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Shootout at High Noon

Shootout at High Noon: 73 cards
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55 "Gordo" Andrade Dude  F BJ  search
1 Bad Tequila Action  F BJ/LD  search
46 Billy No-Neck Dude  F BJ  search
47 Black Jack Exp. Dude  F BJ  search
72 Blackjacks Outfit  F BJ  search
64 Bowie Knife Goods  F BJ/LD  search
20 Buffalo Chip Saloon Deed  F BJ  search
2 Burn 'Em Down Action  F BJ  search
21 Callahan's Ditch Deed  F BJ  search
22 Casino Morongo Deed  F BJ  search
48 Charlie Flatbush Dude  F LD  search
49 Charlie Landers Dude  F BJ  search
3 Clean Up the Town Action  F LD  search
50 Corky Hendricks Exp. Dude  F LD  search
4 Crack Shot Action  F BJ  search
51 Deputy John Templeton Dude  F LD  search
5 Don't Like Yer Looks Action  F BJ  search
6 Dust Devil Action  F BJ  search
52 Eddie Bellows Exp. Dude  F BJ  search
53 Father Juan Navarro Dude  F BJ  search
54 Flint Parker Dude  F BJ  search
7 Friends in High Places Action  F BJ/LD  search
8 Friends in Low Places Action  F BJ  search
23 Fu Leng's Laundry & tailoring Deed  F LD  search
24 Golden Mare Hotel Deed  F BJ  search
25 Gomorra Gazette Deed  F LD  search
9 Grave Robbin' Action  F BJ  search
56 Hangin' Judge Gabriel Dude  F LD  search
26 Harlot's Haven Strike Deed  F BJ  search
27 Henry's Hole Deed  F LD  search
10 Ignore 'im Action  F BJ  search
11 It's Just Coal… Action  F BJ/LD  search
28 Lad Saloon Deed  F LD  search
73 Law Dogs Outfit  F LD  search
29 Legal Offices of ______ Deed  F BJ  search
57 Lilith Vandekamp Dude  F BJ  search
65 Martyr's Cross Goods  F BJ/LD  search
30 Miss Coutreau's Deed  F BJ  search
58 Nash Bilton Dude  F LD  search
59 Nate Hunter Dude  F LD  search
66 New Hat Goods  F BJ/LD  search
31 On the Side Strike Deed  F BJ  search
12 Out of Ammo Action  F BJ/LD  search
67 Pair of Six-Shooters Goods  F BJ/LD  search
68 Pearl-Handled Revolver Goods  F BJ/LD  search
13 Pinned Down Action  F LD  search
14 Pistol Whip Action  F BJ/LD  search
32 Pony Express Deed  F LD  search
69 Quick-draw Holster Goods  F BJ/LD  search
60 Rachel Sumner Dude  F BJ  search
15 Reserves Action  F BJ/LD  search
16 Rumors Action  F BJ/LD  search
17 Seductress Action  F BJ  search
70 Shotgun Goods  F BJ/LD  search
33 Spirit of Kentucky Shaft Deed  F BJ  search
18 Sun in Yer Eyes Action  F LD  search
34 Sunnyside Hotel Deed  F BJ  search
61 Tao Cheng "T.C." Dude  F LD  search
35 The Barber's Shop Deed  F LD  search
36 The Courthouse Deed  F LD  search
37 The Dentist's Office Deed  F LD  search
38 The Desert Rose Lode Deed  F LD  search
40 The Gaping Maw Strike Deed  F BJ  search
39 The Guilded Feather Deed  F LD  search
41 The Intelligence Shop Deed  F BJ  search
42 The Lucky Dog Lode Deed  F LD  search
43 Top of the World Lode Deed  F LD  search
44 Town Well Deed  F BJ  search
19 Warrant Action  F LD  search
45 Water's Edge Strike Deed  F LD  search
62 William Olson Dude  F LD  search
71 Winchester Rifle Goods  F BJ/LD  search
63 Xiong "Wendy" Cheng Dude  F LD  search
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