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Spellfire: Master the Magic

Spellfire: Master the Magic

Home page for the game Spellfire: Master the Magic

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List of expansions for the game Spellfire: Master the Magic
To get the complete list of collectible cards in a specific expansion set, please select it from the following list:

The most wanted
These are the cards appearing most often in wanted lists.
Card Set #  
Young Strahd Artifacts 4 search
Ghostly Piper Artifacts 4 search
Sirrion, Avatar Powers 4 search
Llama King, The Dungeons! 4 search
Azalin's Graveyard Ravenloft 3 search
Animate Rock Ravenloft 3 search
Hold Person Ravenloft 3 search
Mysterious Stranger Ravenloft 3 search
Strahd Von Zarovich Ravenloft 3 search
Takhisis's Abyssal Gateway Dragonlance 3 search
Tower of High Sorcery Dragonlance 3 search
Flute of Wind Dancing Dragonlance 3 search
Cyric Forgotten Realms 3 search
Hawksflight Grail Forgotten Realms 3 search
Sorcerer-Kings Artifacts 3 search
Artifact Champions Artifacts 3 search
No Funny Business Artifacts 3 search
Cosmic Justice Artifacts 3 search
Dregoth, Undead Dragon-King Artifacts 3 search
Princess Amber Artifacts 3 search
Mace of Cuthbert Artifacts 3 search
Sword of the Avoreen Powers 3 search
Sword of the Black Rose Powers 3 search
Dark Negation Powers 3 search
Icedawn, Avatar of Auril Powers 3 search
Nightsinger, Avatar of Shar Powers 3 search
Bonemaster, Avatar of Nerull Powers 3 search
Misfortune, Avatar of Ralishaz Powers 3 search
Tempest, Avatar of Zeboim Powers 3 search
Living Wall Powers 3 search
Kiri, Avatar of Kiri-Jolith Powers 3 search
Gift of the Avatar Powers 3 search
Unipsi Powers 3 search
Inverter, The Powers 3 search
Shawl of Mordenheim Powers 3 search
Psionicist Bracelet Powers 3 search
Psionatrix Powers 3 search
Cosmic Intervention Powers 3 search
Avatar's Edict Powers 3 search
Hoof of Auroch, The The Underdark 3 search
Ultimate Triumvirate, The The Underdark 3 search
Dispossessed, The The Underdark 3 search
Underground River The Underdark 3 search
Cave-in! The Underdark 3 search
Mandate of Dori the Barbarian, The The Underdark 3 search
Demi-Lich Zyenj, The The Underdark 3 search
Minotaur, The The Underdark 3 search
Lurker in the Deep The Underdark 3 search
Oogly the Half-Orc The Underdark 3 search
Drow Assassin The Underdark 3 search
Acerack the Eternal Runes & Ruins 3 search
Enormous Giant's Rock Runes & Ruins 3 search
Dream Team, The Runes & Ruins 3 search
Toad, The Runes & Ruins 3 search
Kuroth's Quill Runes & Ruins 3 search
Dodge Runes & Ruins 3 search
Psionic Reflection Runes & Ruins 3 search
Icon of Magic Runes & Ruins 3 search
Nectar of the Gods Runes & Ruins 3 search
Boots of Fharlanghn Runes & Ruins 3 search
Phylactery, The Runes & Ruins 3 search
Gorgon's Crown, The Birthright 3 search
Forge Ley Line Birthright 3 search
Battlewise Birthright 3 search
Otto's Irresistible Dance Birthright 3 search
Clone Birthright 3 search
Gorgon, The Birthright 3 search
Banshegh Birthright 3 search
Green Slime Birthright 3 search
Elf Prince Fhileraene, The Birthright 3 search
Sphere of Annihilation Birthright 3 search
Vacuous Grimoire Birthright 3 search
Book of Infinite Spells Birthright 3 search
Libram of Ineffable Damnation Birthright 3 search
Pontifex of the Southern Coast, The Birthright 3 search
Diplomacy Birthright 3 search
Festival Birthright 3 search
War Declared! Birthright 3 search
Celestial Emperor, The Draconomicon 3 search
T'char, Dragon of Flame Draconomicon 3 search
Treasure Hoard Draconomicon 3 search
Ancient Dragon Magic Draconomicon 3 search
Underground Lair Draconomicon 3 search
Den of Thieves Nightstalkers 3 search
Mausoleum of the Zombie Master Dungeons! 3 search
Border Garrison Dungeons! 3 search
Ruins of Lololia, The Dungeons! 3 search
Troglodyte Dungeons! 3 search
Lurker in the Earth Dungeons! 3 search
Hero Slayer Dungeons! 3 search
Master Illithid Dungeons! 3 search
Psionic Disintegration Dungeons! 3 search
Vital Blow Dungeons! 3 search
Divine Assistance Dungeons! 3 search
Winner's Trophy Dungeons! 3 search
Pretty Magical Ring Dungeons! 3 search
Dissolution Dungeons! 3 search
Telarie Willowind Dungeons! 3 search
Handmine Dungeons! 3 search
Slorath's Gloves Dungeons! 3 search

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