruins 3 search
Gorgon's Crown, The Birthright 3 search
Battlewise Birthright 3 search

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