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Doctor Who - Battles in Time

Doctor Who - Battles in Time

Home page for the game Doctor Who - Battles in Time

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List of expansions for the game Doctor Who - Battles in Time
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The most wanted
These are the cards appearing most often in wanted lists.
Card Set #  
Beastly Possession Annihilator 9 search
Cyber Buster Annihilator 9 search
Blink Invader 8 search
Ancient Haemovore Ultimate Monsters 8 search
Bad Wolf Effect Devastators 8 search
Adipose Computer Devastators 8 search
Sycorax Unmasking Annihilator 7 search
Judoon Unmasking Invader 7 search
Carrionite Transformation Invader 7 search
Antiman Ultimate Monsters 7 search
Alien Ambassador Ultimate Monsters 7 search
Scaroth's Time Machine Ultimate Monsters 7 search
Macra Claws Ultimate Monsters 7 search
Bannakaffalatta Devastators 7 search
Anita Devastators 7 search
Captain Price Devastators 7 search
Arthur the Horse Exterminator 6 search
9th Doctor Exterminator 6 search
Anne Droid Exterminator 6 search
TARDIS Exterminator 6 search

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