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A Reaping of Souls

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A Reaping of Souls: 181 cards
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36 "What This Town Needs Is…" Action  search
69 ...And Scooter Exp. Dude  search
1 A Legal Deck Action  search
118 A Score is Settled Event  search
2 A Slight Cough Action  search
3 A Stiff Fine Action  search
70 Ainsley Cunningham Dude  search
119 All Harroweds' Eve Event  search
120 All Souls' Day Event  search
4 Ambition Action  search
133 Ammo Belt Goods  search
71 Armitage the Damned Dude  search
121 Army of Gremlins Event  search
5 Assault on the Whateleys Action  search
6 Attitude Action  search
122 Austin Kills John Bloody Knife Event  search
72 Austin Stoker Exp. Dude  search
39 Bakery Deed  search
156 Balcony Improvement  search
134 Bank Draft Goods  search
7 Bankrupt Morals Action  search
157 Basement Improvement  search
158 Bedrock Improvement  search
73 Benjamin Dean Exp. Dude  search
74 Big Jake… Exp. Dude  search
149 Black Cat Hex  search
135 Blue Jeans Goods  search
136 Bolt-Action Rifle Goods  search
75 Boom-Boom O'Bannon Dude  search
8 Bounty Action  search
9 Bribin' the Town Council Action  search
159 Bulletproof Glass Improvement  search
76 Cassandra Dude  search
137 Chainsaw Goods  search
77 Chester Nero Exp. Dude  search
40 Circle K Ranch Deed  search
10 Collegium Sinks the Typhoon Action  search
160 Complaint Window Improvement  search
168 Confusion Miracle  search
161 Conveyor Belt Improvement  search
178 Coyote's Laugh Spirit  search
41 Cracked Bone Strike Deed  search
42 Dance Hall Deed  search
43 Dead Man's Laughter Lode Deed  search
123 Dead Walk the Earth Event  search
78 Deputy John Templeton Exp. Dude  search
79 Devil Bats Dude  search
80 Dexter Simpson Dude  search
81 Doctor Duvalier Dude  search
11 Dominion Action  search
179 Eagle's Sight Spirit  search
82 Elizabeth King Exp. Dude  search
83 Elmo Schacci Dude  search
84 Ely Parker Dude  search
85 Enoch Whateley Dude  search
86 Envy Exp. Dude  search
12 Eureka's Rage Action  search
87 Ezzie Exp. Dude  search
88 Fineas Von Landingham Exp. Dude  search
169 Fire and Brimstone Miracle  search
180 Flash Flood Spirit  search
150 Fleeting Memories Hex  search
177 Fool's Joker Special  search
44 Gomorra Volunteer Fire Brigade Deed  search
13 Good Kharma Action  search
14 Grace Action  search
45 Gypsy's Tent Deed  search
15 Hard Labor Action  search
124 Harvest Moon Event  search
46 Helga's Wafflehaus Deed  search
47 Hitched Buggy Strike Deed  search
125 Home is Where Nothin' Happens Event  search
89 Hope In Winter Dude  search
16 I Want A Raise Action  search
126 Inheritance Event  search
17 Insurance Policy Action  search
162 Iron Gate Improvement  search
90 Jessie Freemont Exp. Dude  search
91 John Bloody Knife Exp. Dude  search
127 Knicknevin Event  search
151 Knicknevin's Deal Hex  search
18 Last Will Action  search
19 Let's Take It Outside Action  search
170 Light of the Lord Miracle  search
48 Lighthouse Deed  search
171 Locust Swarm Miracle  search
163 Long Hallways Improvement  search
49 Lord Grimely's Manor Exp. Deed  search
92 Los Ojos Del Dios Exp. Dude  search
93 Lukas Owens Dude  search
50 Lumberyard Deed  search
94 Mae Parker Dude  search
95 Malrog Whateley Dude  search
96 Max Baine Exp. Dude  search
51 Mental Hospital Deed  search
97 Meredith Singleton Exp. Dude  search
20 Mines Reopen Action  search
152 Mirror, Mirror Hex  search
98 Miss Lily Dude  search
21 Miss Me? Action  search
52 Muddy Brown Strike Deed  search
22 My Fight's With You Action  search
138 Mystical Bag Goods  search
23 Nemesis Action  search
153 Nightmare Realm Hex  search
53 Ninth Circle Mine Deed  search
54 No-Tell Hotel Deed  search
55 Observatory Deed  search
139 Pale Horse Goods  search
24 Paper Money Action  search
56 Penny Arcade Deed  search
140 Pocket Watch Goods  search
99 Poison Woman Dude  search
57 Polecat Saloon Deed  search
25 Puny Mortals! Action  search
128 Quarantine Event  search
26 Quick Reload Action  search
141 Radar Goods  search
100 Raven Smiles Dude  search
27 Relic Action  search
28 Renovations Action  search
58 Reserve Judgement Strike Deed  search
164 Rope Bridge Improvement  search
59 Rough and Tumble Saloon Deed  search
165 Runnin' Water Improvement  search
101 Sammy Childs Dude  search
102 Sandra Harris Exp. Dude  search
103 Saul Whateley Exp. Dude  search
60 Sea of Sorrows Mine Deed  search
166 Second Story Improvement  search
61 Shark's Grin Lode Deed  search
62 Sheriff's Shaft Deed  search
63 Shootin' Range Deed  search
104 Sin Eater Dude  search
172 Snow In July Miracle  search
154 Soul In A Bottle Hex  search
29 Speaking With the Dead Action  search
105 Squish-Eye Samantha Dude  search
129 Strangers Among Us Event  search
64 Strike Experiment #2 Deed  search
106 Sun Shu-Jen Exp. Dude  search
107 SUZY 309 Exp. Dude  search
155 Suzy Goes Berserk Hex  search
65 Tailor Deed  search
30 Teamwork Action  search
142 The Ammo-Matic Goods  search
174 The Coalition Outfit  search
143 The Evidence Goods  search
175 The Flock- Children Of Armageddon Outfit  search
130 The Gate is Opened Event  search
66 The Horse Doctor Deed  search
108 The Jinx Dude  search
131 The Madman's Secret Event  search
109 The Taskmaster Dude  search
176 The Whateleys- Extended Family Outfit  search
110 Timmy Derrick Dude  search
144 Tool Belt Goods  search
145 Trick Deck Goods  search
31 Tricky Spirits Action  search
111 Tzipporah Whateley Dude  search
67 U.S. Army Enlistment Office Deed  search
132 Vampire Ambush Event  search
112 Vampiric Dance Hall Girl Exp. Dude  search
32 Vermin Problem Action  search
113 Victor Navarro Exp. Dude  search
33 Voice O' the Damned Action  search
146 Walkin' Stick Goods  search
34 War of Words Action  search
181 War Party Spirit  search
68 Water Tower Deed  search
167 Weapons Locker Improvement  search
173 Welcome To Hell Miracle  search
35 What Have You Done Lately? Action  search
147 Whateley Family Bible Goods  search
114 Wilhelmina Whateley Exp. Dude  search
115 Windows Derek Dude  search
116 Wise Cloud Exp. Dude  search
37 Wither Action  search
38 Worse'n I Thought Action  search
117 Wrath Exp. Dude  search
148 Zapper Goods  search

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