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SNK King of Fighters

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SNK King of Fighters: 99 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow  
1 ***Alba*** Character  Rare  search
28 ***Hanzo*** Character  Rare  search
82 ***Terry*** Character  Rare  search
46 **Leona** Character  Rare  search
33 **True Shrike Dash** Attack  Super Rare  search
10 *Chae* Character  Rare  search
19 *Fio* Character  Rare  search
37 *Jivatma* Character  Rare  search
55 *Maxima* Character  Rare  search
64 *Mignon* Character  Rare  search
73 *Soiree* Character  Rare  search
91 *Yuri* Character  Rare  search
61 Altered Mind and Body Foundation  Common  search
43 Approaching Physical Perfection Foundation  Uncommon  search
3 Arrogance Asset / Attack  Super Rare  search
97 Battle Prowess Foundation  Common  search
65 Better Under Pressure Action  Uncommon  search
7 Chinese Boxing Foundation  Common  search
40 Dark Rending Attack  Uncommon  search
31 Demonic Self-Sacrifice Strategem Attack  Uncommon  search
70 Descended from a Long Line of Witches Foundation  Common  search
41 Divine Folly Attack  Common  search
76 Double Mittwoch Attack  Rare  search
58 Dynamite Drop Attack  Rare  search
32 Enveloping Exorcism Attack  Uncommon  search
79 Excitable Foundation  Common  search
48 Explosive Earings Asset  Super Rare  search
34 Fade into Darkness Foundation  Common  search
66 Family Heirloom Asset / Action  Super Rare  search
21 Family Tradition Asset / Attack  Super Rare  search
42 Flames of Fate Attack  Common  search
13 Furious Feet of the Phoenix Attack  Uncommon  search
2 God Hand Action  Super Rare  search
85 Grasping Upper Attack  Uncommon  search
49 Gravity Storm Attack  Common  search
4 Hallowed Slug of the Heavenly Conqueror Attack  Rare  search
52 Heidern's Assassination Arts Foundation  Common  search
16 Honor Your Dojo Foundation  Common  search
35 Iga Legacy Foundation  Common  search
93 Inner Circle Asset  Super Rare  search
92 Intuitive Innovation Attack / Action  Uncommon  search
22 K:A:M:I:K:A:Z:E Attack  Uncommon  search
8 Keep Your Cool Foundation  Uncommon  search
98 Kyokugen Karate Foundation  Uncommon  search
25 La Superba Foundation  Common  search
62 M-Style Combat Arts Foundation  Uncommon  search
83 Mark of the Wolf Action  Rare  search
26 Military Combat Arts Foundation  Uncommon  search
47 Military Discipline Attack / Action  Super Rare  search
5 Molten Steel Attack  Uncommon  search
59 Mongolian ~ Trample Attack  Uncommon  search
50 Moon Slasher Attack  Uncommon  search
60 MX-11 Final Cannon Attack  Common  search
9 Natural Leader Foundation  Common  search
14 Neck Crunch Drop Attack  Uncommon  search
6 Omnidirectional Cluster Bomb Attack / Action  Common  search
84 Ookie Asset / Attack  Super Rare  search
51 Order Backslash Attack  Uncommon  search
53 Origins Unknown Foundation  Uncommon  search
67 Pony Throw Attack  Uncommon  search
86 Power Stream Attack  Common  search
87 Power-Charged Elbow Attack  Uncommon  search
88 Powerful Style Foundation  Common  search
30 Preparedness Asset  Rare  search
38 Punish the Weak Attack / Action  Rare  search
74 Reckless and Implusive Attack / Action  Super Rare  search
89 Return to Southtown Foundation  Uncommon  search
94 Rising Conquering Crunch Attack  Common  search
56 Self-diagnosis Program Attack / Action  Super Rare  search
29 Shadow Strike Attack / Action  Super Rare  search
80 Shooting Capoera Foundation  Uncommon  search
15 Single Wing Slam Attack  Common  search
17 Speak the Truth Foundation  Common  search
23 SPECIAL MISSION: Swing Tomahawk Attack  Rare  search
20 Special Ops Action  Super Rare  search
75 Such a Popular Person Asset  Super Rare  search
95 Swallow Slam Attack  Rare  search
11 Tae Kwon Do Strike Action  Rare  search
24 Terrestrial Heavy Machine Gun Attack  Common  search
81 The Angel of Evening Foundation  Uncommon  search
27 The Bespectacled Master Sergeant Foundation  Common  search
44 The Glare from the Abyss Foundation  Common  search
63 The Human Weapon of Steel Foundation  Common  search
99 The Kyokugen Karate Innovator Foundation  Uncommon  search
90 The Legendary Wolf Foundation  Common  search
57 The Maxima Reactor Asset  Super Rare  search
36 The Ruler of the Shadows Foundation  Uncommon  search
54 The Silent Soldier Foundation  Common  search
39 The Stars Aligned Asset  Super Rare  search
18 The Tae Kwon Do Zephyr Foundation  Uncommon  search
45 The Ways of Punishment Foundation  Uncommon  search
71 The Wielder of Miraculously Mystic Powers Foundation  Uncommon  search
68 Thunderbolt Attack  Common  search
12 Treasured Gift Asset / Attack  Super Rare  search
77 Welle Leiten Attack  Uncommon  search
72 White Magic Foundation  Common  search
69 Wind Storm Attack  Super Rare  search
96 Yuri's Super Upper Attack  Super Rare  search
78 Zart Zap Attack  Common  search

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