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Worldwake: 164 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
47 Abyssal Persecutor Creature  search
1 Admonition Angel Creature  search
24 AEther Tradewinds Instant  search
48 Agadeem Occultist Creature  search
71 Akoum Battlesinger Creature  search
121 Amulet of Vigor Artifact  search
49 Anowon, the Ruin Sage Legendary Creature  search
2 Apex Hawks Creature  search
95 Arbor Elf Creature  search
3 Archon of Redemption Creature  search
96 Avenger of Zendikar Creature  search
122 Basilisk Collar Artifact  search
4 Battle Hurda Creature  search
72 Bazaar Trader Creature  search
97 Bestial Menace Sorcery  search
50 Bloodhusk Ritualist Creature  search
132 Bojuka Bog Land  search
51 Bojuka Brigand Creature  search
52 Brink of Disaster Enchantment  search
73 Bull Rush Instant  search
53 Butcher of Malakir Creature  search
25 Calcite Snapper Creature  search
98 Canopy Cover Enchantment  search
54 Caustic Crawler Creature  search
133 Celestial Colonnade Land  search
133* Celestial Colonnade [Worldwake Buy a Box] Land  search
74 Chain Reaction Sorcery  search
75 Claws of Valakut Enchantment  search
76 Comet Storm Instant  search
76* Comet Storm [Worldwake Pre-Release] Instant  search
T6-6 Construct [Token] Artifact Creature Token  search
55 Corrupted Zendikon Enchantment  search
77 Cosi's Ravager Creature  search
134 Creeping Tar Pit Land  search
78 Crusher Zendikon Enchantment  search
79 Cunning Sparkmage Creature  search
79* Cunning Sparkmage [Dengeki Maoh Japanese Manga #1 Insert] Creature  search
56 Dead Reckoning Sorcery  search
57 Death's Shadow Creature  search
80 Deathforge Shaman Creature  search
26 Dispel Instant  search
T2-6 Dragon [Token] Creature Token  search
81 Dragonmaster Outcast Creature  search
135 Dread Statuary Land  search
T4-6 Elephant [Token] Creature Token  search
27 Enclave Elite Creature  search
123 Everflowing Chalice Artifact  search
99 Explore Sorcery  search
136 Eye of Ugin Legendary Land  search
100 Feral Contest Sorcery  search
5 Fledgling Griffin Creature  search
101 Gnarlid Pack Creature  search
82 Goblin Roughrider Creature  search
28 Goliath Sphinx Creature  search
102 Grappler Spider Creature  search
103 Graypelt Hunter Creature  search
83 Grotag Thrasher Creature  search
104 Groundswell Instant  search
6 Guardian Zendikon Enchantment  search
7 Hada Freeblade Creature  search
7* Hada Freeblade [Worldwake Gameday Participant (DCI-38)] Creature  search
137 Halimar Depths Land  search
29 Halimar Excavator Creature  search
124 Hammer of Ruin Artifact  search
105 Harabaz Druid Creature  search
125 Hedron Rover Artifact Creature  search
30 Horizon Drake Creature  search
8 Iona's Judgment Sorcery  search
31 Jace, the Mind Sculptor Planeswalker  search
58 Jagwasp Swarm Creature  search
9 Join the Ranks Instant  search
106 Joraga Warcaller Creature  search
106* Joraga Warcaller [Worldwake Launch] Creature  search
32 Jwari Shapeshifter Creature  search
59 Kalastria Highborn Creature  search
59* Kalastria Highborn [Worldwake Gameday Prize (DCI-39)] Creature  search
84 Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs Legendary Creature  search
138 Khalni Garden Land  search
126 Kitesail Artifact  search
10 Kitesail Apprentice Creature  search
11 Kor Firewalker Creature  search
139 Lavaclaw Reaches Land  search
107 Leatherback Baloth Creature  search
12 Lightkeeper of Emeria Creature  search
13 Loam Lion Creature  search
13* Loam Lion [Japanese Worldwake MPS Resale] Creature  search
127 Lodestone Golem Artifact Creature  search
14 Marsh Threader Creature  search
15 Marshal's Anthem Enchantment  search
60 Mire's Toll Sorcery  search
85 Mordant Dragon Creature  search
33 Mysteries of the Deep Instant  search
108 Nature's Claim Instant  search
61 Nemesis Trap Instant  search
119 Novablast Wurm Creature  search
T3-6 Ogre [Token] Creature Token  search
109 Omnath, Locus of Mana Legendary Creature  search
16 Perimeter Captain Creature  search
34 Permafrost Trap Instant  search
128 Pilgrim's Eye Artifact Creature  search
T5-6 Plant [Token] Creature Token  search
62 Pulse Tracker Creature  search
63 Quag Vampires Creature  search
110 Quest for Renewal Enchantment  search
86 Quest for the Goblin Lord Enchantment  search
64 Quest for the Nihil Stone Enchantment  search
35 Quest for Ula's Temple Enchantment  search
140 Quicksand Land  search
141 Raging Ravine Land  search
129 Razor Boomerang Artifact  search
17 Refraction Trap Instant  search
18 Rest for the Weary Instant  search
87 Ricochet Trap Instant  search
88 Roiling Terrain Sorcery  search
19 Ruin Ghost Creature  search
R4-5 Rules Tip: Allies & Quests Tips & Tricks  search
R1-5 Rules Tip: Landfall Tips & Tricks  search
R3-5 Rules Tip: Lands Alive! Tips & Tricks  search
R2-5 Rules Tip: Multikicker Tips & Tricks  search
R5-5 Rules Tip: Traps Tips & Tricks  search
89 Rumbling Aftershocks Enchantment  search
65 Ruthless Cullblade Creature  search
65* Ruthless Cullblade [Japanese Worldwake MPS Resale] Creature  search
66 Scrib Nibblers Creature  search
90 Searing Blaze Instant  search
130 Seer's Sundial Artifact  search
36 Sejiri Merfolk Creature  search
142 Sejiri Steppe Land  search
37 Selective Memory Sorcery  search
67 Shoreline Salvager Creature  search
91 Skitter of Lizards Creature  search
92 Slavering Nulls Creature  search
111 Slingbow Trap Instant  search
143 Smoldering Spires Land  search
68 Smother Instant  search
112 Snapping Creeper Creature  search
T1-6 Soldier Ally [Token] Creature Token  search
38 Spell Contortion Instant  search
144 Stirring Wildwood Land  search
93 Stone Idol Trap Instant  search
20 Stoneforge Mystic Creature  search
113 Strength of the Tajuru Instant  search
114 Summit Apes Creature  search
39 Surrakar Banisher Creature  search
21 Talus Paladin Creature  search
145 Tectonic Edge Land  search
115 Terastodon Creature  search
22 Terra Eternal Enchantment  search
40 Thada Adel, Acquisitor Legendary Creature  search
41 Tideforce Elemental Creature  search
69 Tomb Hex Instant  search
42 Treasure Hunt Sorcery  search
94 Tuktuk Scrapper Creature  search
43 Twitch Instant  search
70 Urge to Feed Instant  search
44 Vapor Snare Enchantment  search
116 Vastwood Animist Creature  search
117 Vastwood Zendikon Enchantment  search
23 Veteran's Reflexes Instant  search
45 Voyager Drake Creature  search
131 Walking Atlas Artifact Creature  search
46 Wind Zendikon Enchantment  search
118 Wolfbriar Elemental Creature  search
120 Wrexial, the Risen Deep Legendary Creature  search
Total price for whole set:

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