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Revelations: 182 cards
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63 Abel Owens Dude  search
64 Alexander Whale Dude  search
65 Alfred Barkum, Jr. Dude  search
39 Along the Way Strike Deed  search
40 Archaeological Dig Deed  search
66 Arizona Jane Exp. Dude  search
1 Audience Action  search
135 Auto-Incendiary Bullets Goods  search
134 Autogyro Goods  search
118 Battle for Lord Grimeley's Event  search
119 Battle Plan Event  search
67 Billy No-Neck Exp. Dude  search
68 Black Jack Exp.2 Dude  search
178 Blackjacks- Stoker's Alliance Outfit  search
180 Blood Oath Spirit  search
2 Bloody Face Action  search
41 Boardinghouse Deed  search
42 Boat Yard Deed  search
69 Bobo Leveux Exp. Dude  search
136 Bone-Tipped Bullets Goods  search
3 Born Under a Strange Star Action  search
4 Both Barrels Action  search
120 Boxin' Match Event  search
159 Brewery Improvement  search
121 Burning of the Whateley Estate Event  search
70 Buster Madison Exp. Dude  search
43 Buster's Gambling Hall Deed  search
71 Cain Regen Dude  search
44 Candy Shop Deed  search
72 Chao Li Dude  search
73 Charlie Flatbush Exp. Dude  search
74 Chinese Ogre Dude  search
75 Christopher Hill Dude  search
130 Clock Strikes Thirteen Event  search
45 Cobbler Shop Deed  search
137 Cold-Iron Bullets Goods  search
5 Con Game Gone Bad Action  search
6 Cover Fire Action  search
138 Deer-Stalkin' Hat Goods  search
76 Denton Filmore Dude  search
7 Double or Nothin' Action  search
77 Dr. Lawrence Dude  search
78 Dr. Reginald Branson Exp. Dude  search
79 Dread Wolf Pack Dude  search
8 Dud Round Action  search
80 Eagle Rock Exp. Dude  search
9 Embezzlement Action  search
46 End of Time Lode Deed  search
122 Eye of the Storm Event  search
81 Faminite Dude  search
47 Far Away Strike Deed  search
160 Faro Table Improvement  search
82 Father Terrance Dude  search
10 Feedin' Time Action  search
168 Fifth Bowl Miracle  search
169 First Bowl Miracle  search
11 Flamin' Barrels Action  search
48 Foreclosed Folly Strike Deed  search
170 Fourth Bowl Miracle  search
83 Francis Whateley Dude  search
12 Fresh Horses Action  search
161 Front Porch Improvement  search
13 Funeral Procession Action  search
49 Gadget Warehouse Deed  search
162 Gas Lamp Improvement  search
123 Ghost Rock Fever Event  search
50 Glassmaker Deed  search
51 Grendel's Eye Strike Deed  search
171 Guide Miracle  search
84 Gus Gallagher Exp. Dude  search
14 Ham-Handed Play Action  search
85 Harold Longfellow Exp. Dude  search
86 Headless Horseman Dude  search
15 Here Comes the Cavalry Action  search
139 Holy Bullets Goods  search
163 Homeless Joe Improvement  search
87 Hoodoo Dude  search
181 Horned Owl's Fury Spirit  search
52 Horse Racetrack Deed  search
16 Hot-loaded Rounds Action  search
88 Humphrey Walters Exp. Dude  search
89 Idleness Exp. Dude  search
140 Infared Spectacles Goods  search
17 Intimidation Action  search
53 Investment Broker Deed  search
18 It's Just You and Me Action  search
90 Jenny Cooper Dude  search
91 Joseph Eyes-Like-Rain Exp. Dude  search
124 Joseph's Return Event  search
92 Killer Kerry Dude  search
172 Last Rites Miracle  search
141 Lemat Pistol Goods  search
153 Looking Glass Hex  search
19 Lost in the Badlands Action  search
20 Low Profile Action  search
93 Mad Dog Campbell Dude  search
142 Magic Bus Goods  search
143 Magnum Bullets Goods  search
154 Mark of Death Hex  search
155 Mark of Famine Hex  search
21 Mark of Man Action  search
156 Mark of Pestilence Hex  search
157 Mark of War Hex  search
94 Mark Preston Dude  search
144 Mask Goods  search
177 Maze Rats- Landed Rats Outfit  search
22 Misdirection Action  search
23 Monopoly Action  search
54 Museum Deed  search
95 Nate Hunter Exp.2 Dude  search
182 Nature's Wrath Spirit  search
96 Nebuchadnezzar Dude  search
97 Nelson Roberts Exp. Dude  search
55 Nick's Never Closes Deed  search
24 No Mint Juleps Here Action  search
25 Panic Attack Action  search
56 Papa's Lode Strike Deed  search
145 Peace Pipe Goods  search
98 Pennsylvania Kid Dude  search
164 Piano Player Improvement  search
146 Pipe Goods  search
26 Postal Fine Action  search
99 Pride Exp. Dude  search
100 Prof. Susan Franklin Exp. Dude  search
147 Psychic Projector Goods  search
165 Pump Improvement  search
125 Purging of the Golden Mare Event  search
27 Rats In Gomorra Action  search
148 Reckoner's Bullet Goods  search
101 Reggie Cornell Dude  search
102 Richard Boothe Exp. Dude  search
149 Roll of Dimes Goods  search
28 Run, You Coward! Action  search
126 Saloon's on Fire Event  search
103 Sam Horowitz Exp. Dude  search
57 Scared Stiff Saloon Deed  search
173 Second Bowl Miracle  search
104 Seldon Harrison Dude  search
174 Seventh Bowl Miracle  search
58 Seventh-Sign Strike Deed  search
29 Shallow Grave Action  search
105 Sheila Mirabella Exp. Dude  search
106 Shigetoshi Hohiro Dude  search
30 Shotgun Wedding Action  search
166 Sidewalk Improvement  search
107 Silas Peacock Exp. Dude  search
150 Silver Bullets Goods  search
179 Sioux Union- War Party Outfit  search
175 Sixth Bowl Miracle  search
108 Skunky Swade Exp. Dude  search
31 Sleep o' the Dead Action  search
151 Spare Chamber Goods  search
109 Spirit's Eyes Dude  search
152 Spurs Goods  search
167 Stained-Glass Windows Improvement  search
127 Stand Alone, Die Alone Event  search
128 Statute 32 of the Penal Code Event  search
158 Stayin' Put Hex  search
32 Stoker versus Knicknevin Action  search
59 Storage Shed Deed  search
110 Sun In His Eyes Dude  search
33 Supernatural Smarts Action  search
34 Supernatural Speed Action  search
60 Tailoring Shop Deed  search
129 Tax Season Event  search
35 Termite Infestation Action  search
111 The Drifter Dude  search
131 The End is Nigh Event  search
132 The House Always Wins Event  search
112 The Missionary Dude  search
176 Third Bowl Miracle  search
113 Thunderbird Dude  search
36 Tinker Action  search
37 Together at Last Action  search
114 Tomb Guardian Dude  search
38 Trackin' Teeth Action  search
61 Trading Post Deed  search
115 Two Birds Chirping Dude  search
116 Wendigo Garrison Dude  search
62 Western Union Offices Deed  search
117 White Horse Dude  search
133 Wrath O' God Event  search

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