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Episode 6

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Episode 6: 52 cards
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43 Air Gun Goods  search
20 Becky Henrick Dude  search
44 Buffalo Rifle Goods  search
1 Bum Rush Action  search
2 Burn 'Em Down Action  search
21 Buster Madison Dude  search
22 Captain Sim Yut-San Dude  search
23 Chin Wei-Lun Dude  search
3 Chinese Day Laborers Action  search
4 Church Raisin' Action  search
39 Coleman is Killed! Event  search
5 Crippled Action  search
40 Election Day Event  search
24 Finnegan O`Malley Dude  search
13 Green-Eye Saloon Deed  search
25 Gyonshee Dude  search
26 Hank Gallagher Dude  search
14 Harlot's Haven Strike Deed  search
15 Howlin' Hollow Deed  search
48 Hunch Hex  search
16 Ike's Strike Deed  search
27 Jebediah Whateley Dude  search
6 Kidnapping Action  search
17 Library Deed  search
28 Little Mountain Dude  search
41 Long Arm of the Law Event  search
7 Luck of the Draw Action  search
29 Marko Muscovich Dude  search
30 Maze Dragon Dude  search
45 Maze Runner Goods  search
31 Mitobu Dude  search
32 Mortimer Jones Dude  search
46 Mustang Goods  search
33 Nelson Roberts Dude  search
8 Night Haunt Action  search
9 No Funny Stuff Action  search
49 Phantom Fingers Hex  search
34 Po Yu Dude  search
51 Rain Dance Spirit  search
10 Red Spade Action  search
35 Richard Boothe Dude  search
47 Sacred Tomahawk Goods  search
18 Smiling Lizard Lode Deed  search
52 Speed of the Wolf Spirit  search
42 Stampede Event  search
36 Sun Shu-Jen Dude  search
11 Tattoo Action  search
12 The Fear Action  search
19 The Lucky Dog Lode Deed  search
50 The Maze Rats Outfit  search
37 Wall Crawler Dude  search
38 Xiong "Wendy" Cheng Dude  search

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