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Emerging Alliance

Emerging Alliance: 145 cards
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EAM-459 100% Hot-Blooded Mission  Common  search
EAM-487 A New Squad Mission  Rare  search
EAM-472 A Sign of Revival Mission  Uncommon  search
EAM-497 Advisors Mission  Uncommon  search
EAN-609 Anbu (The Foundation) Ninja  Rare  search
EAN-622 Anko Mitarashi Ninja  Common  search
EAJ-496 Art of Ink Mist Jutsu  Uncommon  search
EAJ-512 Assimilation Jutsu  Common  search
EAM-463 Bad Dream Mission  Rare  search
EAJ-534 Bone Guard Jutsu  Common  search
EAJ-533 Bone Transformation Jutsu  Common  search
EAM-480 Captivity Mission  Rare  search
EAJ-525 Chakra Cannon Jutsu  Uncommon  search
EAM-475 Check Mission  Uncommon  search
EAN-601 Chiyo Ninja  Uncommon  search
EAN-597 Choji Akimichi Ninja  Common  search
EAN-635 Choji Akimichi Ninja  Common  search
EAM-493 Commemorative Photo Mission  Uncommon  search
EAM-471 Compressed Chakra Mission  Common  search
EAM-462 Constricting Bind Mission  Uncommon  search
EAM-464 Control by Fear Mission  Common  search
EAJ-509 Critical Wound Jutsu  Common  search
EAJ-539 Crow Clone Jutsu Jutsu  Rare  search
EAN-600 Danzo Ninja  Rare  search
EAJ-501 Detonating Kunai Jutsu  Common  search
EAM-491 Discord Mission  Common  search
EAN-617 Dosu Kinuta Ninja  Common  search
EAN-621 Dosu Kinuta, Zaku Abumi & Kin Tsuchi Ninja  Uncommon  search
EAJ-519 Earth Style: Rending Percing Fang Jutsu  Super Rare  search
EAM-476 Fateful Encounter Mission  Common  search
EAM-460 Fellowship Mission  Common  search
EAM-458 Filling Up the Open Spot Mission  Rare  search
EAJ-498 Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu Jutsu  Rare  search
EAJ-503 Flamethrower Jutsu  Uncommon  search
EAJ-517 Formation! Jutsu  Rare  search
EAN-638 Gaara of the Desert (Posessed Mode) Ninja  Super Rare  search
EAJ-510 Getting Ready Jutsu  Uncommon  search
EAJ-538 Giant Rasengan Jutsu  Rare  search
EAN-614 Haku (Childhood) Ninja  Common  search
EAM-474 Hiding Mission  Uncommon  search
EAN-610 Homura Mitomon Ninja  Uncommon  search
EAM-484 Impersonation Mission  Uncommon  search
EAN-595 Ino Yamanaka Ninja  Common  search
EAN-631 Ino Yamanaka Ninja  Common  search
EAM-499 Intellectual Strategy Mission  Rare  search
EAM-489 Invitation to the Darkness Mission  Uncommon  search
EAN-643 Itachi Uchiha Ninja  Rare  search
EAN-606 Kabuto Yakushi Ninja  Super Rare  search
EAN-615 Kabuto Yakushi Ninja  Rare  search
EAN-590 Kakashi Hatake & Might Guy Ninja  Uncommon  search
EAN-641 Kankuro & Black Ant Ninja  Uncommon  search
EAN-620 Kimimaro (Childhood) Ninja  Uncommon  search
EAN-619 Kin Tsuchi Ninja  Common  search
EAN-644 Kisame Hoshigaki Ninja  Rare  search
EAN-611 Koharu Utatane Ninja  Uncommon  search
EAJ-540 Long Sword Shark Skin Jutsu  Uncommon  search
EAM-466 Lunchbox Mission  Uncommon  search
EAN-624 Manda Ninja  Rare  search
EAN-602 Matsuri Ninja  Common  search
EAM-468 Meaning of "Comrade" Mission  Common  search
EAM-483 Meaning of Life Mission  Common  search
EAM-485 Medical Ninja Mission  Uncommon  search
EAN-640 Might Guy Ninja  Super Rare  search
EAN-603 Mikoshi Ninja  Common  search
EAN-629 Misumi Tsurugi Ninja  Common  search
EAN-592 Naruto Uzumaki Ninja  Common  search
EAN-632 Naruto Uzumaki Ninja  Rare  search
EAN-608 Naruto Uzumaki & Sai Ninja  Rare  search
EAN-616 Naruto Uzumaki & Yamato Ninja  Super Rare  search
EAN-591 Naruto Uzumaki (Tailed Beast Mode) Ninja  Super Rare  search
EAJ-506 Ninja Art: Shadow Stiching Jutsu  Super Rare  search
EAJ-497 Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll Jutsu  Rare  search
EAJ-514 Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll "Rat" Jutsu  Uncommon  search
EAM-478 Ninja Info Card Mission  Rare  search
EAN-607 Orochimaru Ninja  Super Rare  search
EAJ-505 Partial Expansion Jutsu Jutsu  Uncommon  search
EAM-490 Picture Book Mission  Common  search
EAM-457 Piggyback Mission  Common  search
EAM-494 Pledge under a Starry Sky Mission  Common  search
EAM-481 Precious Student Mission  Common  search
EAM-498 Prelude to an End Mission  Uncommon  search
EAM-479 Pressure Mission  Rare  search
EAN-625 Raiga Kurosuki Ninja  Rare  search
EAN-623 Ranmaru Ninja  Common  search
EAJ-528 Razor Chain Jutsu  Common  search
EAJ-507 Reanimation Ninjutsu Jutsu  Uncommon  search
EAM-470 Releasing the Sealed Power Mission  Uncommon  search
EAM-495 Respective Dreams Mission  Common  search
EAJ-518 Revealing the True Face Jutsu  Common  search
EAN-633 Rock Lee & Tortoise Ninja Ninja  Uncommon  search
EAM-455 Rules for Medical Ninjas Mission  Rare  search
EAN-594 Sai Ninja  Rare  search
EAN-593 Sakura Haruno Ninja  Common  search
EAN-639 Sakura Haruno & Sai Ninja  Rare  search
EAN-605 Sasori (Possession Mode) Ninja  Rare  search
EAN-637 Sasuke Uchiha Ninja  Common  search
EAM-486 Sealing Barrier Mission  Rare  search
EAJ-502 Sealing Justu: Breaking the Lion's Roar Jutsu  Super Rare  search
EAM-456 Search Party Mission  Common  search
EAM-492 Secret Meeting Mission  Common  search
EAJ-508 Secret Red Move: Performance of a Hundred Puppets Jutsu  Rare  search
EAJ-504 Secret White Move: Chikamatsu's Ten Puppets Jutsu  Rare  search
EAJ-499 Self-Destruct Doppelganger Jutsu  Rare  search
EAJ-511 Sense of Fear Jutsu  Super Rare  search
EAM-467 Shake Hands Mission  Uncommon  search
EAN-596 Shikamaru Nara Ninja  Common  search
EAN-634 Shikamaru Nara Ninja  Super Rare  search
EAN-628 Shimon Hijiri Ninja  Uncommon  search
EAN-599 Shizune Ninja  Common  search
EAN-636 Shizune & Tonton Ninja  Uncommon  search
EAJ-529 Sonic Attack Jutsu  Common  search
EAJ-531 Stealing Chakra Jutsu  Rare  search
EAJ-516 Striking Multi Shadow Snakes Jutsu Jutsu  Uncommon  search
EAJ-524 Summoning Jutsu: Triple Rashomon Jutsu  Rare  search
EAM-477 Super Bushy-Brow Mission  Common  search
EAJ-530 Super Sonic Slicing Wave Jutsu  Common  search
EAJ-535 Supplement of Energy Jutsu  Uncommon  search
EAM-488 Surprise Training Mission  Common  search
EAM-461 Tears for a Friend Mission  Common  search
EAN-642 Temari Ninja  Rare  search
EAJ-521 Ten Thousand Snakes Wave Jutsu  Uncommon  search
EAM-469 Tenchi Bridge Mission  Common  search
EAM-473 The Best Pair Mission  Common  search
EAN-626 The Demon Brothers Gouzu Ninja  Common  search
EAN-627 The Demon Brothers Meizu Ninja  Common  search
EAN-612 The First Hokage Ninja  Super Rare  search
EAM-482 The Ones Who Have the Same Eyes Mission  Uncommon  search
EAN-613 The Second Hokage Ninja  Super Rare  search
EAJ-526 Thunder Funeral: Feast of Lightning Jutsu  Uncommon  search
EAN-604 Tobi Ninja  Rare  search
EAM-465 Transmitter Mission  Uncommon  search
EAJ-513 Tricky Move Jutsu  Common  search
EAJ-532 Twining Limbs Jutsu  Common  search
EAJ-520 Ultimate Art Jutsu  Uncommon  search
EAM-496 Underground Organization Mission  Uncommon  search
EAJ-527 Unique Skill Jutsu  Uncommon  search
EAJ-537 Visual Jutsu Jutsu  Rare  search
EAJ-500 Water Style: Water Shark Bomb Jutsu  Super Rare  search
EAJ-523 Wood Clone Jutsu Jutsu  Common  search
EAJ-536 Wood Style Jutsu: Four Pillars Prison Jutsu Jutsu  Uncommon  search
EAJ-522 Wood Style Jutsu: Wooden Lock Wall Jutsu  Common  search
EAJ-515 Wood Style Transformation Jutsu  Common  search
EAN-598 Yamato Ninja  Rare  search
EAN-630 Yoroi Akado Ninja  Common  search
EAN-618 Zaku Abumi Ninja  Common  search
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