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Duel Terminal - Preview

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Duel Terminal - Preview: 31 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
DTP1-EN031 Ally of Justice Catastor Monster / Effect / Synchro  search
DTP1-EN023 Big Piece Golem Monster / Effect  search
DTP1-EN001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Monster  search
DTP1-EN013 Burst Stream of Destruction Spell/Magic Card  search
DTP1-EN006 Buster Blader Monster / Effect  search
DTP1-EN028 Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus Monster / Effect  search
DTP1-EN009 Cyber Dragon Monster / Effect  search
DTP1-EN014 Dark Magic Attack Spell/Magic Card  search
DTP1-EN002 Dark Magician Monster  search
DTP1-EN024 Dark Resonator Monster / Tuner  search
DTP1-EN016 Dust Tornado Trap Card  search
DTP1-EN005 Elemental Hero Neos Monster  search
DTP1-EN022 Ghost Gardna Monster / Effect  search
DTP1-EN030 Goyo Guardian Monster / Effect / Synchro  search
DTP1-EN025 Handcuffs Dragon Monster / Effect  search
DTP1-EN027 Harpie Lady 1 Monster / Effect  search
DTP1-EN015 Inferno Fire Blast Spell/Magic Card  search
DTP1-EN007 Kuriboh Monster / Effect  search
DTP1-EN018 Magic Jammer Trap Card / Counter  search
DTP1-EN011 Malevolent Nuzzler Spell/Magic Card / Equip  search
DTP1-EN017 Mask of Weakness Trap Card  search
DTP1-EN020 Negate Attack Trap Card / Counter  search
DTP1-EN021 Nitro Synchron Monster / Tuner  search
DTP1-EN029 Nitro Warrior Monster / Effect / Synchro  search
DTP1-EN012 Nobleman of Extermination Spell/Magic Card  search
DTP1-EN004 Ojama Yellow Monster  search
DTP1-EN003 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Monster  search
DTP1-EN019 Reinforcements Trap Card  search
DTP1-EN010 Soul Exchange Spell/Magic Card  search
DTP1-EN026 Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight Monster / Effect  search
DTP1-EN008 Winged Kuriboh Monster / Effect  search
Total price for whole set:

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