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Episode 3

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Episode 3: 52 cards
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32 "Gordo" Andrade Dude  search
1 A Secret Tunnel Action  search
2 Ace in the Hole Action  search
3 Ambush Action  search
26 Austin Stoker Dude  search
27 Big Jake… Dude  search
13 Bob's Fix-it Shop Deed  search
48 Bomb Goods  search
28 Dr. Reginald Branson Dude  search
14 Equipment Shop Deed  search
29 Ezzie Dude  search
49 Flamethrower Goods  search
30 Flint Parker Dude  search
4 Friends in High Places Action  search
50 Gatling Gun Goods  search
31 Gerald Klippstein Dude  search
5 Get a Rope Action  search
6 Get on Your Feet! Action  search
44 Government Audit Event  search
33 Gunther Hapworth Dude  search
15 Hell's End Mine Deed  search
51 Holy Wheel Gun Goods  search
34 Howard Findley Dude  search
16 Ignacio's Exotics Deed  search
45 It Was a Mountain Lion Event  search
7 Jail Break Action  search
35 Jim MacNeil Dude  search
36 Judge Henry Warwick Dude  search
37 Max Baine Dude  search
17 One Eyed Ike's Weapons Locker Deed  search
18 Orphanage Deed  search
8 Overtime Action  search
9 Pinned Down Action  search
10 Pistol Whip Action  search
38 Red Crow Dude  search
19 Red Hill Hotel Deed  search
11 Refuse to Fall Action  search
39 Reverend Simon MacPherson Dude  search
40 Robert Northrop Dude  search
12 Rooftop Sniper Action  search
20 Scooter's Lift Winch Deed  search
41 Sir Whitmore Dude  search
21 Smiley's Shaft Deed  search
52 Sweetrock Outfit  search
22 The Docks Deed  search
46 The Fair Comes to Town Event  search
23 The Good Doctor Deed  search
47 The Temperance Army Event  search
42 The Twitch Dude  search
43 Tom O'Reilly Dude  search
24 Top of the World Lode Deed  search
25 …And Scooter Dude  search

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