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Home page for the game Neopets

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List of expansions for the game Neopets
To get the complete list of collectible cards in a specific expansion set, please select it from the following list:

The most wanted
These are the cards appearing most often in wanted lists. [Display images]
Card Set #  
Heart of the Mountain Hannah and the Ice Caves 8 search
Baby Elephante Hannah and the Ice Caves 7 search
Healing Springs Hannah and the Ice Caves 7 search
Icetravaganza Hannah and the Ice Caves 7 search
Keeper of Time Hannah and the Ice Caves 7 search
Baby Jetsam Lost Desert 7 search
Faellie Lost Desert 7 search
The Snowager Lost Desert 7 search
Spotted Kau Lost Desert 7 search
Cloud Paint Brush The Darkest Faerie 7 search
The Protector The Darkest Faerie 7 search
Blue Eyrie The Darkest Faerie 7 search
Faerie Ixi Promo Cards 7 search
Torshac, Shoyru Scout Base Set 6 search
Wand of Nova Base Set 6 search
Island Peophin Mystery Island 6 search
Tormund McDonald's Promo Cards 6 search
Trading Post Promo Cards 6 search
Moltenus Promo Cards 6 search
Ancient Tomb Hannah and the Ice Caves 6 search

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