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8 A Family United Event  Common  search
140 Abandoned Warehouse Battleground  Uncommon  search
17 Abuelo - Caring Mentor Character  Common  search
69 Acid Spray Event  Common  search
16 Acidwire - Fallen Brother Character  Common  search
164 Acidwire - Over Possessive Character  Rare  search
165 Acidwire - Vengeful Hollow Character  Rare  search
204 Amazing Armor of Justice Item  Rare  search
18 Annoying Whole - Tormentor Character  Common  search
89 Ayame - Shunshunrikka Member Character  Uncommon  search
19 Baigon - Shunshunrikka Member Character  Common  search
70 Bakudo Number 1 - Sai Event  Common  search
144 Bakudo Number 33 - Pale Fire Crash Event  Uncommon  search
71 Bakudo Number 99 Part 1 - Restrict Event  Common  search
145 Balance of Souls Event  Uncommon  search
141 Bedroom Closet Battleground  Uncommon  search
158 Body Energy Body Energy  Uncommon  search
4 Body Energy Body Energy  Common  search
83 Body Energy Body Energy  Common  search
146 Bopping Them on the Head Event  Uncommon  search
72 Breaking the Chain Event  Common  search
90 Bulbous G - Damaged Hollow Character  Uncommon  search
20 Bulbous G - Schoolyard Terror Character  Common  search
166 Byakuya - Squad 6 Captain Character  Rare  search
167 Byakuya - Unforgiving Brother Character  Rare  search
56 Cellphone Item  Common  search
168 Centipede Hollow - Looming Threat Character  Rare  search
91 Centipede Hollow - Stalking Souls Character  Uncommon  search
169 Chad - Awakened Power Character  Rare  search
21 Chad - Calm and Collected Character  Common  search
92 Chad - Cutting Edge Fashion Character  Uncommon  search
22 Chad - Selfless Protector Character  Common  search
93 Chad - Top 50 Student Character  Uncommon  search
10 Chad - Young Student Character  Common  search
66 Children's Playground Battleground  Common  search
23 Chizuru - Enamored Classmate Character  Common  search
94 Chizuru - Resolute Character  Uncommon  search
68 City Streets Battleground  Common  search
211 Correct! Event  Rare  search
73 Deep Wound Event  Common  search
24 Dejected Whole - Afraid Character  Common  search
95 Demonic Hollow - Snarling Rival Character  Uncommon  search
96 Don Kan'onji - Role Model Character  Uncommon  search
170 Don Kan'onji - World's Premiere Spiritualist Character  Rare  search
25 Elastic Hollow - Attack Position Character  Common  search
74 Encroachment Event  Common  search
57 Enraku Item  Common  search
147 Enter the Hero Event  Uncommon  search
212 Evasion Event  Rare  search
137 Family Altar Item  Uncommon  search
58 Farewell Letter Item  Common  search
213 Feeding Time Event  Rare  search
12 Fishbone D - Menacing Evil Character  Common  search
26 Fishbone D - Stalking Hollow Character  Common  search
171 Fissure Hollow - Snarling Character  Rare  search
131 Flower Hairpin Item  Uncommon  search
15 Gathering of Hollows Event  Common  search
11 Grand Fisher Guardian  Common  search
HT1 Grand Fisher Guardian  Hi-Tech  search
172 Grand Fisher - Hostage Taker Character  Rare  search
14 Hexipodas - Playground Destroyer Character  Common  search
27 Hinagiku - Shunshunrikka Member Character  Common  search
132 Hollow Bait Item  Uncommon  search
97 Hollow Henchmen - Servants Of Evil Character  Uncommon  search
133 Hollow Radar Item  Uncommon  search
148 Home Run! Event  Uncommon  search
75 Honoring the Dead Event  Common  search
98 Ichigo - A New Incarnation Character  Uncommon  search
221 Ichigo - Confident Soul Reaper Character  Ultra Rare  search
28 Ichigo - Ready For Training Character  Common  search
6 Ichigo - Substitute Soul Reaper Character  Common  search
29 Ichigo - Umbrella Wielder Character  Common  search
1 Ichigo Kurosaki Guardian  Autograph Echo  search
HT2 Ichigo Kurosaki Guardian  Hi-Tech  search
205 Image of the Future Item  Rare  search
173 Isshin - Concerned Father Character  Rare  search
5 Isshin - Doctor Extraordinaire Character  Common  search
174 Isshin - Glamorous Dad Character  Rare  search
99 Isshin - Put In Place Character  Uncommon  search
175 Jinta - Hits a Triple Character  Rare  search
100 Jinta - Unforgiving Loser Character  Uncommon  search
176 Juvenile Whole - Saved Character  Rare  search
67 Karakura Town Battleground  Common  search
30 Karin - Respectful Daughter Character  Common  search
101 Karin - Soccer Extraordinaire Character  Uncommon  search
102 Keigo - Bohahahaha! Character  Uncommon  search
177 Keigo - Nerd Intimidator Character  Rare  search
31 Keigo - Taken Aback Character  Common  search
178 Kisuke - Leading The Cleanup Character  Rare  search
103 Kisuke - Supremely Confident Character  Uncommon  search
179 Kisuke - Surprisingly Helpful Character  Rare  search
161 Kon Guardian  Rare  search
HT3 Kon Guardian  Hi-Tech  search
180 Kon - Crushed Velvet Character  Rare  search
32 Kon - Furious Character  Common  search
104 Kon - Made Over Character  Uncommon  search
105 Kon - Mod Soul Character  Uncommon  search
181 Kon - Plush Bod Mod Character  Rare  search
7 Kurosaki Clinic Battleground  Common  search
41 Leech Spitter - Shrieker's Pet Character  Common  search
149 Legacy of the Quincy Event  Uncommon  search
150 Let's Do It Together Event  Uncommon  search
33 Lily - Shunshunrikka Member Character  Common  search
151 Look Out! Event  Uncommon  search
214 Lose the Bunnies Event  Rare  search
106 Mahana - Inquisitive Schoolgirl Character  Uncommon  search
34 Mantis Hollow - Poised For Battle Character  Common  search
35 Mantis Hollow - Prowling the Streets Character  Common  search
76 Marked by a Hollow Event  Common  search
182 Masaki - Picturesque Mother Character  Rare  search
107 Masaki - Reassuring Mother Character  Uncommon  search
59 Memory Replacement Charm Item  Common  search
86 Menos Grande Guardian  Uncommon  search
HT4 Menos Grande Guardian  Hi-Tech  search
183 Menos Grande - Doom Blast Charged Character  Rare  search
36 Menos Grande - Lurker Character  Common  search
134 Messenger Bag Item  Uncommon  search
108 Michiru - Quiet Classmate Character  Uncommon  search
184 Michiru - Sewing Request Character  Rare  search
159 Mind Energy Mind Energy  Uncommon  search
3 Mind Energy Mind Energy  Common  search
84 Mind Energy Mind Energy  Common  search
37 Mizuiro - Lunch Partner Character  Common  search
185 Mizuiro - Smooth Operator Character  Rare  search
186 Mod Soul - Enhanced Character  Rare  search
109 Mr. Kagine - Unyielding Teacher Character  Uncommon  search
38 Ms. Ito - Concerned Teacher Character  Common  search
152 Narrow Escape Event  Uncommon  search
110 Numb Chandelier - Aerial Threat Character  Uncommon  search
187 Numb Chandelier - Terror of the Imagination Character  Rare  search
188 Orihime - 3rd In The Class Character  Rare  search
189 Orihime - Confused Friend Character  Rare  search
111 Orihime - Impressionist Character  Uncommon  search
190 Orihime - Leek Spin Character  Rare  search
87 Orihime Inoue Guardian  Uncommon  search
HT5 Orihime Inoue Guardian  Hi-Tech  search
39 Overbearing Thug - Leader Character  Common  search
153 Passing Over Event  Uncommon  search
112 Pestering Whole - Hanging Out Character  Uncommon  search
113 Pigtail Whole - Innocent Bystander Character  Uncommon  search
60 Police Tape Item  Common  search
61 Poster of Masaki Item  Common  search
215 Power Transfer Event  Rare  search
114 Primitive Hollow - Demi-Hollow Transformed Character  Uncommon  search
77 Questionable Logic Event  Common  search
135 Quincy Chain Item  Uncommon  search
40 Ray Hollow - on the Move Character  Common  search
216 Reality Check Event  Rare  search
62 Refreshing Tea Item  Common  search
42 Renji - Intimidating Adversary Character  Common  search
192 Renji - Relaxing in the Soul Society Character  Rare  search
191 Renji - Squad 6 Lieutenant Character  Rare  search
222 Rukia - Battle Ready Character  Ultra Rare  search
115 Rukia - Critically Injured Character  Uncommon  search
193 Rukia - New Classmate Character  Rare  search
43 Rukia - On the Job Character  Common  search
194 Rukia - Short-Tempered Teacher Character  Rare  search
44 Rukia - Unknown Warrior Character  Common  search
162 Rukia Kuchiki Guardian  Rare  search
HT6 Rukia Kuchiki Guardian  Hi-Tech  search
154 Run Away Event  Uncommon  search
45 Ryo - Bookworm Character  Common  search
46 Saido - At The Ready Character  Common  search
116 Saido - Stealth Force Member Character  Uncommon  search
13 Schoolyard Battleground  Common  search
136 Sewing Kit Item  Uncommon  search
223 Shattered Shaft Battleground  Ultra Rare  search
117 Shrieker - Airborne Character  Uncommon  search
118 Shrieker - Cockatiel Stalker Character  Uncommon  search
119 Shun'o - Shunshunrikka Member Character  Uncommon  search
217 Shunshunrikka Event  Rare  search
120 Sketch Hollow - Bad Spirit Character  Uncommon  search
121 Sketch Whole - Good Soul Character  Uncommon  search
63 Soccer Ball Item  Common  search
122 Soken - Quincy Trainer Character  Uncommon  search
138 Somafixer Item  Uncommon  search
195 Sora - Trapped Soul Character  Rare  search
206 Soul Candy - Chappy Item  Rare  search
139 Soul Candy - Yuki Item  Uncommon  search
207 Soul Glove Item  Rare  search
209 Soul Reaper Academy Battleground  Rare  search
47 Spiny Hollow - Flying Evil Character  Common  search
160 Spirit Energy Spirit Energy  Uncommon  search
2 Spirit Energy Spirit Energy  Common  search
85 Spirit Energy Spirit Energy  Common  search
155 Stop Messing Around! Event  Uncommon  search
142 Streets of Karakura Battleground  Uncommon  search
218 Subdue by Force Event  Rare  search
219 Swift Justice Event  Rare  search
78 Take Aim Event  Common  search
48 Tatsuki - Eager to Spar Character  Common  search
123 Tatsuki - Enraged Protector Character  Uncommon  search
196 Tatsuki - Feeling The Burn Character  Rare  search
124 Tatsuki - on the Rampage Character  Uncommon  search
197 Taurus Hollow - Ready To Go Character  Rare  search
49 Tessai - Diligent Worker Character  Common  search
125 Tessai - Hollow Destroyer Character  Uncommon  search
220 The Mr. Kan'onji Challenge Event  Rare  search
156 The Perfect Plan Event  Uncommon  search
64 Toast Item  Common  search
224 Tragic Accident Event  Ultra Rare  search
50 Tribal Hollow - Freshly Summoned Character  Common  search
198 Tsubaki - Shunshunrikka Member Character  Rare  search
210 Underground Training Facility Battleground  Rare  search
79 Unjust Actions Event  Common  search
157 Unlocked Potential Event  Uncommon  search
80 Up Close and Personal Event  Common  search
143 Urahara's Shop Battleground  Uncommon  search
51 Ururu - Heavy Arms Specialist Character  Common  search
126 Ururu - Sparring Partner Character  Uncommon  search
127 Uryu - Bandaged Duelist Character  Uncommon  search
199 Uryu - Home Handicrafts Club Member Character  Rare  search
52 Uryu - Scared Apprentice Character  Common  search
200 Uryu - Unrelenting Character  Rare  search
163 Uryu Ishida Guardian  Rare  search
HT7 Uryu Ishida Guardian  Hi-Tech  search
65 Vase of Flowers Item  Common  search
81 Vicious Strike Event  Common  search
82 Watching From Afar Event  Common  search
88 Yasutora "Chad" Sado Guardian  Uncommon  search
HT8 Yasutora "Chad" Sado Guardian  Hi-Tech  search
53 Yoruichi - Cute Kitty Character  Common  search
201 Yoruichi - Observant Cat Character  Rare  search
128 Yoshi and Mika - Ghostly Couple Character  Uncommon  search
202 Yuichi - Resolved Youth Character  Rare  search
129 Yuichi - Talking Cockatiel Character  Uncommon  search
54 Yuzu - Attentive Nurse Character  Common  search
55 Yuzu - Out in the Cold Character  Common  search
203 Yuzu - Skilled Cook Character  Rare  search
208 Zabimaru Item  Rare  search
9 Zangetsu Item  Common  search
130 Zebra Hollow - Prepared To Strike Character  Uncommon  search

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