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Shootout at High Noon

TIP Before arranging a trade with another user, check their reputation by reviewing the scores and comments they have got in the Trade Evaluations they have received. You can find them on their home page.
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Shootout at High Noon: 73 cards
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55 "Gordo" Andrade Dude  F BJ  search
1 Bad Tequila Action  F BJ/LD  search
46 Billy No-Neck Dude  F BJ  search
47 Black Jack Exp. Dude  F BJ  search
72 Blackjacks Outfit  F BJ  search
64 Bowie Knife Goods  F BJ/LD  search
20 Buffalo Chip Saloon Deed  F BJ  search
2 Burn 'Em Down Action  F BJ  search
21 Callahan's Ditch Deed  F BJ  search
22 Casino Morongo Deed  F BJ  search
48 Charlie Flatbush Dude  F LD  search
49 Charlie Landers Dude  F BJ  search
3 Clean Up the Town Action  F LD  search
50 Corky Hendricks Exp. Dude  F LD  search
4 Crack Shot Action  F BJ  search
51 Deputy John Templeton Dude  F LD  search
5 Don't Like Yer Looks Action  F BJ  search
6 Dust Devil Action  F BJ  search
52 Eddie Bellows Exp. Dude  F BJ  search
53 Father Juan Navarro Dude  F BJ  search
54 Flint Parker Dude  F BJ  search
7 Friends in High Places Action  F BJ/LD  search
8 Friends in Low Places Action  F BJ  search
23 Fu Leng's Laundry & tailoring Deed  F LD  search
24 Golden Mare Hotel Deed  F BJ  search
25 Gomorra Gazette Deed  F LD  search
9 Grave Robbin' Action  F BJ  search
56 Hangin' Judge Gabriel Dude  F LD  search
26 Harlot's Haven Strike Deed  F BJ  search
27 Henry's Hole Deed  F LD  search
10 Ignore 'im Action  F BJ  search
11 It's Just Coal… Action  F BJ/LD  search
28 Lad Saloon Deed  F LD  search
73 Law Dogs Outfit  F LD  search
29 Legal Offices of ______ Deed  F BJ  search
57 Lilith Vandekamp Dude  F BJ  search
65 Martyr's Cross Goods  F BJ/LD  search
30 Miss Coutreau's Deed  F BJ  search
58 Nash Bilton Dude  F LD  search
59 Nate Hunter Dude  F LD  search
66 New Hat Goods  F BJ/LD  search
31 On the Side Strike Deed  F BJ  search
12 Out of Ammo Action  F BJ/LD  search
67 Pair of Six-Shooters Goods  F BJ/LD  search
68 Pearl-Handled Revolver Goods  F BJ/LD  search
13 Pinned Down Action  F LD  search
14 Pistol Whip Action  F BJ/LD  search
32 Pony Express Deed  F LD  search
69 Quick-draw Holster Goods  F BJ/LD  search
60 Rachel Sumner Dude  F BJ  search
15 Reserves Action  F BJ/LD  search
16 Rumors Action  F BJ/LD  search
17 Seductress Action  F BJ  search
70 Shotgun Goods  F BJ/LD  search
33 Spirit of Kentucky Shaft Deed  F BJ  search
18 Sun in Yer Eyes Action  F LD  search
34 Sunnyside Hotel Deed  F BJ  search
61 Tao Cheng "T.C." Dude  F LD  search
35 The Barber's Shop Deed  F LD  search
36 The Courthouse Deed  F LD  search
37 The Dentist's Office Deed  F LD  search
38 The Desert Rose Lode Deed  F LD  search
40 The Gaping Maw Strike Deed  F BJ  search
39 The Gilded Feather Deed  F LD  search
41 The Intelligence Shop Deed  F BJ  search
42 The Lucky Dog Lode Deed  F LD  search
43 Top of the World Lode Deed  F LD  search
44 Town Well Deed  F BJ  search
19 Warrant Action  F LD  search
45 Water's Edge Strike Deed  F LD  search
62 William Olson Dude  F LD  search
71 Winchester Rifle Goods  F BJ/LD  search
63 Xiong "Wendy" Cheng Dude  F LD  search

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