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Heroes Arise

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Heroes Arise: 68 cards
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BD01-EN044 Absorb Skill  Common  search
BD01-EN051 Aim 'N' Shoot Command  Common  search
BD01-EN042 All-Out Battle Skill  Foil  search
BD01-EN038 Amethyst Dragon Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN029 Andropov Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN035 Blizzard Dragon Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN056 Blue Device Command  Common  search
BD01-EN009 Blue Dragon & Shu Partner  Holo Foil  search
BD01-EN049 Caution Command  Common  search
BD01-EN014 Chimera & Nene Partner  Holo Foil  search
BD01-EN047 Coerce Skill  Common  search
BD01-EN017 Coordinator Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN058 Copper Bracelet Command  Common  search
BD01-EN059 Copper Necklace Command  Common  search
BD01-EN033 Crested Cockatrice Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN040 Defend Skill  Common  search
BD01-EN016 Destroyer Robot Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN048 Distress Barrier Skill  Foil  search
BD01-EN032 Dullahan Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN015 Enforcer Robot Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN041 Expert Minority Skill  Common  search
BD01-EN025 Fireworks Rat Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN027 Flame Raptor Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN054 Flare Command  Common  search
BD01-EN053 Forage Command  Foil  search
BD01-EN003 Grand Knight Shadow  Foil  search
BD01-EN003* Grand Knight Shadow  Parallel Shadow  search
BD01-EN008 Guardian Angel Shadow  Holo Foil  search
BD01-EN008* Guardian Angel Shadow  Parallel Shadow  search
BD01-EN057 Hunting Instinct Command  Common  search
BD01-EN046 Intimidate Skill  Common  search
BD01-EN012 Kelolon Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN020 King Jibral Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN004 Legend Knight Shadow  Holo Foil  search
BD01-EN004* Legend Knight Shadow  Parallel Shadow  search
BD01-EN039 Magic Sword Skill  Common  search
BD01-EN019 Marumaro & Saber Tiger Partner  Foil  search
BD01-EN031 Mechosaur Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN021 Militant Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN011 Minotaur & Jiro Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN034 Moody Dragon Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN045 Panic Skill  Common  search
BD01-EN005 Pegasus Shadow  Common  search
BD01-EN005* Pegasus Shadow  Parallel Shadow  search
BD01-EN036 Phantom Dragon Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN010 Phoenix & Kluke Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN013 Poo Snake Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN023 Red Razor Ghost Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN060 Retreat Command  Common  search
BD01-EN022 Sacred Swordsman Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN028 Schneider Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN001 Soldier Shadow  Common  search
BD01-EN001* Soldier Shadow  Parallel Shadow  search
BD01-EN030 Soyo-Soyo Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN037 Spark Dragon Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN026 Steel Giant Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN024 Stonesaurus Partner  Common  search
BD01-EN050 Stunpunch Command  Common  search
BD01-EN002 Sword Fighter Shadow  Common  search
BD01-EN002* Sword Fighter Shadow  Parallel Shadow  search
BD01-EN006 Sylphide Shadow  Common  search
BD01-EN006* Sylphide Shadow  Parallel Shadow  search
BD01-EN055 The Book Of The Beginning Command  Foil  search
BD01-EN043 Transport To The Underworld Skill  Common  search
BD01-EN052 Vitality Elixer Command  Common  search
BD01-EN007 Zephyrus Shadow  Foil  search
BD01-EN007* Zephyrus Shadow  Parallel Shadow  search
BD01-EN018 Zola & Killer Bat Partner  Foil  search

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