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Cutting Edge - SNK Set 3

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Cutting Edge - SNK Set 3: 144 cards
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49 125 Rapids of Rage Attack  Rare  search
61 A Mysterious Figther Foundation  Uncommon  search
25 A Samurai's Life Foundation  Common  search
127 About Face Action  Super Rare  search
135 Addes Syndicate Asset  Super Rare  search
124 Adopted Foundation  Common  search
79 Arrogant and Insolent Foundation  Uncommon  search
75 Assassination Arts Asset  Super Rare  search
12 Ayame's Scarf Asset  Super Rare  search
1 B. Jenet** Character  Rare  search
121 Bayonette Lunge Attack  Common  search
88 Black Magic Foundation  Common  search
110 Bringing the Master to His Knees Action  Rare  search
26 Building a Country Foundation  Common  search
58 Chikemuri Kuruwa Attack  Super Rare  search
122 Chobi Jishi Attack  Uncommon  search
31 Cleansing Nirvana Attack  Uncommon  search
74 Collecting Data Action  Rare  search
137 Cool-Headed Foundation  Common  search
4 Crazy Ivan Attack  Super Rare  search
40 Critical Cold Attack  Uncommon  search
62 Dancing Battle Kabuki Foundation  Uncommon  search
93 Dark Chichiushi Asset  Super Rare  search
125 Daughter of a Sensei Foundation  Common  search
103 Demonic Drubbing Attack  Uncommon  search
138 Detached Foundation  Common  search
101 Disdain Action  Rare  search
128 Divination Action  Uncommon  search
84 Doll from Grandma Asset  Super Rare  search
67 Dream Blossoms Attack  Rare  search
129 Engineered Action  Common  search
97 Exist Within Foundation  Uncommon  search
66 Fan Blade Asset  Super Rare  search
104 Fatal Disruptor Attack  Uncommon  search
43 Feelings of Friendship Foundation  Uncommon  search
92 Fight to Protect Action  Uncommon  search
41 Freezing Execution Attack  Rare  search
32 Gaishiki Lunar Rebellion Attack  Common  search
10 Galford*** Character  Rare  search
59 Gama Jigoku Attack  Uncommon  search
85 Glory of Sephiroth Attack  Common  search
102 Good Looks Asset  Super Rare  search
56 Graceful Kabuki Action  Uncommon  search
86 Hammer of Demiurges Attack  Uncommon  search
19 Haohmaru*** Character  Rare  search
5 Harrier Bee Attack  Common  search
22 Hiogi Attack  Common  search
139 Holding Ground Foundation  Common  search
42 Ice Coffin Attack  Rare  search
112 Ichi no Tachi Attack  Common  search
94 Imeru Shikite Attack  Rare  search
47 Instinctual Rivalry Action  Rare  search
28 Iori*** Character  Rare  search
63 Kabuki Artist Foundation  Common  search
60 Kaen Kyokubu Attack  Uncommon  search
52 Kenpo Foundation  Uncommon  search
16 Koga Ninja Arts Foundation  Uncommon  search
37 Kula** Character  Rare  search
46 Kyo**** Character  Rare  search
57 Kyoshiro's Naginata Asset  Super Rare  search
55 Kyoshiro** Character  Rare  search
48 Leather Jacket Asset  Super Rare  search
140 Light on One's Feet Foundation  Common  search
7 Lillien Knights Foundation  Common  search
8 LK Arts Foundation  Uncommon  search
39 Lollipop Asset  Super Rare  search
141 Low to the Ground Foundation  Common  search
13 Machine Gun Dog Attack  Super Rare  search
64 Mai***** Character  Rare  search
34 Maniac Foundation  Common  search
87 Melancholic Mercurius Attack  Common  search
80 More Machine than Woman Foundation  Uncommon  search
81 N-type Human Foundation  Common  search
76 Nagase Stomp Attack  Common  search
77 Nagase's Unrelenting Fire Attack  Rare  search
73 Nagase*** Character  Rare  search
130 Nefarious Deeds Action  Common  search
105 Neo Deadly Rave Attack  Rare  search
106 Never Give Up Foundation  Uncommon  search
107 New Information Foundation  Rare  search
70 Ninja Skills Foundation  Common  search
82 Ninon* Character  Rare  search
123 Ninpo Mozu Otoshi Attack  Uncommon  search
20 Offer a Duel Action  Rare  search
95 Okami Ni Noru Attack  Rare  search
115 Once a Student, Now a Soldier Foundation  Uncommon  search
11 One-sided Crush Action  Uncommon  search
29 Ostracized Action  Super Rare  search
14 Overhead Crash Attack  Uncommon  search
119 Penance Action  Rare  search
27 Personal Style Foundation  Rare  search
3 Pirate Ship Asset  Uncommon  search
98 Polar Opposite Foundation  Uncommon  search
78 Punishment Mode-Type: Energy Vacuum Attack  Super Rare  search
83 Puppetry Action  Uncommon  search
38 Purpose Action  Uncommon  search
53 Pyrokinetics Foundation  Uncommon  search
116 Refusal of Power Foundation  Common  search
65 Rejection Action  Rare  search
96 Rera Kishima Tek Attack  Rare  search
91 Rera** Character  Rare  search
33 Reverse Flayer Attack  Rare  search
131 Revitalize Action  Super Rare  search
100 Rock Howard* Character  Rare  search
142 Rookie's Fortune Foundation  Common  search
136 Secret Project Asset  Rare  search
17 Seeking a Challenge Foundation  Common  search
71 Shiranui-Ryu Ninjutsu Foundation  Uncommon  search
126 Soichi Jinmu Foundation  Common  search
68 Solar Flash Dance Attack  Super Rare  search
6 Spiraling Neck Lock Attack  Common  search
15 Stardust Drop Attack  Common  search
50 Steel Slammer Attack  Common  search
35 Strenuous Training Foundation  Common  search
89 Superior Witch Foundation  Uncommon  search
117 Superiority Foundation  Rare  search
143 Take to the Air Foundation  Common  search
132 Taking Them Down a Level Action  Super Rare  search
23 Tenha Fujin Zan Attack  Uncommon  search
44 The Anti K' Foundation  Uncommon  search
21 The Blowfish Blade Asset  Super Rare  search
9 The Corsair Under the Skull and Crossbones Foundation  Uncommon  search
99 The Darker Side Foundation  Common  search
90 The Girl Dancing with the Devil Foundation  Uncommon  search
72 The Gorgeous Team Foundation  Rare  search
45 The Icicle Doll Foundation  Common  search
108 The Noble Scion of an Odious Bloodline Foundation  Common  search
54 The Red Lotus of the Sun Foundation  Uncommon  search
36 The Street Life Foundation  Common  search
2 Treasure Hunt Action  Rare  search
133 Turnabout Action  Super Rare  search
134 Ulterior Motives Action  Super Rare  search
144 Unconventional Martial Arts Foundation  Common  search
18 Upholding Justice Foundation  Uncommon  search
51 Wicked Chew Attack  Rare  search
69 Windmill Waster Attack  Uncommon  search
30 Yasakani no Magatama Asset  Super Rare  search
111 Yoshitora's Girlfriends Asset  Super Rare  search
109 Yoshitora*** Character  Rare  search
113 Yuchoka Attack  Rare  search
114 Yugao Attack  Uncommon  search
120 Yumeji's Sword of No Name Asset  Super Rare  search
118 Yumeji*** Character  Rare  search
24 Zankosen Attack  Common  search

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