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Home page for the game Naruto

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List of expansions for the game Naruto
To get the complete list of collectible cards in a specific expansion set, please select it from the following list:

The most wanted
These are the cards appearing most often in wanted lists. [Display images]
Card Set #  
Naruto Uzumaki (Sage Mode) Sage's Legacy 26 search
Naruto Uzumaki (9 Tails Cloak) Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 26 search
Pain (Deva Path) Path of Pain 22 search
Sasuke Uchiha Weapons of War 22 search
The 5th Mizukage Kage Summit 22 search
Madara Uchiha Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 22 search
Pain & Itachi Uchiha Tales of the Gallant Sage 20 search
Madara Uchiha Shattered Truths 20 search
Susano'o Shattered Truths 20 search
Naruto Uzumaki & The Fourth Hokage Shattered Truths 20 search
Hinata Hyuga Sage's Legacy 20 search
The 4th Raikage Kage Summit 20 search
The 5th Kazekage Kage Summit 20 search
Tobi Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 20 search
Nagato Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 20 search
Pain & Itachi Uchiha Tales of the Gallant Sage 19 search
Pain (Deva Path) Sage's Legacy 19 search
The 4th Hokage Hero's Ascension 19 search
Sakura Haruno Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 19 search
Hinata Hyuga (Student) Will of Fire 18 search

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