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Soul Calibur IV - Tower of Souls

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Soul Calibur IV - Tower of Souls: 144 cards
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76 Acheron & Nirvana Asset  Super Rare  search
60 Alaraph Achernar Attack  Uncommon  search
55 Algol* Character  Rare  search
14 All Life is Prey Foundation  Common  search
61 Alphard Maliki Attack  Uncommon  search
62 Alshain Najm Attack  Super Rare  search
71 Ancient Fighting Style Foundation  Common  search
53 Anger Towards a God Foundation  Rare  search
105 Artificial Soul Foundation  Rare  search
47 Astaroth's Body Splash Attack  Common  search
37 Astaroth* Character  Rare  search
32 Atoning for Wicked Deeds Foundation  Rare  search
129 Aura of Strength Action  Rare  search
21 Base Hold Action  Starter Rare  search
15 Beacon of Evil Foundation  Uncommon  search
45 Bear Fang Attack  Common  search
85 Beyond Humanity Foundation  Uncommon  search
48 Black Giant Foundation  Common  search
67 Body of Souls Foundation  Common  search
52 Body Transformed Foundation  Common  search
73 Cervantes. Character  Starter Rare  search
141 Challenge to Battle Foundation  Super Rare  search
87 Chasing After the Power Foundation  Starter Rare  search
31 Chosen by Soul Calibur Foundation  Common  search
70 Controller of Souls Foundation  Super Rare  search
74 Corrupting Evil Action  Super Rare  search
17 Corrupting Force Foundation  Uncommon  search
99 Cross Madness Attack  Starter Rare  search
80 Curse of the Ancient Mariner Attack  Rare  search
10 Dark Bite Attack  Uncommon  search
83 Dark Geo Da Ray Attack  Super Rare  search
121 Distracting Taunt Foundation  Uncommon  search
24 Double Grounder Beta Attack  Super Rare  search
136 Dragon Breath Attack  Uncommon  search
86 Dread Pirate Foundation  Uncommon  search
90 Driven by Ambition Foundation  Common  search
128 Dual-Wielding Action  Uncommon  search
133 Eagle Talon Attack  Uncommon  search
112 Eiserne Drossel Asset  Rare  search
63 Eltanin Nath Attack  Common  search
49 Enraged Golem Foundation  Uncommon  search
100 Evil Sparrow Attack  Common  search
68 Father's Tragedy Foundation  Uncommon  search
72 Fatherly Love Foundation  Common  search
84 Feast of Souls Foundation  Common  search
137 Fire Shadow Attack  Common  search
125 Flexible Body Foundation  Super Rare  search
92 Frantic Search Action  Uncommon  search
102 Genius Alchemist Foundation  Common  search
130 Gianzende Nova and Frischer Himmel Asset  Rare  search
110 Gloomy Side Action  Uncommon  search
44 Hades Attack  Super Rare  search
42 Hades Ax Attack  Uncommon  search
46 Hades Destroyer Attack  Super Rare  search
79 High Tide Anchoring Attack  Uncommon  search
127 Hilde* Character  Rare  search
28 Hilt Impact Attack  Common  search
140 Hope for One's People Foundation  Common  search
56 Hoping for a Challenge Action  Common  search
98 Howling Spirits Attack  Rare  search
3 Hunger for Souls Action  Super Rare  search
50 Hungry for Battle Foundation  Uncommon  search
95 Ice Coffin of the Sleeping Ancient Asset  Super Rare  search
39 Immovable Object Action  Rare  search
13 Intimidating Presence Foundation  Common  search
135 Iron Tower Attack  Uncommon  search
91 Ivy* Character  Starter Rare  search
111 Jolly Side Action  Uncommon  search
35 Journey of Repentance Foundation  Common  search
123 Keeper of the Watchers Foundation  Common  search
7 Knight Breaker Attack  Super Rare  search
40 Kulutues* Asset  Super Rare  search
41 Kunpaetku Shrine - Dream Remnants Asset  Rare  search
54 Laughable Foundation  Common  search
11 Leg Slash Attack  Common  search
132 Lightning Horn Attack  Super Rare  search
118 Lowdown Neb Attack  Uncommon  search
30 Memories of a Nightmare Foundation  Uncommon  search
16 Memories that Stain its Armor Foundation  Rare  search
114 Menuett Dance Attack  Super Rare  search
122 Mesmerizing Dance Foundation  Rare  search
8 Midnight Launcher Attack  Rare  search
33 Needs No Ally Foundation  Common  search
1 Nightmare* Character  Starter Rare  search
20 No Forgiveness! Action  Rare  search
51 No Longer Controllable Foundation  Uncommon  search
88 No Mercy Foundation  Rare  search
144 Nobility of the Wolf Foundation  Uncommon  search
115 Oratorio Halcyon Attack  Uncommon  search
113 Ostrheinsburg Castle - Twilight Asset  Rare  search
126 Perfect Sense of Balance Foundation  Uncommon  search
142 Persevering Despite Rejection Foundation  Common  search
120 Personality Split Foundation  Common  search
119 Piercing Talon Strike Attack  Common  search
108 Prominent Noblewoman Foundation  Common  search
57 Pseudo-Soul Calibur Asset  Rare  search
58 Pseudo-Soul Edge Asset  Super Rare  search
106 Purified Body Foundation  Common  search
96 Raging Gnome Attack  Super Rare  search
101 Razor's Bite Attack  Common  search
138 Ready for the Battle Foundation  Uncommon  search
26 Reborn Basher Attack  Starter Rare  search
25 Reborn Slasher Attack  Uncommon  search
34 Regretful Existence Foundation  Uncommon  search
107 Researching Anywhere Foundation  Rare  search
103 Researching the Past Foundation  Uncommon  search
27 Rising Hilt Attack  Uncommon  search
81 Sail Nautilus Attack  Common  search
77 Sailor's Rest Asset  Super Rare  search
89 Seeking Treasure Foundation  Common  search
82 Shadow Flare Attack  Starter Rare  search
124 Shattered Persona Foundation  Common  search
116 Shredding Vibrato Attack  Super Rare  search
29 Siegfried's Earth Divide Attack  Super Rare  search
19 Siegried* Character  Starter Rare  search
134 Siren's Call Attack  Rare  search
22 Soul Calibur* Asset  Super Rare  search
4 Soul Edge* Asset  Super Rare  search
6 Soul Smasher Attack  Uncommon  search
75 Soul Stealing Action  Uncommon  search
104 Soul that Protects Foundation  Uncommon  search
2 Soul Wave* Action  Starter Rare  search
38 Stone Skin Action  Common  search
143 Strength of Training Foundation  Common  search
117 Swing Kick* Attack  Common  search
93 Switching Weapon Styles Action  Starter Rare  search
69 Temporary Being Foundation  Rare  search
64 Thalthah Qarn Attack  Common  search
12 The Azure Knight Foundation  Starter Rare  search
66 The Hero King Foundation  Uncommon  search
18 The Master of Ostrheinsburg Foundation  Uncommon  search
65 Theemin Menkar Attack  Uncommon  search
109 Tira* Character  Rare  search
43 Titan Ax Attack  Uncommon  search
36 Torn Hero Foundation  Uncommon  search
59 Tower of Rememberance - Degredation Asset  Rare  search
5 Tower of Rememberance - Encounter Asset  Super Rare  search
23 Tower of Rememberance - Spiral of Time Asset  Rare  search
139 Unstoppable Conviction Foundation  Common  search
9 Upper Claw Attack  Common  search
94 Valentine* Asset  Super Rare  search
97 Venom Lash Attack  Uncommon  search
78 Wild Storm Attack  Common  search
131 Wolfkrone Monument Asset  Super Rare  search

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