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Soul Society

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Soul Society: 124 cards
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104 Beating Yourself Event  Rare  search
99 Benihime Item  Rare  search
40 Body Energy Energy  Common  search
80 Bonnie - Dominant Boar Character  Rare  search
79 Byakuya Kuchiki Guardian  Rare  search
HT9 Byakuya Kuchiki Guardian  Hi-Tech  search
34 Calling All Captains Event  Common  search
81 Chad - Checking Out the Scenery Character  Rare  search
2 Chad - Determined Friend Character  Common  search
45 Chad - Watching Your Back Character  Uncommon  search
70 Classroom Battleground  Uncommon  search
35 Costume Change Event  Common  search
28 Damaged Training Facility Battleground  Common  search
105 Eavesdropping Event  Rare  search
73 Escaping the Horde Event  Uncommon  search
36 Expert Medical Attention Event  Common  search
21 First Aid Kit Item  Common  search
102 Flower Crane Cannon Battleground  Rare  search
22 Fujikujaku Item  Common  search
46 Ganju - Battle-Worn Character  Uncommon  search
3 Ganju - Self-Proclaimed #1 Soul Reaper Hater of West Rukon Character  Common  search
4 Ganju - Self-Proclaimed Deep-Red Bullet of West Rukon Character  Common  search
82 Ganju - Squaring Off Character  Rare  search
5 Ganju's Henchmen - Boar Riders Character  Common  search
47 Ganju's Henchmen - Emotionally Attached Character  Uncommon  search
83 Gin - Playful Obstacle Character  Rare  search
84 Gin - Surprise Visitor Character  Rare  search
48 Gin - Under Interrogation Character  Uncommon  search
6 Hanataro - Dazed and Confused Character  Common  search
49 Hanataro - Ready For Sweeping Character  Uncommon  search
85 Hanataro - Timid Acquaintance Character  Rare  search
29 Hanging Dog Battleground  Common  search
37 Healing Event  Common  search
23 Healing Ointment Item  Common  search
30 Hokuto Gate Battleground  Common  search
67 Hollow Mask Item  Uncommon  search
24 Hozukimaru Item  Common  search
100 Hyorinmaru Item  Rare  search
50 Ichigo - Flabbergasted Character  Uncommon  search
86 Ichigo - Injured Character  Rare  search
51 Ikkaku - Inviting an Attack Character  Uncommon  search
52 Ikkaku - Lucky Dance Character  Uncommon  search
7 Ikkaku - Overconfident Character  Common  search
SSB1 Isane - Squad 4 Lieutenant Character  Subset  search
87 Isshin - Proud Father Character  Rare  search
8 Izuru - Helpful Advisor Character  Common  search
53 Jidanbo - Hokuto Gatekeeper Character  Uncommon  search
9 Jidanbo - Opening the Gate Character  Common  search
88 Jirobo - 4th Seat of Squad 7 Character  Rare  search
89 Jirobo - Imposing Soul Reaper Character  Rare  search
90 Kenpachi - Lead Astray Character  Rare  search
SSB8 Kenpachi - Squad 11 Captain Character  Subset  search
43 Kenpachi Zaraki Guardian  Uncommon  search
HT10 Kenpachi Zaraki Guardian  Hi-Tech  search
109 Kisuke - Vision of the Past Character  Ultra Rare  search
54 Kisuke - Zanpaku-to Wielder Character  Uncommon  search
1 Kisuke Urahara Guardian  Subset  search
HT11 Kisuke Urahara Guardian  Hi-Tech  search
55 Koganehiko and Shiroganehiko - Pairs Cheerleading Character  Uncommon  search
10 Koganehiko and Shiroganehiko - Stern Spectators Character  Common  search
91 Kukaku - Enraged Character  Rare  search
11 Kukaku - Inventor Character  Common  search
56 Kukaku - Unexpected Collaborator Character  Uncommon  search
31 Kukaku's House Battleground  Common  search
74 Low Blow Event  Uncommon  search
68 Map of the Seireitei Item  Uncommon  search
41 Mind Energy Energy  Common  search
57 Momo - Worried Friend Character  Uncommon  search
92 Orihime - Attack Readied Character  Rare  search
58 Orihime - Motivating Character  Uncommon  search
25 Quincy Glove Item  Common  search
SSB4 Rangiku - Squad 10 Lieutenant Character  Subset  search
69 Reishu Kaku Item  Uncommon  search
93 Renji - Determined Character  Rare  search
59 Renji - Eager To Fight Character  Uncommon  search
12 Renji - Lashing Out Character  Common  search
13 Renji - Young Thief Character  Common  search
44 Renji Abarai Guardian  Uncommon  search
HT12 Renji Abarai Guardian  Hi-Tech  search
75 Rest and Relaxation Event  Uncommon  search
SSB2 Retsu - Squad 4 Captain Character  Subset  search
26 Rice Balls Item  Common  search
38 Right in the Eye Event  Common  search
60 Rukia - Child Prodigy Character  Uncommon  search
14 Rukia - Patiently Waiting Character  Common  search
94 Rukia - Soul Reaper Academy Student Character  Rare  search
61 Rukia - Younger Self Character  Uncommon  search
103 Seireitei Alley Battleground  Rare  search
71 Senkaimon Battleground  Uncommon  search
72 Sewers Battleground  Uncommon  search
76 Shoot to Kill Event  Uncommon  search
106 Solemn Escort Event  Rare  search
95 Sosuke - Concerned Character  Rare  search
62 Soul Reaper Academy Teacher - Mentor Character  Uncommon  search
63 Soul Reaper Gang - Goofing Off Character  Uncommon  search
15 Soul Reaper Gang - Ready To Fight Character  Common  search
42 Spirit Energy Energy  Common  search
107 Splitting Up Event  Rare  search
SSB6 Squad 10 Ready For Action Event  Subset  search
SSB9 Squad 11 Gang's All Here Event  Subset  search
SSB3 Squad 4 at Your Service Event  Subset  search
32 Squad 4 Treatment Station Battleground  Common  search
39 Taking Hostages Event  Common  search
16 Tessai - Overjoyed Character  Common  search
77 The Chase is On Event  Uncommon  search
101 The One-and-Only Original Kukaku-Brand Chili-Pepper Smoke Bomb With Bloody Tears Effect! Item  Rare  search
78 Timely Retreat Event  Uncommon  search
96 Toshiro - Impressionable Character  Rare  search
SSB5 Toshiro - Squad 10 Captain Character  Subset  search
27 Tsunzakigarasu Item  Common  search
108 Unbelievable Event  Rare  search
SSB10 Unnamed Zanpaku-to Item  Subset  search
17 Uryu - Confident Quincy Character  Common  search
64 Uryu - New Outfit Character  Uncommon  search
97 Uryu - Without Patience Character  Rare  search
110 Utter Destruction Event  Ultra Rare  search
18 Village Elder - Concerned Character  Common  search
33 West Rukon District Battleground  Common  search
98 Yachiru - Onlooker Character  Rare  search
SSB7 Yachiru - Squad 11 Lieutenant Character  Subset  search
19 Yoruichi - Adorable Character  Common  search
65 Yoruichi - Knowledgeable Character  Uncommon  search
66 Yumichika - In Flight Character  Uncommon  search
20 Yumichika - Tired of Running Character  Common  search

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