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Episode 4

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Episode 4: 52 cards
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24 "Buckets" Nelson Dude  search
14 Barkum & Barkum Attorneys Deed  search
21 Basil Whateley Dude  search
22 Billy No-Neck Dude  search
45 Blood Curse Hex  search
23 Bronco Bjork Gutmansen Dude  search
25 Byron St. James Dude  search
15 Callahan's Ditch Deed  search
39 Circus Sideshow Event  search
1 Deputize Action  search
26 Dolores Whateley Dude  search
27 Eagle Rock Dude  search
28 Ezekiel Whateley Dude  search
2 Foreclosure Action  search
3 Forgery Action  search
43 Greased Lightning Pill Goods  search
46 Helpin' Hand Hex  search
4 His Back Was to Me Action  search
40 Independence Day Event  search
5 It's Just Coal… Action  search
16 King Willy's Mother Lode Deed  search
17 Lord Grimely's Manor Deed  search
6 Manitou's Revenge Action  search
47 Mind Twist Hex  search
48 Missed Me! Hex  search
41 Missing Children Event  search
29 Moses Whateley-Braun Dude  search
30 Nicodemus Whateley Dude  search
7 Nowhere to Run Action  search
18 Pacific Maze Railstation Deed  search
31 Pierre Fontaine Dude  search
32 Sam Horowitz Dude  search
42 Samhain Event  search
33 Saul Whateley Dude  search
49 Shadow Walk Hex  search
34 Sheila Mirabella Dude  search
8 Sheriff's Watchin' Action  search
44 Shotgun Goods  search
9 Smith & Robards Delivery Action  search
50 Soul Blast Hex  search
10 Stray Lead Action  search
19 Sunnyside Hotel Deed  search
51 Texas Twister Hex  search
20 The Clock Tower Deed  search
11 The Witching Hour Action  search
12 They Just Pay Better 'N You Action  search
35 Unknown Hooded Figure Dude  search
36 Werewolf Dude  search
37 Werner Braun Dude  search
52 Whateley Family Estate Outfit  search
38 Wilhelmina Whateley Dude  search
13 Yer Cheatin' Too! Action  search

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