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Eye for an Eye

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Eye for an Eye: 158 cards
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120 "Chip" Goods  search
62 Abel Owens Exp. Dude  search
141 Abomination Pit Improvement  search
1 Agoraphobia Action  search
113 All God's Children Event  search
42 Ammunitionist Deed  search
63 Andrew Garret Dude  search
64 Animate Hand Dude  search
65 April Segarra Dude  search
114 Auxiliumortis Event  search
138 Banish Hex  search
66 Barney Brash Dude  search
2 Between the Cracks Action  search
121 Bioengineering Goods  search
67 Bites the Hand Dude  search
153 Blackjacks- Rachel's Gang Outfit  search
43 Blasted Prairie Deed  search
44 Bloodsport Arena Deed  search
156 Breath of the Spirits Spirit  search
122 Brimstone Bullets Goods  search
3 Bring It Down! Action  search
150 Brush with Death Miracle  search
115 Cadaverus Mobilis Event  search
68 Cain Regen Exp. Dude  search
45 Channel Fort Deed  search
69 Charlie Landers Exp. Dude  search
4 Claustrophobia Action  search
5 Clean Getaway Action  search
123 Clovis The Devilbunny Goods  search
46 Confessional Deed  search
6 Construction Crew Action  search
70 Darren Titus Exp. Dude  search
71 David Hope Dude  search
47 Deep in the Earth Shaft Deed  search
72 Deputy Tophet Dude  search
7 Desperate Measures Action  search
8 Distracted! Action  search
9 Divided Loyalties Action  search
73 Doctor Duvalier Exp. Dude  search
74 Doctor Hardstrom Dude  search
151 Draw! Miracle  search
124 Eagle Bow Goods  search
75 Eagle Rock Exp. 2 Dude  search
48 Elephant Hill Mausoleum Deed  search
76 Elijah Exp. 2 Dude  search
10 Ethics Aside... Action  search
77 Evan Childes Dude  search
49 Exploratory Trench Deed  search
11 Eyes That Cannot See Action  search
78 Father Terrance Exp. Dude  search
12 Faulty Pipes Action  search
139 Faustian Deal Hex  search
13 First To Fall Action  search
125 Flashfire Bullets Goods  search
14 Flight Of Angels Action  search
50 Freak Show Deed  search
15 Get Off My Land! Action  search
79 Ghost of My Father Dude  search
16 Giddyup! Action  search
80 Gnosis Dude  search
81 Guardian Angel Dude  search
116 Guy Fawkes Day Event  search
82 Haborym Dude  search
126 Hatchet Goods  search
17 Hiding Out Action  search
18 I Gotta Stake in This! Action  search
19 Inner Strength Action  search
20 Insult to Injury Action  search
142 Interior Decorating Improvement  search
21 It's For Her Own Good Action  search
83 Jack Brash Dude  search
84 Jack Whateley Dude  search
22 Jam! Action  search
85 Jenny Cooper Exp. Dude  search
86 Jolinaxas Dude  search
87 Jordan Caldwell Dude  search
88 Juliet "Jewel" Sumner Exp. Dude  search
23 Just What I Need Action  search
24 Last Request Action  search
25 Life of the Party Action  search
89 Lillith Dude  search
154 Lost Angels Outfit  search
90 Lt. Colonel Frederick Sykes Dude  search
127 Lucifer's Cane Goods  search
26 Lyin' In Wait Action  search
128 Lynchin' Noose Goods  search
129 Magic Bus V. 2.0 (Death Bus) Goods  search
27 Mercy Action  search
28 Midnight Snack Action  search
91 Min Su Tao Dude  search
92 Moloch Dude  search
93 Mr. Applegate, Esq. Dude  search
94 Mr. Slate Exp. Dude  search
152 Mysterious Ways Miracle  search
51 New Pony Express Office Deed  search
143 Night Sentry Improvement  search
144 No Way Out! Improvement  search
29 Nyctophobia Action  search
52 O'Reilly's Five & Dime Deed  search
95 Old Scratch Dude  search
30 One Eyed Jacks are Wild Action  search
96 Oswald Hardinger Exp. Dude  search
130 Pandora's Box Goods  search
97 Perdition Dude  search
31 Phantoms Action  search
117 Poker Night Event  search
53 Power Plant Deed  search
54 Prison Factory Deed  search
55 Prospectus' Secret Workshop Deed  search
98 Rachel Sumner Exp. 2 Dude  search
99 Raymond Armstrong Exp. Dude  search
145 Recruiter Improvement  search
56 Registry Deed  search
100 Requiem Dude  search
32 Rescue Operation Action  search
101 Rooster Beenz Dude  search
33 Run 'Em Down! Action  search
118 Rustlers Event  search
131 Sabtabiel's Remains Goods  search
57 Salvage Operation Deed  search
132 Screamers Goods  search
102 Seeking Fury Dude  search
146 Sepulcher Improvement  search
147 Sewer Tunnels Improvement  search
34 Sewing Circle Action  search
35 Shave and a Haircut Action  search
103 Sheriff Syn Dude  search
104 Shigetoshi Hohiro Exp. Dude  search
105 Simon Lambeth Dude  search
106 Sin Je Dude  search
155 Sioux- Spirit Warriors Outfit  search
107 Sister Mercy Winters Dude  search
133 Soul Blast Cannon Goods  search
140 Spirit Walk Hex  search
148 Spring Cleaning Improvement  search
134 Stallion Goods  search
58 Strikers' Shaft Deed  search
157 The Beast Within Spirit  search
59 The C.S.A. Ourobouros Deed  search
135 The Good Book Goods  search
60 The Perch Deed  search
36 This'll Teach You Action  search
136 Three-Card Monte Goods  search
137 Three-Piece Suit Goods  search
108 Thunderbird Exp. Dude  search
37 Trouble There, Buck? Action  search
109 Two Birds Chirping Exp. Dude  search
110 Tzipporah Whateley Exp. Dude  search
38 Under The Gun Action  search
158 War Cry Spirit  search
61 Watering Hole Deed  search
39 We've Got Hostages Action  search
149 Well Of Souls Improvement  search
111 William Rose Dude  search
119 Working Out the Details Event  search
40 You're Comin' With Us! Action  search
41 You've Got This Comin'! Action  search
112 Zeke Hillard Dude  search

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