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Realms of the Elf-lords

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Realms of the Elf-lords: 122 cards
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52 A Fell Voice On The Air Condition  search
4 A Royal Welcome Condition  search
49 Abandoning Reason For Madness Event  search
37 Answering The Cries Condition  search
38 Aragorn, Heir To The White City Companion  search
7 Arwen, Elven Rider Companion  search
8 Arwen, Lady Undómiel Companion  search
39 Banner Of The White Tree Event  search
9 Beren And Lúthien Condition  search
29 Betrayal Of Isengard Condition  search
106 Bill The Pony Possession  search
1 Book Of Mazarbul Possession  search
122 Boromir, Defender Of Minas Tirith Companion  search
10 Calaglin, Elf Of Lórien Ally . Home 6  search
50 Can You Protect Me From Yourself? Event  search
115 Caras Galadhon Site 6  search
11 Cast It Into The Fire! Event  search
40 Citadel Of Minas Tirith Condition  search
51 Coming For The Ring Event  search
76 Dangerous Gamble Event  search
30 Deep In Thought Event  search
31 Depart Silently Event  search
77 Depths Of Moria Condition  search
12 Dínendal, Silent Scout Ally . Home 6  search
13 Elrond, Herald To Gil-galad Ally . Home 3  search
116 Eregion Hills Site 4  search
14 Erestor, Chief Advisor To Elrond Ally . Home 3  search
32 Fireworks Event  search
15 Forests Of Lothlórien Condition  search
16 Friends Of Old Event  search
107 Frodo's Pipe Possession  search
108 Frying Pan Possession  search
17 Galadriel, Lady Of The Golden Wood Ally . Home 6  search
18 Galdor, Councilor From The West Ally . Home 3  search
117 Gates Of Argonath Site 8  search
81 Gates Of The Dead City Condition  search
88 Get Off The Road! Event  search
19 Gift Of The Evenstar Condition  search
2 Gimli's Pipe Possession  search
89 Gleaming In The Snow Event  search
20 Golradir, Councilor Of Imladris Ally . Home 3  search
41 Gondor Bowmen Condition  search
90 Hand Of Sauron Event  search
53 Hate And Anger Event  search
78 Hide And Seek Event  search
91 His Cruelty And Malice Condition  search
33 His First Serious Check Event  search
54 Hollowing Of Isengard Condition  search
42 Horn Of Boromir Possession  search
119 House Of Elrond Site 3  search
55 Isengard Axe Possession  search
56 Isengard Forger Minion  search
57 Isengard Retainer Minion  search
58 Isengard Servant Minion  search
59 Isengard Shaman Minion  search
60 Isengard Smith Minion  search
61 Isengard Warrior Minion  search
62 Isengard Worker Minion  search
121 Legolas, Son Of Thranduil Companion  search
21 Long-knives Of Legolas Possession  search
79 Malice Event  search
92 Massing In The East Event  search
22 Master Of Healing Event  search
109 Meant To Be Alone Event  search
110 Melilot Brandybuck, Merry Dancer Ally . Home 1  search
43 Might Of Númenor Event  search
3 Mines Of Khazad-dûm Condition  search
93 Morgul Slayer Minion  search
34 Narya Artifact  search
23 Nenya Artifact  search
82 News Of Mordor Event  search
111 Old Noakes, Purveyor Of Wisdoms Ally . Home 1  search
63 One Of You Must Do This Event  search
94 Orc Butcher Minion  search
64 Orc Commander Minion  search
95 Orc Guard Minion  search
65 Orc Overseer Minion  search
96 Orc Pillager Minion  search
97 Orc Slayer Minion  search
98 Orc Swordsman Minion  search
99 Orc Trooper Minion  search
100 Orc Veteran Minion  search
101 Orc Warrior Minion  search
66 Orthanc Berserker Minion  search
102 Our List Of Allies Grows Thin Condition  search
24 Phial Of Galadriel Possession  search
25 Saelbeth, Elven Councilor Ally . Home 3  search
68 Saruman, Keeper Of Isengard Minion  search
69 Saruman, Servant Of The Eye Minion  search
112 Seek And Hide Event  search
70 Servants To Saruman Event  search
45 Some Who Resisted Event  search
26 Something Draws Near Event  search
5 Song Of Durin Condition  search
46 Still Sharp Event  search
6 Storm Of Argument Event  search
80 Such A Little Thing Event  search
103 Terrible As The Dawn Event  search
87 The Dark Lord Advances Event  search
118 The Great River Site 7  search
67 The Palantír Of Orthanc Artifact  search
83 The Ring Draws Them Condition  search
44 The Shards Of Narsil Artifact  search
113 The Shire Countryside Condition  search
73 The Trees Are Strong Event  search
84 They Will Never Stop Hunting You Event  search
114 Three Monstrous Trolls Condition  search
85 Too Great And Terrible Event  search
104 Tower Of Barad-dûr Condition  search
71 Tower Of Orthanc Condition  search
72 Trapped And Alone Condition  search
35 Trust Me As You Once Did Condition  search
86 úlairë Otsëa, Ringwraith In Twilight Minion  search
36 Unknown Perils Condition  search
74 Uruk Raider Minion  search
75 Uruk Ravager Minion  search
27 Vilya Artifact  search
28 Voice Of Nimrodel Event  search
47 Voice Of Rauros Event  search
120 Wastes Of Emyn Muil Site 9  search
48 We Must Go Warily Event  search
105 Why Shouldn't I Keep It? Event  search

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