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Destructive Fury

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Destructive Fury: 109 cards
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DFEV-058 A COMFORTABLE PLACE Event  Uncommon  search
DFTE-099 A GIRL'S HEART Technique  Rare  search
DFWA-111 ANDROID 16 Warrior  Rare  search
DFWA-129 ANDROID 18 Warrior  Rare  search
DFWA-124 ANDROID 8 Warrior  Uncommon  search
DFEV-050 ANDROID PROJECT Event  Common  search
DFWA-122 ANNOUNCER Warrior  Common  search
DFEV-046 ANTAGONISM Event  Common  search
DFEV-055 APPEARANCE OF A HERO Event  Uncommon  search
DFWA-131 BABIDI Warrior  Common  search
DFTE-087 BATTLE SUIT Technique  Common  search
DFTE-100 BEGINNING OF THE TRAINING Technique  Common  search
DFWA-132 BIBIDI Warrior  Common  search
DFTE-093 BIG BANG ATTACK Technique  Super Rare  search
DFTE-084 BIRTH OF THE COMPLETE FORM Technique  Rare  search
DFTE-091 BODY CHANGE Technique  Uncommon  search
DFTE-077 BREAKING THROUGH THE LIMIT Technique  Rare  search
DFWA-118 BURTER Warrior  Uncommon  search
DFWA-109 BUYON Warrior  Common  search
DFWA-120 CAPTAIN GINYU Warrior  Rare  search
DFEV-048 CELL GAME Event  Uncommon  search
DFWA-110 CELL JR. Warrior  Rare  search
DFWA-112 CELL [THE COMPLETE FORM] Warrior  Super Rare  search
DFWA-125 CHI-CHI Warrior  Common  search
DFTE-080 CLONE JUSTU Technique  Uncommon  search
DFWA-106 COLONEL VIOLET Warrior  Uncommon  search
DFTE-075 COMRADES ASSISTANCE Technique  Common  search
DFWA-137 DABURA Warrior  Rare  search
DFTE-094 DISGUISE SUIT Technique  Common  search
DFTE-108 DYNAMIC MESS EM UP PUNCH Technique  Promo  search
DFWA-115 EAST KAI Warrior  Uncommon  search
DFTE-097 EMERGENCY STOP SWITCH Technique  Common  search
DFTE-090 ENERGY CANNON Technique  Rare  search
DFTE-109 ENORMOUS FIGHTING AURA Technique  Promo  search
DFTE-101 EXPANDING VIBRATION Technique  Rare  search
DFEV-063 EXPOSURE Event  Promo  search
DFWA-105 GENERAL WHITE Warrior  Common  search
DFEV-051 GINYU FORCE UNLEASHED Event  Rare  search
DFWA-100 GOHAN Warrior  Common  search
DFWA-140 GOHAN Warrior  Promo  search
DFWA-099 GOKU [GT] Warrior  Rare  search
DFWA-103 GOKU [SUPER SAIYAN 3] Warrior  Super Rare  search
DFWA-096 GOTEN Warrior  Common  search
DFWA-130 GREAT SAIYAMAN Warrior  Super Rare  search
DFWA-141 GREAT SAIYAMAN Warrior  Promo  search
DFEV-059 GROWING A GOOD WILL Event  Common  search
DFWA-116 GULDO Warrior  Uncommon  search
DFTE-085 HELL FLASH Technique  Super Rare  search
DFTE-095 HUGE DIFFERENCE IN POWER Technique  Uncommon  search
DFTE-074 INSTANT TRANSMISSION Technique  Uncommon  search
DFTE-086 IRREGULAR ATTACK Technique  Common  search
DFWA-119 JEICE Warrior  Common  search
DFWA-097 KRILLIN Warrior  Uncommon  search
DFWA-123 LAUNCH Warrior  Common  search
DFWA-139 MAJIN BUU Warrior  Super Rare  search
DFWA-121 MAJIN VEGITA Warrior  Super Rare  search
DFWA-108 MAJOR METALLITRON Warrior  Uncommon  search
DFTE-098 MAKING A DEAL BEHIND THE SCENES Technique  Common  search
DFEV-057 MARRIAGE Event  Common  search
DFTE-078 MASENKO Technique  Rare  search
DFWA-143 MECHA FRIEZA Warrior  Promo  search
DFEV-047 MUSCLE TOWER Event  Rare  search
DFEV-045 NEW ADVENTURE Event  Common  search
DFEV-052 NEW SCANNER Event  Rare  search
DFWA-104 NINJA MURASAKI Warrior  Common  search
DFWA-128 OLIBU Warrior  Common  search
DFTE-092 OVERFLOWING AURA Technique  Uncommon  search
DFWA-127 PAN Warrior  Rare  search
DFTE-102 PECULIAR SPACE Technique  Common  search
DFTE-104 PETRIFICATION Technique  Uncommon  search
DFWA-101 PICCOLO Warrior  Rare  search
DFWA-133 PICCOLO JR. Warrior  Uncommon  search
DFWA-136 PIKKON Warrior  Rare  search
DFTE-073 POWER POLE Technique  Rare  search
DFTE-081 POWERED GUN Technique  Uncommon  search
DFWA-134 PUI PUI Warrior  Common  search
DFTE-105 PURE IMPULSE Technique  Common  search
DFWA-117 RECOOME Warrior  Common  search
DFTE-089 RECOOME BOMBER Technique  Rare  search
DFEV-062 RESISTANCE OF THE MAJIN Event  Common  search
DFEV-044 RETURN FROM THE OTHER WORLD Event  Uncommon  search
DFTE-082 ROCKET PUNCH Technique  Uncommon  search
DFEV-054 SAIYAN'S PRIDE Event  Common  search
DFEV-043 SHALLOW IDEA Event  Common  search
DFWI-010 SHENRONG OF THE EARTH Wish  Super Rare  search
DFTE-103 SORCERY Technique  Uncommon  search
DFWA-114 SOUTH KAI Warrior  Uncommon  search
DFEV-064 SPECIAL FIGHTING POSE Event  Promo  search
DFWA-107 STAFF OFFICER BLACK Warrior  Common  search
DFWA-138 SUPER GARLIC JR. Warrior  Rare  search
DFTE-096 SUPER GRAVITY ROOM Technique  Uncommon  search
DFTE-079 SUPER KAMEHAMEHA Technique  Super Rare  search
DFEV-061 SURPRISE Event  Common  search
DFEV-060 THE BALL OF SEAL Event  Uncommon  search
DFEV-049 THE ONLY AIM Event  Common  search
DFEV-056 THE SAVIOR? Event  Uncommon  search
DFTE-106 THUNDER FLASH Technique  Rare  search
DFWA-098 TIEN Warrior  Common  search
DFTE-088 TIME FREEZE! Technique  Uncommon  search
DFTE-076 TRI-BEAM Technique  Common  search
DFWA-095 TRUNKS Warrior  Common  search
DFWA-102 TRUNKS [SUPER SAIYAN] Warrior  Super Rare  search
DFTE-083 UNEXPECTED COUNTER Technique  Common  search
DFWA-142 VEGETA Warrior  Promo  search
DFWA-126 VIDEL Warrior  Uncommon  search
DFWA-113 WEST KAI Warrior  Uncommon  search
DFWA-135 YAKON Warrior  Common  search

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