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Premiere Set

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
Premiere Set: 160 cards
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140 Alan Villain  search
25 Amphibia Monster  search
84 Andrew Furuhata Person  search
33 Animal Instinct Monster  search
141 Ann Villain  search
82 Artemis Person  search
144 Avery Villain  search
31 Avocado Monster  search
61 Baamu Monster  search
53 Baby-Sitting Event  search
15 Bakene Monster  search
143 Bertie Villain  search
7 Black Widow Monster  search
11 Bobo the Vulture Monster  search
1 Body Power  search
12 Bumboo Monster  search
89 Cardian Flute Item  search
142 Catzi Villain  search
40 Chad Kumada Person  search
57 Combat Training Event  search
94 Confusion Event  search
43 Costume Item  search
54 Cram School Event  search
49 Damage Transfer Event  search
92 Dark Crystal Wedge Item  search
91 Dark Fruit Item  search
66 Derela/Kyameran Monster  search
51 Detention Event  search
96 Discovery! Event  search
70 Doom & Gloom Girls Monster  search
34 Doom and Gloom Guys Monster  search
35 Dragon/Timewarp Genie Monster  search
147 Emerald Villain  search
139 Evil Prince Darien Villain  search
60 Fail a Test Event  search
21 Faraion Monster  search
93 FM No. 10 Event  search
28 Four Face Monster  search
18 Fro/Blizzard Monster  search
29 Frosty/Hypnotica Monster  search
10 Game Machine Man Monster  search
50 Good Night's Rest Event  search
39 Grandpa Hino Person  search
101 Green Yoma From London Event  search
32 Grim Man Monster  search
102 Hidden Event  search
62 Iguaala Monster  search
124 Imperium Silver Crystal Item  search
80 Injector Monster  search
75 Insectia Monster  search
119 Jedite Villain  search
76 Jellax/Droido Monster  search
67 Jumo Monster  search
47 Knight Armor Item  search
5 Kyurene/Garoben Monster  search
8 Leo the Lion Monster  search
131 Lose Powers Event  search
46 Love Letter Item  search
36 Luna Person  search
90 Luna Ball Item  search
87 Luna Pen Item  search
42 Lunch! Item  search
138 Malachite Villain  search
78 Marzipan Monster  search
38 Melvin Gurio Person  search
98 Memories of the Past Event  search
2 Mind Power  search
44 Mini-Computer & VR Goggles Item  search
73 Minotaur Monster  search
81 Mistrust Monster  search
16 Mitsuaami Monster  search
37 Molly Osaka Person  search
123 Moon Star Locket Item  search
112 Moonlight Knight, Level 1 Scout/Knight  search
26 Mophead Monster  search
103 More Dark Power Event  search
4 Morga/Kigaan Monster  search
83 Ms. Haruna Person  search
20 Mud Minion Horde Monster  search
22 Nacrid Monster  search
126 Negamoon Bomb Event  search
105 Negative Energy Shield Event  search
88 Negaverse Crystal Item  search
48 Negaverse Sword Item  search
137 Nephlite Villain  search
69 Ninjana Monster  search
104 Not So Tough Event  search
45 Ofuda Scroll Item  search
127 On the Ball Event  search
129 Overpowering Attack Event  search
19 Papion Monster  search
65 Petasos/Gemini Warriors Monster  search
27 Pierrot Monster  search
122 Pocket Communicator Item  search
17 Polite Society Monster  search
68 Pox Monster  search
113 Prince Darien, Level 1 Scout/Knight  search
149 Prince Diamond Villain  search
145 Prizma Villain  search
158 Queen Beryl Villain  UR  search
23 Racy Monster  search
63 Ramoir/Dream Dolly Monster  search
56 Rats! Event  search
97 Redistribute Power Event  search
79 Regalia Monster  search
100 Regeneration Event  search
99 Resignation Event  search
77 Rhonda Monster  search
121 Rini Person  search
146 Rubeus Villain  search
58 Run Away! Event  search
109 Sailor Jupiter, Level 1 Scout/Knight  search
117 Sailor Jupiter, Level 2 Scout/Knight  search
135 Sailor Jupiter, Level 3 Scout/Knight  search
155 Sailor Jupiter, Level 4 Scout/Knight  UR  search
108 Sailor Mars, Level 1 Scout/Knight  search
116 Sailor Mars, Level 2 Scout/Knight  search
134 Sailor Mars, Level 3 Scout/Knight  search
154 Sailor Mars, Level 4 Scout/Knight  UR  search
107 Sailor Mercury, Level 1 Scout/Knight  search
115 Sailor Mercury, Level 2 Scout/Knight  search
133 Sailor Mercury, Level 3 Scout/Knight  search
153 Sailor Mercury, Level 4 Scout/Knight  UR  search
106 Sailor Moon, Level 1 Scout/Knight  search
114 Sailor Moon, Level 2 Scout/Knight  search
132 Sailor Moon, Level 3 Scout/Knight  search
152 Sailor Moon, Level 4 Scout/Knight  UR  search
151 Sailor Pluto Event  UR  search
110 Sailor Venus, Level 1 Scout/Knight  search
118 Sailor Venus, Level 2 Scout/Knight  search
136 Sailor Venus, Level 3 Scout/Knight  search
156 Sailor Venus, Level 4 Scout/Knight  UR  search
86 Sammy Tsukino Person  search
148 Sapphire Villain  search
130 Self-Sacrifice Event  search
85 Serena's Parents Person  search
74 Skulker Monster  search
3 Soul Power  search
125 Spaceship Item  search
52 Split Attack Event  search
128 Strength of the Fallen Event  search
55 Taunt Event  search
14 Techniclon Monster  search
95 Temple Blessing Event  search
64 Tensie/Akan Monster  search
160 The Negaforce Villain  UR  search
41 The Tree of Life Person  search
30 Thunderclap Monster  search
6 Titus Monster  search
111 Tuxedo Mask, Level 1 Scout/Knight  search
157 Tuxedo Mask, Level 2 Scout/Knight  UR  search
72 Vampeal Monster  search
13 Veena/Misha & Janelle Monster  search
24 Vulturos Monster  search
71 Water Sprite Monster  search
59 What's That? Event  search
150 Wicked Lady Villain  search
159 Wiseman Villain  UR  search
9 Yasha/Plant Sisters Monster  search
120 Zoycite Villain  search

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