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Spellfire: Master the Magic

Spellfire: Master the Magic

Home page for the game Spellfire: Master the Magic

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List of expansions for the game Spellfire: Master the Magic
To get the complete list of collectible cards in a specific expansion set, please select it from the following list:

The most wanted
These are the cards appearing most often in wanted lists.
Card Set #  
Safe Harbor 1st Edition 5 search
Shapechange 1st Edition 5 search
Magister, The 1st Edition 5 search
Magical Barding 1st Edition 5 search
Arch-Druid 1st Edition 5 search
Cleric of Torm 1st Edition 5 search
Sunray 1st Edition 5 search
Midnight, Goddess of Magic 1st Edition 5 search
Sanctuary 1st Edition 5 search
Barbarian Raiders 1st Edition 4 search
Johydee's Mask 1st Edition 4 search
Ring of Shooting Stars 1st Edition 4 search
Bribery! 1st Edition 4 search
Great Kingdom 1st Edition 4 search
Delsenora 1st Edition 4 search
Shalbaal, Red Dragon 1st Edition 4 search
Hettman Tsurin 1st Edition 4 search
Cha'thrang 1st Edition 4 search
Potion of Fire Breathing 1st Edition 4 search
Desert Warrior 1st Edition 4 search
Anti-Magic Shell 1st Edition 4 search
Outcast, The 1st Edition 4 search
Borys 1st Edition 4 search
Tithian 1st Edition 4 search
Baber 1st Edition 4 search
Raise Dead 1st Edition 4 search
Disintegrate 1st Edition 4 search
So-ut 1st Edition 4 search
Rikus 1st Edition 4 search
Bodach 1st Edition 4 search
Waverly 1st Edition 4 search
Invisibility 1st Edition 4 search
Mud Palace, The 1st Edition 4 search
Crushing Fist 1st Edition 4 search
Hubadai 1st Edition 4 search
Cleric of Mask 1st Edition 4 search
Noble Djinni 1st Edition 4 search
Bruenor Battlehammer 1st Edition 4 search
Cyric Forgotten Realms 4 search
Fear 1st Edition 4 search
Living Scroll 1st Edition 3 search
Map of Life 1st Edition 3 search
Scroll of 7 Leagues 1st Edition 3 search
Annulus 1st Edition 3 search
Mercenary Gold 1st Edition 3 search
Hammer of Tyr Forgotten Realms 3 search
Ren's Bell of Death 1st Edition 3 search
Wand of Wonder Forgotten Realms 3 search
Supernatural Chill 1st Edition 3 search
Deck of Many Things Forgotten Realms 3 search
Chest of Many Things 1st Edition 3 search
Dragonslayer Forgotten Realms 3 search
Ego Coin 1st Edition 3 search
Aurak Draconian Lord 1st Edition 3 search
Mind Flayer Lord 1st Edition 3 search
Pit Trap! 1st Edition 3 search
Map to a Mercenary Army 1st Edition 3 search
Frostbrand Forgotten Realms 3 search
Ring of Winter Forgotten Realms 3 search
Phorbes's Scrolls 1st Edition 3 search
Misfortune, Avatar of Ralishaz Powers 3 search
Lady of Fate, Avatar of Istus Powers 3 search
Nightsinger, Avatar of Shar Powers 3 search
Pseudodragon Forgotten Realms 3 search
Bless 1st Edition 3 search
Dark Negation Powers 3 search
Menzoberranzan 1st Edition 3 search
Tuigan Invasion Powers 3 search
Tablets of Fate Forgotten Realms 3 search
Wall of Fire 1st Edition 3 search
Tempest, Avatar of Zeboim Powers 3 search
Slave Realm of Tunek 1st Edition 3 search
Chaos Shield 1st Edition 3 search
Traitor 1st Edition 3 search
Magical Champion 1st Edition 3 search
Discovery of Spellfire 1st Edition 3 search
Sword of Cymrych Hugh Forgotten Realms 3 search
Spell Turning 1st Edition 3 search
Bengoukee the Witch Doctor 1st Edition 3 search
Dragonclaw Forgotten Realms 3 search
Labyrinth Map of Shucc, The 1st Edition 3 search
Gelatinous Cube 1st Edition 3 search
High Horn Forgotten Realms 3 search
Plane Shift Ravenloft 3 search
Wish Forgotten Realms 3 search
Azalin's Graveyard Ravenloft 3 search
Smolder, Red Dragon 1st Edition 3 search
Alicia 1st Edition 3 search
Halcyon 1st Edition 3 search
Vorpal Blade Forgotten Realms 3 search
Succor Forgotten Realms 3 search
Dragon Rage 1st Edition 3 search
Strahd Von Zarovich Ravenloft 3 search
Black Bess Forgotten Realms 3 search
Mulhorand Forgotten Realms 3 search
Halruaa Forgotten Realms 3 search
Wild Magic Surge Forgotten Realms 3 search
Yulash Forgotten Realms 3 search
Lady Luck Forgotten Realms 3 search
Cyrinishad Forgotten Realms 3 search

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