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Episode 9

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Episode 9: 51 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow  
1 Any One of Ya! Action  search
44 Babble On Miracle  search
18 Barthalomew Prospectus Dude  search
19 Black Jack Exp. Dude  search
2 Blueprints Action  search
43 Bolts O' Doom Hex  search
39 Bowie Knife Goods  search
10 Buffalo Chip Saloon Deed  search
20 Camille Sinclair Dude  search
40 Coleman's Badge Goods  search
45 Confession Miracle  search
35 Dealer's Choice Event  search
3 Dumb Luck Action  search
21 Elijah Dude  search
36 Eureka?!? Event  search
46 Exorcism Miracle  search
22 Flam Dude  search
23 Flim Dude  search
24 Gluttony Dude  search
4 I Got the Pistols… Action  search
25 Idleness Dude  search
47 Inspiration Miracle  search
26 J.P. Coleman Exp. Dude  search
41 Jack's Right Shooter Goods  search
5 Jackelope Stampede Action  search
27 Lechery Dude  search
11 Legal Offices of ______ Deed  search
12 Lonesome Willow Strike Deed  search
13 Look Homeward Mine Deed  search
37 Los Diablos Stampede Event  search
28 Mordecai Whateley Dude  search
29 Mr. Slate Dude  search
30 Pox Walker Dude  search
31 Pride Dude  search
38 Revival Comes to Town Event  search
48 Sanctify Miracle  search
6 Seductress Action  search
32 Skin Shifter Dude  search
49 Smite Miracle  search
50 Snake Handlin' Miracle  search
42 Sonic Destabilization Ray Goods  search
14 Stagecoach Office Deed  search
7 Supplies From Back East Action  search
15 Surveyor's Office Deed  search
33 SUZY 309 Dude  search
8 Tastes Like Chicken Action  search
51 The Flock Outfit  search
16 The Gaping Maw Strike Deed  search
17 The Intelligence Shop Deed  search
9 We've Got Ya Surrounded Action  search
34 Wrath Dude  search

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