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FUSION: 101 cards
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FWA-156 AKUMAN Warrior  Rare  search
FWA-160 ANDROID 13 Warrior  Rare  search
FWA-161 ANDROID 13 (UNITED) Warrior  Super Rare  search
FWA-158 ANDROID 14 Warrior  Rare  search
FWA-159 ANDROID 15 Warrior  Common  search
FWA-174 ANNIN Warrior  Common  search
FEV-073 APPOINTMENT TO THE FORCE Event  Common  search
FTE-121 ATTACK OF THE ANDROIDS Technique  Uncommon  search
FTE-136 BASHOSEN Technique  Uncommon  search
FWA-173 BORA Warrior  Rare  search
FTE-137 BURIED LEGACY Technique  Common  search
FWA-163 CAPTAIN GINYU Warrior  Common  search
FWA-167 CAPTAIN SALZA Warrior  Rare  search
FTE-141 CHARGING THE ENERGY Technique  Uncommon  search
FTE-133 CHEER FROM THE GODDESSES Technique  Uncommon  search
FWA-146 CHI-CHI Warrior  Common  search
FTE-131 CLEVER PLAY Technique  Common  search
FTE-110 CONTINUOUS DIE DIE MISSILE Technique  Rare  search
FWA-170 COOLER [THE 4th FORM] Warrior  Super Rare  search
FTE-111 COSMIC HALO Technique  Uncommon  search
FWA-145 DENDE Warrior  Uncommon  search
FTE-120 DEVILMITE BEAM Technique  Rare  search
FTE-128 DIGINITY OF THE CONQUEROR Technique  Rare  search
FWA-166 DOORE Warrior  Common  search
FWA-153 DRACULA MAN Warrior  Common  search
FTE-135 EIGHT HAND TECHNIQUE Technique  Rare  search
FWA-187 EVIL MAJIN BUU Warrior  Rare  search
FTE-124 EXCEPTIONAL POWER Technique  Uncommon  search
FEV-084 FEAR BY MAJIN Event  Rare  search
FTE-130 FINAL FLASH Technique  Super Rare  search
FEV-065 FLEXIBLE WAY OF THINKING Event  Uncommon  search
FTE-114 FUSION Technique  Rare  search
FWA-169 GIANT APE [BATTLE SUIT] Warrior  Rare  search
FWA-184 GINGER Warrior  Common  search
FWA-171 GIRU Warrior  Common  search
FWA-150 GOKU [GT SUPER SAIYAN] Warrior  Rare  search
FWA-147 GOTEN [SUPER SAIYAN] Warrior  Rare  search
FWA-149 GOTENKS Warrior  Rare  search
FWA-154 GUARD ROBOT Warrior  Uncommon  search
FTE-119 HIDDEN WEAPON Technique  Common  search
FEV-070 INVISIBLE OPPONENT Event  Uncommon  search
FTE-113 KAIO-KEN X 20 Technique  Rare  search
FWA-164 KIBITO Warrior  Common  search
FWA-186 KING PICCOLO Warrior  Promo  search
FWA-162 KING YEMMA Warrior  Uncommon  search
FWA-185 LEDGIC Warrior  Uncommon  search
FWA-180 LORD DON KEE Warrior  Common  search
FEV-083 LOST DRAGON BALL Event  Common  search
FEV-072 LOST PRIDE Event  Common  search
FEV-082 LOTTERY Event  Common  search
FWA-188 MAJIN BUU [FUSED] Warrior  Super Rare  search
FTE-139 MALICE Technique  Uncommon  search
FWA-157 MECHA MERCENARY TAO Warrior  Uncommon  search
FWA-179 MIGHTY MASK Warrior  Super Rare  search
FWA-155 MUMMY MAN Warrior  Common  search
FWA-176 MUTAITO Warrior  Rare  search
FEV-071 MYSTERIOUS ANDROID Event  Uncommon  search
FWA-165 NEIZ Warrior  Common  search
FEV-081 NEW MAJIN Event  Uncommon  search
FEV-078 NEW PUPIL Event  Rare  search
FWA-183 NICKY Warrior  Common  search
FEV-080 ORANGE STAR HIGH SCHOOL Event  Common  search
FWA-144 OX-KING Warrior  Common  search
FEV-068 POSE PRACTICE Event  Common  search
FTE-116 POTARA FUSION Technique  Super Rare  search
FTE-129 POWER BALL Technique  Common  search
FEV-076 PROUD CLAN Event  Uncommon  search
FEV-075 QUICK WIT OF KIBITO KAI Event  Rare  search
FTE-138 RAGE Technique  Rare  search
FWI-006 REGAINING THE POWER Wish  Super Rare  search
FEV-074 RULE BY THE EVIL Event  Uncommon  search
FTE-126 SALZA BLADE Technique  Uncommon  search
FWA-182 SANSHO Warrior  Common  search
FTE-122 SELF EXPLOSION Technique  Rare  search
FTE-117 SNEAKING FOOTSTEPS Technique  Common  search
FEV-077 SUCCEEDED KNOWLEDGE Event  Common  search
FTE-134 SUCCEEDED TALENT Technique  Rare  search
FTE-118 SUCKING BLOOD Technique  Uncommon  search
FTE-132 SUDDEN CHANGE Technique  Common  search
FTE-123 SUPER DODONPA Technique  Uncommon  search
FTE-144 SUPER EVIL WAVE EXPLOSION Technique  Uncommon  search
FTE-115 SUPER GHOST KAMIKAZE ATTACK Technique  Rare  search
FWA-168 SUPREME KAI Warrior  Uncommon  search
FEV-067 TRAINING IN THE OTHER WORLD Event  Common  search
FTE-140 TRANSFORMATION BEAM Technique  Common  search
FWA-177 TRUNKS Warrior  Rare  search
FWA-148 TRUNKS [SUPER SAIYAN] Warrior  Rare  search
FWA-151 ULTIMATE GOHAN Warrior  Super Rare  search
FTE-127 UNEXPECTED OUTCOME Technique  Common  search
FEV-069 UNREASONABLE FEE Event  Rare  search
FTE-112 UNSTOPPABLE EVOLUTION Technique  Common  search
FWA-172 UPA Warrior  Common  search
FWA-178 UUB Warrior  Super Rare  search
FWA-152 VEGITO Warrior  Super Rare  search
FWA-175 VIDEL Warrior  Uncommon  search
FTE-143 WAVE CANNON Technique  Common  search
FEV-079 WEDDING DRESS IN FLAMES Event  Common  search
FTE-142 WIPE OUT ATTACK Technique  Super Rare  search
FTE-125 Z SWORD Technique  Common  search
FWA-181 ZOONAMA Warrior  Common  search
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