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Clash of Arms Promotion

Clash of Arms Promotion: 4 cards
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Maester Caelotte
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Maester Caelotte:

Response: After Maester Caelotte is declared as an attacker, choose an opponent's character with stealth. Kneel that character.

  • Number: 20
  • Rarity: P
  • Type: Character
  • House: Martell
  • STR: 2
  • Gold Cost: 3
  • Challenge Icons: [power]
Marked for Ransom
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Marked for Ransom:

Attached character cannot be chosen as the target of military claim.

  • Number: 26
  • Rarity: P
  • Type: Attachment
  • Gold Cost: 1
Permutation of Power
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Permutation of Power:

Small Council.
Any phase: Choose a player. You may exchange multiplayer Title cards with that player if he or she agrees to the trade. If a trade is made, both players claim 1 power for their House.

  • Number: 22
  • Rarity: P
  • Type: Event
Quaithe of the Shadows
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Quaithe of the Shadows:

House Targaryen only.
You may play Quaithe of the Shadows as a Boon attachment on a character you own with the text: "Challenges: Kneel 1 influence to return attached character and Quaithe of the Shadows to your hand."

  • Number: 19
  • Rarity: P
  • Type: Character
  • House: Targaryen
  • STR: 2
  • Gold Cost: 2
  • Challenge Icons: [military] [power]

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