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Episode 5

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Episode 5: 52 cards
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20 Benjamin Nightsinger Dude  search
1 Bounty Hunter Action  search
43 Bow and Arrow Goods  search
48 Calming Spirits Spirit  search
21 Charlie Flatbush Dude  search
45 Corporeal Twist Hex  search
22 Crazy Quilt Dude  search
49 Curse Spirit  search
23 Danny Hamilton Dude  search
12 Deadland Deed  search
2 Double Time Action  search
24 Elizabeth King Dude  search
25 Feather-In-His-Hair Dude  search
13 Fish Ridge Mine Deed  search
26 Harold Longfellow Dude  search
3 Hat Gun Action  search
4 Hot Lead Flyin' Action  search
5 Human Shield Action  search
27 Ian Spencer-Whitney Dude  search
14 Icehouse Deed  search
28 John Bloody Knife Dude  search
29 Joseph Eyes-Like-Rain Dude  search
39 Labor Dispute Event  search
30 Lawrence Goodman Dude  search
50 Lightning Strike Spirit  search
31 Little Running Bear Dude  search
51 Medicine Spirit  search
15 Miss Coutreau's Deed  search
40 New Science Magazine Event  search
16 On the Side Strike Deed  search
44 Pembroke's Analysis of Hoyle Goods  search
6 Reserves Action  search
7 Rumors Action  search
46 Shadow Man Hex  search
32 Singing Feather Dude  search
47 Sioux Union Outfit  search
8 Snakebite Action  search
52 Strength of the bear Spirit  search
9 Take Ya With Me Action  search
41 The 1st Bank is Robbed! Event  search
33 The Amazing Xemo Dude  search
10 Throw Down Action  search
17 Thunder Gulch Strike Deed  search
34 Tioga Joe Dude  search
42 Total Eclipse Event  search
35 Walkin' Dead Dude  search
36 Walks-in-Footprints Dude  search
11 War Paint Action  search
18 Water's Edge Strike Deed  search
19 Weaponsmith Deed  search
37 Whiskey Nick Dude  search
38 Wise Cloud Dude  search

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