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Set 1

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Set 1: 110 cards
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082 Aegis Citadel Creature  Rare  search
022 Aluhja Priestess Creature  Common  search
083 Arc Satellite Cannon Creature  Rare  search
050 Arelai the Protector Creature  Ultra Rare  search
094 Beguiling Fog Spell  Common  search
079 Behemoth Groundbreaker Creature  Uncommon  search
057 Bewitching Elf Archeress Creature  Common  search
076 Biolith Battle Chariot Creature  Common  search
073 Biolith Bomber Creature  Common  search
078 Biolith Ninja Creature  Rare  search
074 Biolith Stinger Creature  Rare  search
051 Blackhood Dwarf Vulitra Creature  Phantom  search
107 Blinding Skies Spell  Ultra Rare  search
036 Blue Cubic Creature  Rare  search
110 Call of Timeless Juno Spell  Rare  search
096 Clare Wil's Banner Spell  Common  search
025 Cloud Runner Creature  Uncommon  search
016 Crucible King Dios IV Creature  Ultra Rare  search
026 Dancing Temptress Creature  Rare  search
044 Dark Yokozuna Sekimaru Creature  Uncommon  search
014 Didi the Enlightened Creature  Ultra Rare  search
030 Don of Venoa Creature  Rare  search
031 Dragon of Voice Sea Creature  Rare  search
080 Dragoon Dragon Cavalry Creature  Uncommon  search
047 Dungeon Of Ten Tyrants Creature  Uncommon  search
068 Edin the Persecuted Creature  Ultra Rare  search
059 Elven Berserker Maiden Creature  Uncommon  search
066 Elven Death Dancer Creature  Rare  search
064 Elven Rider Creature  Uncommon  search
071 Exalted Elven Deity Creature  Ultra Rare  search
005 Firefly Ninja Creature  Uncommon  search
098 Fissure of Goghlie Spell  Common  search
105 Fist of Verzar Spell  Uncommon  search
007 Flame Ascetic Creature  Common  search
001 Flame Magus Creature  Common  search
003 Freedonian Wanderer Creature  Common  search
041 Giant Axe Dwarf Creature  Common  search
035 Goddess Tritona Creature  Ultra Rare  search
092 Goghlie Altar Spell  Uncommon  search
006 Great Minos of Sciondar Creature  Rare  search
099 Great Tolicore Quake Spell  Rare  search
072 Green Cubic Creature  Rare  search
070 Green Erlking Zomba Creature  Ultra Rare  search
056 Green Lycanthrope Creature  Common  search
088 Guardian Watchtower Creature  Ultra Rare  search
097 Healing Shower Spell  Common  search
002 Hellfire Spitter Creature  Common  search
104 Ice Flood of Okunada Spell  Uncommon  search
075 Imperial Biolith Guard Creature  Common  search
034 Imposter Queen Anfisa Creature  Ultra Rare  search
013 Infernal Sciondar Dragon Creature  Rare  search
069 Inquisitor Koog Creature  Phantom  search
067 Juno Forest Dragon Creature  Rare  search
065 Juno Prisoner Trap Creature  Uncommon  search
063 Juno Tree Haunt Creature  Rare  search
055 Leapfrog Bandit Creature  Common  search
009 Lesser Granvenoa Creature  Uncommon  search
032 Mercenary Savior Latoo Creature  Ultra Rare  search
019 Monk Elder of Okunada Creature  Common  search
077 Morning Star Warrior Creature  Common  search
029 Moving Isle of Kadena Creature  Rare  search
043 Novogus Catapult Creature  Uncommon  search
046 Novogus Golem Creature  Rare  search
053 Novogus Gravekeeper Creature  Ultra Rare  search
084 Ouroboros Dragon Creature  Ultra Rare  search
091 Parmetric Holy Feast Spell  Uncommon  search
010 Partmole Fire Oracle Creature  Uncommon  search
008 Partmole Flame Guard Creature  Uncommon  search
004 Partmole Flame Lizard Creature  Common  search
089 Phaseus, Biolith God Creature  Ultra Rare  search
012 Pursuer of Saint Dhees Creature  Rare  search
028 Queen's Servant Creature  Rare  search
018 Red Cubic Creature  Rare  search
060 Samurai Nagirashu Creature  Uncommon  search
108 Scion's Riotous Impunity Spell  Rare  search
087 Scion, Biolith Lord Creature  Ultra Rare  search
103 Scionar Inferno Spell  Uncommon  search
017 Sciondar Fire God Creature  Ultra Rare  search
045 Se Hollyn Fortress Creature  Uncommon  search
109 Seer Vizak's Calamity Spell  Rare  search
040 Skeleton Soldier Creature  Common  search
033 Slam, Traitor of the Seas Creature  Phantom  search
058 Sleeptrap Creature  Common  search
042 Spider Ninja Creature  Uncommon  search
039 Stone Wing Dwarf Creature  Common  search
100 Summoner Mesmer's Errand Spell  Common  search
093 Summoner Mesmer's Lapse Spell  Uncommon  search
062 Swallow Ninja Creature  Uncommon  search
081 Taurus Monolith Creature  Uncommon  search
023 Tentacles of Possession Creature  Uncommon  search
085 Tino, Son of Scion Creature  Ultra Rare  search
101 Tinoan Telekinesis Spell  Uncommon  search
102 Tinoan Teleportation Spell  Uncommon  search
011 Triceptaur Behemoth Creature  Rare  search
021 Tritonan Harpoonsman Creature  Common  search
020 Tritonan Ice Guard Creature  Common  search
061 Twin Goblins Creature  Common  search
049 Undead Dragon Creature  Rare  search
052 Undead King Novogus Creature  Ultra Rare  search
027 Venoan Assassin Creature  Common  search
037 Verzar Canine Creature  Common  search
048 Verzar Elephant Brigade Creature  Uncommon  search
038 Verzar Foot Soldier Creature  Common  search
015 Warden Hilda Creature  Phantom  search
090 White Cubic Creature  Ultra Rare  search
024 Wolf Ninja Creature  Uncommon  search
086 Wormak, Biolith Heir Creature  Phantom  search
106 Wrathful Winds of Juno Spell  Uncommon  search
054 Yellow Cubic Creature  Rare  search
095 Yuga's Mesmerizing Fog Spell  Common  search

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