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Episode 8

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Episode 8: 52 cards
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19 Avarice Dude  search
20 Benjamin Dean Dude  search
1 Bottom Dealin' Action  search
51 Call Weather Spirit  search
44 Calm Miracle  search
21 Captain Sim Yut-San Exp. Dude  search
45 Censure Miracle  search
22 Chester Nero Dude  search
2 Chilling Effect Action  search
46 Consecrate Armament Miracle  search
23 Cort Williams Dude  search
3 Degeneration Action  search
4 Drinks On the House Action  search
35 Drought Event  search
39 Duplicator Goods  search
24 Erik Zarkov Exp. Dude  search
11 Gomorra Gazette Deed  search
5 Good Stiff Drink Action  search
25 Gus Gallagher Dude  search
40 Hardinger's Blueprints Goods  search
47 Holy Roller Miracle  search
6 Home Sweet Home Action  search
26 Johnny Quaid Dude  search
27 Josef Nicolai Rocescu Dude  search
12 Knot Mine Deed  search
48 Lay On Hands Miracle  search
7 Lost Faith Action  search
13 Machinist's Shop Deed  search
36 Magnetic Poles Realign Event  search
37 Major Earthquake Event  search
41 Martyr's Cross Goods  search
28 Nash Bilton Exp. Dude  search
38 Nate Hunter Is Elected Sherrif Event  search
42 Pair of Six-Shooters Goods  search
29 Philip Blackmoor Dude  search
14 Raven's Crevasse Deed  search
30 Sister Mary Jebediah Dude  search
8 Smoke Signals Action  search
15 Stuffed to the Gills Strike Deed  search
9 Swapped Decks Action  search
49 Test Of Faith Miracle  search
10 That'll Leave a Scar Action  search
50 The Agency Outfit  search
16 The Carpenter's Shop Deed  search
17 The Dentist's Office Deed  search
31 The Ghost Dude  search
18 The Gilded Feather Deed  search
43 Tin Shield Goods  search
32 Tombstone Frank Dude  search
52 Turtle's Shell Spirit  search
33 Will O' the Wisp Dude  search
34 William Olson Dude  search

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