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Zendikar: 292 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
195 Adventuring Gear Artifact  search
40 AEther Figment Creature  search
210 Akoum Refuge Land  search
T01 Angel [Token] Token Creature  search
41 Archive Trap Instant  search
42 Archmage Ascension Enchantment  search
211 Arid Mesa Land  search
1 Armament Master Creature  search
2 Arrow Volley Trap Instant  search
79 Bala Ged Thief Creature  search
156 Baloth Cage Trap Instant  search
157 Baloth Woodcrasher Creature  search
158 Beast Hunt Sorcery  search
T09 Beast [Token] Token Creature  search
159 Beastmaster Ascension Enchantment  search
T02 Bird [Token] Token Creature  search
196 Blade of the Bloodchief Artifact  search
118 Bladetusk Boar Creature  search
197 Blazing Torch Artifact  search
80 Blood Seeker Creature  search
81 Blood Tribute Sorcery  search
82 Bloodchief Ascension Enchantment  search
83 Bloodghast Creature  search
84 Bog Tatters Creature  search
3 Bold Defense Instant  search
4 Brave the Elements Instant  search
119 Burst Lightning Instant  search
43 Caller of Gales Creature  search
44 Cancel Instant  search
5 Caravan Hurda Creature  search
198 Carnage Altar Artifact  search
6 Celestial Mantle Enchantment  search
120 Chandra Ablaze Planeswalker  search
7 Cliff Threader Creature  search
160 Cobra Trap Instant  search
8 Conqueror's Pledge Sorcery  search
45 Cosi's Trickster Creature  search
212 Crypt of Agadeem Land  search
85 Crypt Ripper Creature  search
9 Day of Judgment Sorcery  search
9* Day of Judgment [Zendikar Buy a Box] Sorcery  search
121 Demolish Sorcery  search
86 Desecrated Earth Sorcery  search
10 Devout Lightcaster Creature  search
87 Disfigure Instant  search
199 Eldrazi Monument Artifact  search
122 Electropotence Enchantment  search
123 Elemental Appeal Sorcery  search
T08 Elemental [Token] Token Creature  search
11 Emeria Angel Creature  search
11* Emeria Angel [Zendikar Gameday Prize (DCI-35)] Creature  search
213 Emeria, the Sky Ruin Land  search
200 Eternity Vessel Artifact  search
201 Expedition Map Artifact  search
202 Explorer's Scope Artifact  search
88 Feast of Blood Sorcery  search
12 Felidar Sovereign Creature  search
246 Forest Basic Land  search
246a Forest Basic Land  search
247 Forest Basic Land  search
247a Forest Basic Land  search
248 Forest Basic Land  search
248a Forest Basic Land  search
249 Forest Basic Land  search
249a Forest Basic Land  search
161 Frontier Guide Creature  search
89 Gatekeeper of Malakir Creature  search
124 Geyser Glider Creature  search
90 Giant Scorpion Creature  search
162 Gigantiform Enchantment  search
125 Goblin Bushwhacker Creature  search
126 Goblin Guide Creature  search
127 Goblin Ruinblaster Creature  search
128 Goblin Shortcutter Creature  search
129 Goblin War Paint Enchantment  search
46 Gomazoa Creature  search
203 Grappling Hook Artifact  search
214 Graypelt Refuge Land  search
163 Grazing Gladehart Creature  search
164 Greenweaver Druid Creature  search
91 Grim Discovery Sorcery  search
92 Guul Draz Specter Creature  search
93 Guul Draz Vampire Creature  search
94 Hagra Crocodile Creature  search
95 Hagra Diabolist Creature  search
96 Halo Hunter Creature  search
165 Harrow Instant  search
97 Heartstabber Mosquito Creature  search
47 Hedron Crab Creature  search
204 Hedron Scrabbler Artifact Creature  search
130 Hellfire Mongrel Creature  search
131 Hellkite Charger Creature  search
98 Hideous End Instant  search
132 Highland Berserker Creature  search
T04 Illusion [Token] Token Creature  search
133 Inferno Trap Instant  search
48 Into the Roil Instant  search
13 Iona, Shield of Emeria Legendary Creature  search
49 Ior Ruin Expedition Enchantment  search
234 Island Basic Land  search
234a Island Basic Land  search
235 Island Basic Land  search
235a Island Basic Land  search
236 Island Basic Land  search
236a Island Basic Land  search
237 Island Basic Land  search
237a Island Basic Land  search
166 Joraga Bard Creature  search
14 Journey to Nowhere Enchantment  search
215 Jwar Isle Refuge Land  search
216 Kabira Crossroads Land  search
15 Kabira Evangel Creature  search
99 Kalitas, Bloodchief of Ghet Legendary Creature  search
16 Kazandu Blademaster Creature  search
217 Kazandu Refuge Land  search
134 Kazuul Warlord Creature  search
205 Khalni Gem Artifact  search
167 Khalni Heart Expedition Enchantment  search
17 Kor Aeronaut Creature  search
18 Kor Cartographer Creature  search
19 Kor Duelist Creature  search
20 Kor Hookmaster Creature  search
21 Kor Outfitter Creature  search
22 Kor Sanctifiers Creature  search
23 Kor Skyfisher Creature  search
T03 Kor Soldier [Token] Token Creature  search
50 Kraken Hatchling Creature  search
24 Landbind Ritual Sorcery  search
135 Lavaball Trap Instant  search
51 Lethargy Trap Instant  search
52 Living Tsunami Creature  search
53 Lorthos, the Tidemaker Legendary Creature  search
168 Lotus Cobra Creature  search
54 Lullmage Mentor Creature  search
25 Luminarch Ascension Enchantment  search
136 Magma Rift Sorcery  search
218 Magosi, the Waterveil Land  search
26 Makindi Shieldmate Creature  search
100 Malakir Bloodwitch Creature  search
137 Mark of Mutiny Sorcery  search
101 Marsh Casualties Sorcery  search
219 Marsh Flats Land  search
55 Merfolk Seastalkers Creature  search
56 Merfolk Wayfinder Creature  search
T05 Merfolk [Token] Token Creature  search
102 Mind Sludge Sorcery  search
57 Mindbreak Trap Instant  search
103 Mindless Null Creature  search
104 Mire Blight Enchantment  search
220 Misty Rainforest Land  search
169 Mold Shambler Creature  search
138 Molten Ravager Creature  search
242 Mountain Basic Land  search
242a Mountain Basic Land  search
243 Mountain Basic Land  search
243a Mountain Basic Land  search
244 Mountain Basic Land  search
244a Mountain Basic Land  search
245 Mountain Basic Land  search
245a Mountain Basic Land  search
139 Murasa Pyromancer Creature  search
27 Narrow Escape Instant  search
105 Needlebite Trap Instant  search
106 Nimana Sell-Sword Creature  search
28 Nimbus Wings Enchantment  search
170 Nissa Revane Planeswalker  search
171 Nissa's Chosen Creature  search
171* Nissa's Chosen [Zendikar Gameday Participant (DCI-34)] Creature  search
29 Noble Vestige Creature  search
107 Ob Nixilis, the Fallen Legendary Creature  search
140 Obsidian Fireheart Creature  search
30 Ondu Cleric Creature  search
172 Oracle of Mul Daya Creature  search
173 Oran-Rief Recluse Creature  search
174 Oran-Rief Survivalist Creature  search
221 Oran-Rief, the Vastwood Land  search
221* Oran-Rief, the Vastwood [Japanese Zendikar MPS Resale] Land  search
58 Paralyzing Grasp Enchantment  search
31 Pillarfield Ox Creature  search
222 Piranha Marsh Land  search
32 Pitfall Trap Instant  search
230 Plains Basic Land  search
230a Plains Basic Land  search
231 Plains Basic Land  search
231a Plains Basic Land  search
232 Plains Basic Land  search
232a Plains Basic Land  search
233 Plains Basic Land  search
233a Plains Basic Land  search
141 Plated Geopede Creature  search
175 Predatory Urge Enchantment  search
176 Primal Bellow Instant  search
142 Punishing Fire Instant  search
143 Pyromancer Ascension Enchantment  search
59 Quest for Ancient Secrets Enchantment  search
144 Quest for Pure Flame Enchantment  search
177 Quest for the Gemblades Enchantment  search
108 Quest for the Gravelord Enchantment  search
33 Quest for the Holy Relic Enchantment  search
178 Rampaging Baloths Creature  search
178* Rampaging Baloths [Zendikar Pre-Release] Creature  search
109 Ravenous Trap Instant  search
60 Reckless Scholar Creature  search
179 Relic Crush Instant  search
61 Rite of Replication Sorcery  search
180 River Boa Creature  search
62 Roil Elemental Creature  search
145 Ruinous Minotaur Creature  search
4-5 Rules Tip: Allies & Intimidate Tips & Tricks  search
2-5 Rules Tip: Kicker Tips & Tricks  search
1-5 Rules Tip: Landfall Tips & Tricks  search
5-5 Rules Tip: Traps Tips & Tricks  search
3-5 Rules Tip: “Quests” Tips & Tricks  search
146 Runeflare Trap Instant  search
110 Sadistic Sacrament Sorcery  search
181 Savage Silhouette Enchantment  search
223 Scalding Tarn Land  search
182 Scute Mob Creature  search
183 Scythe Tiger Creature  search
63 Sea Gate Loremaster Creature  search
64 Seascape Aerialist Creature  search
147 Seismic Shudder Instant  search
224 Sejiri Refuge Land  search
148 Shatterskull Giant Creature  search
34 Shepherd of the Lost Creature  search
34* Shepherd of the Lost [Dengeki Character Festival 2009] Creature  search
35 Shieldmate's Blessing Instant  search
65 Shoal Serpent Creature  search
66 Sky Ruin Drake Creature  search
149 Slaughter Cry Instant  search
T10 Snake [Token] Token Creature  search
225 Soaring Seacliff Land  search
111 Sorin Markov Planeswalker  search
112 Soul Stair Expedition Enchantment  search
67 Spell Pierce Instant  search
68 Sphinx of Jwar Isle Creature  search
69 Sphinx of Lost Truths Creature  search
206 Spidersilk Net Artifact  search
150 Spire Barrage Sorcery  search
70 Spreading Seas Enchantment  search
36 Steppe Lynx Creature  search
207 Stonework Puma Artifact Creature  search
71 Summoner's Bane Instant  search
184 Summoning Trap Instant  search
37 Sunspring Expedition Enchantment  search
113 Surrakar Marauder Creature  search
238 Swamp Basic Land  search
238a Swamp Basic Land  search
239 Swamp Basic Land  search
239a Swamp Basic Land  search
240 Swamp Basic Land  search
240a Swamp Basic Land  search
241 Swamp Basic Land  search
241a Swamp Basic Land  search
185 Tajuru Archer Creature  search
186 Tanglesap Instant  search
226 Teetering Peaks Land  search
72 Tempest Owl Creature  search
187 Terra Stomper Creature  search
188 Territorial Baloth Creature  search
189 Timbermaw Larva Creature  search
151 Torch Slinger Creature  search
208 Trailblazer's Boots Artifact  search
73 Trapfinder's Trick Sorcery  search
74 Trapmaker's Snare Instant  search
209 Trusty Machete Artifact  search
152 Tuktuk Grunts Creature  search
190 Turntimber Basilisk Creature  search
227 Turntimber Grove Land  search
191 Turntimber Ranger Creature  search
75 Umara Raptor Creature  search
153 Unstable Footing Instant  search
228 Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle Land  search
228* Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle [Zendikar Launch] Land  search
114 Vampire Hexmage Creature  search
115 Vampire Lacerator Creature  search
116 Vampire Nighthawk Creature  search
T06 Vampire [Token] Token Creature  search
117 Vampire's Bite Instant  search
192 Vastwood Gorger Creature  search
229 Verdant Catacombs Land  search
193 Vines of Vastwood Instant  search
154 Warren Instigator Creature  search
76 Welkin Tern Creature  search
77 Whiplash Trap Instant  search
38 Windborne Charge Sorcery  search
78 Windrider Eel Creature  search
T11 Wolf [Token] Token Creature  search
39 World Queller Creature  search
155 Zektar Shrine Expedition Enchantment  search
194 Zendikar Farguide Creature  search
T07 Zombie Giant [Token] Token Creature  search
Total price for whole set:

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