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The Fellowship of the Ring

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The Fellowship of the Ring: 365 cards
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251 A Host Avails Little Event  search
113 A Ranger's Versatility Event  search
316 A Talent for Not Being Seen Condition  search
87 A Wizard Is Never Late Event  search
69 Albert Dreary, Entertainer From Bree Ally . Home 1  search
120 Alive and Unspoiled Condition  search
203 All Blades Perish Event  search
239 All Thought Bent on It Event  search
204 All Veils Removed Event  search
88 An Able Guide Event  search
163 Ancient Chieftain Minion  search
29 Ancient Enmity Event  search
356 Anduin Banks Site 8  search
353 Anduin Confluence Site 7  search
354 Anduin Wilderland Site 7  search
90 Aragorn's Bow Possession  search
91 Aragorn's Pipe Possession  search
365 Aragorn, King in Exile Companion  search
89 Aragorn, Ranger Of The North Companion  search
92 Armor Possession  search
93 Arwen's Fate Event  search
30 Arwen, Daughter of Elrond Companion  search
31 Asfaloth Possession  search
94 Athelas Possession  search
3 Axe Strike Event  search
319 Bag End Site 1  search
343 Balin's Tomb Site 4  search
240 Band of the Eye Minion  search
70 Barliman Butterbur, Prancing Pony Proprietor Ally . Home 1  search
4 Battle Fury Event  search
205 Beauty Is Fading Event  search
206 Bent on Discovery Condition  search
284 Bilbo Baggins, Retired Adventurer Ally . Home 3  search
285 Bilbo's Pipe Possession  search
164 Bitter Hatred Event  search
207 Black Breath Condition  search
208 Black Steed Possession  search
95 Blade of Gondor Possession  search
209 Blade Tip Condition  search
32 Border Defenses Event  search
98 Boromir's Cloak Possession  search
96 Boromir, Lord of Gondor Companion  search
97 Boromir, Son of Denethor Companion  search
286 Bounder Ally . Home 2  search
33 Bow of the Galadhrim Possession  search
121 Bred For Battle Event  search
327 Bree Gate Site 2  search
328 Bree Streets Site 2  search
122 Breeding Pit Event  search
329 Breeland Forest Site 2  search
357 Brown Lands Site 8  search
330 Buckleberry Ferry Site 2  search
123 Caradhras Has Not Forgiven Us Event  search
165 Cave Troll of Moria, Scourge of the Black Pit Minion  search
166 Cave Troll's Hammer Possession  search
34 Celeborn, Lord of Lorien Ally . Home 6  search
99 Change of Plans Event  search
5 Cleaving Blow Event  search
101 Coat of Mail Possession  search
337 Council Courtyard Site 3  search
124 Cruel Caradhras Event  search
241 Curse From Mordor Event  search
36 Curse Their Foul Feet! Event  search
102 Dagger Strike Event  search
210 Dark Whispers Event  search
37 Defiance Event  search
6 Delving Event  search
167 Denizens Enraged Event  search
243 Despair Event  search
244 Desperate Defense of the Ring Condition  search
245 Desperate Measures Event  search
350 Dimrill Dale Site 6  search
38 Double Shot Event  search
211 Drawn to Its Power Condition  search
168 Drums in the Deep Event  search
71 Durin's Secret Event  search
7 Dwarf Guard Companion  search
344 Dwarrowdelf Chamber Site 4  search
8 Dwarven Armor Possession  search
9 Dwarven Axe Possession  search
10 Dwarven Heart Condition  search
320 East Road Site 1  search
103 Elendil's Valor Event  search
39 Elf-song Event  search
40 Elrond, Lord of Rivendell Ally . Home 3  search
41 Elven Bow Possession  search
42 Elven Cloak Possession  search
360 Emyn Muil Site 9  search
246 Enduring Evil Event  search
247 Enheartened Foe Event  search
104 Eregion's Trails Event  search
331 Ettenmoors Site 2  search
287 Extraordinary Resilience Event  search
43 Far-seeing Eyes Condition  search
11 Farin, Dwarven Emissary Companion  search
321 Farmer Maggot's Fields Site 1  search
288 Farmer Maggot, Chaser of Rascals Ally . Home 1  search
212 Fear Event  search
105 Foes of Mordor Condition  search
170 Fool of a Took! Event  search
248 Forces of Mordor Event  search
338 Ford of Bruinen Site 3  search
44 Foul Creation Event  search
171 Frenzy Event  search
339 Frodo's Bedroom Site 3  search
289 Frodo, Old Bilbo's Heir Companion  search
290 Frodo, Son of Drogo Companion  search
213 Frozen by Fear Event  search
351 Galadriel's Glade Site 6  search
45 Galadriel, Lady of Light Ally . Home 6  search
73 Gandalf's Cart Possession  search
74 Gandalf's Pipe Possession  search
72 Gandalf, Friend of the Shirefolk Companion  search
364 Gandalf, The Grey Wizard Companion  search
46 Gift of Boats Condition  search
14 Gimli's Battle Axe Possession  search
15 Gimli's Helm Possession  search
12 Gimli, Dwarf of Erebor Companion  search
13 Gimli, Son of Gloin Companion  search
75 Glamdring Possession  search
249 Gleaming Spires Will Crumble Condition  search
172 Goblin Archer Minion  search
173 Goblin Armory Condition  search
174 Goblin Backstabber Minion  search
175 Goblin Domain Condition  search
176 Goblin Marksman Minion  search
177 Goblin Patrol Troop Minion  search
178 Goblin Runner Minion  search
179 Goblin Scavengers Minion  search
180 Goblin Scimitar Possession  search
181 Goblin Sneak Minion  search
182 Goblin Spear Possession  search
183 Goblin Swarms Condition  search
184 Goblin Wallcrawler Minion  search
185 Goblin Warrior Minion  search
106 Gondor's Vengeance Event  search
107 Great Shield Possession  search
16 Greatest Kingdom of My People Condition  search
125 Greed Condition  search
322 Green Dragon Inn Site 1  search
323 Green Hill Country Site 1  search
17 Grimir, Dwarven Elder Ally . Home 3  search
186 Guard Commander Minion  search
47 Gwemegil Possession  search
48 Haldir, Elf of the Golden Wood Companion  search
293 Halfling Deftness Event  search
18 Halls of My Home Event  search
250 Hate Event  search
19 Here Lies Balin, Son of Fundin Event  search
294 Hobbit Appetite Event  search
295 Hobbit Farmer Ally . Home 1  search
296 Hobbit Intuition Event  search
297 Hobbit Party Guest Ally . Home 1  search
298 Hobbit Stealth Event  search
299 Hobbit Sword Possession  search
187 Host of Thousands Event  search
126 Hunt Them Down! Event  search
214 In the Ringwraith's Wake Event  search
76 Intimidate Event  search
253 Journey Into Danger Condition  search
50 Legolas, Greenleaf Companion  search
51 Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood Companion  search
77 Let Folly Be Our Cloak Event  search
20 Let Them Come! Condition  search
52 Lightfootedness Event  search
300 Longbottom Leaf Possession  search
21 Lord of Moria Condition  search
53 Lorien Elf Companion  search
189 Lost to the Goblins Event  search
352 Lothlórien Woods Site 6  search
128 Lurtz's Battle Cry Event  search
127 Lurtz, Servant of Isengard Minion  search
54 Mallorn-trees Condition  search
301 Master Proudfoot, Distant Relative of Bilbo Ally . Home 1  search
302 Merry, Friend to Sam Companion  search
303 Merry, From O'er the Brandywine Companion  search
332 Midgewater Marshes Site 2  search
333 Midgewater Moors Site 2  search
345 Mithril Mine Site 4  search
22 Mithril Shaft Event  search
254 Mordor Enraged Condition  search
255 Mordor's Strength Event  search
216 Morgul Blade Possession  search
217 Morgul Gates Event  search
256 Morgul Hunter Minion  search
257 Morgul Skirmisher Minion  search
258 Morgul Skulker Minion  search
259 Morgul Warden Minion  search
190 Moria Axe Possession  search
346 Moria Lake Site 4  search
191 Moria Scout Minion  search
347 Moria Stairway Site 4  search
78 Mysterious Wizard Event  search
218 Nazgûl Sword Possession  search
130 No Ordinary Storm Condition  search
108 No Stranger to the Shadows Condition  search
304 Noble Intentions Event  search
23 Nobody Tosses a Dwarf Event  search
220 Not Easily Destroyed Condition  search
305 Old Toby Possession  search
109 One Whom Men Would Follow Event  search
261 Orc Ambusher Minion  search
262 Orc Assassin Minion  search
263 Orc Banner Condition  search
264 Orc Bowmen Condition  search
265 Orc Butchery Event  search
266 Orc Chieftain Minion  search
267 Orc Hunters Minion  search
268 Orc Inquisitor Minion  search
269 Orc Scimitar Possession  search
270 Orc Scouting Band Minion  search
271 Orc Soldier Minion  search
272 Orc War Band Minion  search
56 Orophin, Lorien Bowman Ally . Home 6  search
131 Orthanc Assassin Minion  search
80 Ottar, Man of Laketown Ally . Home 3  search
132 Parry Event  search
348 Pass of Caradhras Site 4  search
110 Pathfinder Event  search
222 Paths Seldom Trodden Condition  search
358 Pillars of the Kings Site 8  search
192 Pinned Down Condition  search
306 Pippin, Friend to Frodo Companion  search
307 Pippin, Hobbit of Some Intelligence Companion  search
193 Plundered Armories Condition  search
308 Power According to His Stature Event  search
111 Pursuit Just Behind Event  search
81 Questions That Need Answering Event  search
112 Ranger's Sword Possession  search
194 Relentless Event  search
223 Relentless Charge Event  search
195 Relics of Moria Condition  search
224 Return to Its Master Event  search
82 Risk a Little Light Event  search
340 Rivendell Terrace Site 3  search
341 Rivendell Valley Site 3  search
342 Rivendell Waterfall Site 3  search
309 Rosie Cotton, Hobbiton Lass Ally . Home 1  search
57 Rumil, Elven Protector Ally . Home 6  search
310 Sam, Faithful Companion Companion  search
311 Sam, Son Of Hamfast Companion  search
133 Saruman's Ambition Condition  search
134 Saruman's Chill Condition  search
135 Saruman's Frost Condition  search
136 Saruman's Power Event  search
137 Saruman's Reach Event  search
138 Saruman's Snows Condition  search
274 Sauron's Defenses Condition  search
139 Savagery to Match Their Numbers Event  search
275 Seeking It Always Condition  search
276 Seeking Its Master Condition  search
83 Servant of the Secret Fire Event  search
277 Shadow's Reach Event  search
325 Shire Lookout Point Site 1  search
359 Shores of Nen Hithoel Site 8  search
59 Shoulder to Shoulder Condition  search
60 Silinde, Elf of Mirkwood Ally . Home 3  search
355 Silverlode Banks Site 7  search
84 Sleep, Caradhras Event  search
361 Slopes of Amon Hen Site 9  search
61 Songs of the Blessed Realm Condition  search
312 Sorry About Everything Event  search
140 Spies of Saruman Condition  search
24 Stairs of Khazad-dum Condition  search
63 Stand Against Darkness Event  search
25 Still Draws Breath Event  search
313 Sting Possession  search
314 Stone Trolls Condition  search
315 Stout and Sturdy Event  search
278 Strength Born of Fear Condition  search
115 Strength of Kings Event  search
85 Strength of Spirit Event  search
362 Summit of Amon Hen Site 9  search
64 Support of the Last Homely House Event  search
65 Swan-ship of the Galadhrim Event  search
225 Sword of Minas Morgul Possession  search
116 Swordarm of the White Tower Event  search
117 Swordsman of the Northern Kingdom Event  search
349 The Bridge of Khazad-dûm Site 5  search
100 The Choice of Lúthien Condition  search
35 The Council of Elrond Event  search
242 The Dark Lord's Summons Condition  search
169 The End Comes Event  search
292 The Gaffer's Pipe Possession  search
291 The Gaffer, Sam's Father Ally . Home 1  search
252 The Irresistible Shadow Condition  search
49 The Last Alliance of Elves and Men Condition  search
188 The Long Dark Condition  search
215 The Master's Will Event  search
55 The Mirror of Galadriel Possession  search
129 The Misadventure of Mr. Underhill Condition  search
219 The Nine Servants of Sauron Condition  search
79 The Nine Walkers Condition  search
260 The Number Must Be Few Condition  search
1 The One Ring, Isildur's Bane Ring  search
2 The One Ring, The Ruling Ring Ring  search
221 The Pale Blade Possession  search
324 The Prancing Pony Site 1  search
273 The Ring's Oppression Event  search
114 The Saga of Elendil Condition  search
58 The Seen and the Unseen Event  search
62 The Splendor of Their Banners Condition  search
66 The Tale of Gil-galad Condition  search
228 The Twilight World Event  search
200 The Underdeeps of Moria Condition  search
282 The Weight of a Legacy Condition  search
68 The White Arrows of Lorien Condition  search
237 The Witch-king, Lord of Angmar Minion  search
141 Their Arrows Enrage Condition  search
26 Their Halls of Stone Event  search
226 Their Power Is in Terror Event  search
317 There and Back Again Condition  search
196 They Are Coming Condition  search
279 Thin and Stretched Condition  search
27 Thrarin, Dwarven Smith Ally . Home 3  search
197 Threat of the Unknown Event  search
227 Threshold of Shadow Event  search
318 Thror's Map Possession  search
198 Through the Misty Mountains Condition  search
363 Tol Brandir Site 9  search
280 Tower Lieutenant Minion  search
142 Traitor's Voice Condition  search
86 Treachery Deeper Than You Know Event  search
199 Troll's Keyward Minion  search
334 Trollshaw Forest Site 2  search
143 Troop of Uruk-hai Minion  search
229 Úlairë Attëa, Keeper of Dol Guldur Minion  search
230 Úlairë Cantëa, Lieutenant of Dol Guldur Minion  search
231 Úlairë Enquëa, Lieutenant of Morgul Minion  search
232 Úlairë Lemenya, Lieutenant of Morgul Minion  search
233 Úlairë Nelya, Lieutenant of Morgul Minion  search
234 Úlairë Nertëa, Messenger of Dol Guldur Minion  search
235 Úlairë Ostëa, Lieutenant of Morgul Minion  search
236 Úlairë Toldëa, Messenger of Morgul Minion  search
281 Under the Watching Eye Condition  search
201 Unfamiliar Territory Event  search
144 Uruk Bloodlust Condition  search
145 Uruk Brood Minion  search
146 Uruk Fighter Minion  search
147 Uruk Guard Minion  search
148 Uruk Lieutenant Minion  search
149 Uruk Messenger Minion  search
150 Uruk Rager Minion  search
151 Uruk Savage Minion  search
152 Uruk Shaman Minion  search
153 Uruk Slayer Minion  search
154 Uruk Soldier Minion  search
155 Uruk Spy Minion  search
156 Uruk Warrior Minion  search
157 Uruk-hai Armory Condition  search
158 Uruk-hai Raiding Party Minion  search
159 Uruk-hai Rampage Condition  search
160 Uruk-hai Sword Possession  search
67 Uruviel, Maid of Lorien Ally . Home 6  search
118 Valiant Man of the West Event  search
161 Wariness Event  search
28 Wealth of Moria Event  search
335 Weatherhills Site 2  search
336 Weathertop Site 2  search
326 Westfarthing Site 1  search
119 What Are They? Event  search
202 What Is This New Devilry? Condition  search
162 Worry Condition  search
238 Wreathed in Shadow Condition  search
283 You Bring Great Evil Condition  search

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