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Duel Terminal - Raid of the Inverz!! (Japanese)

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Duel Terminal - Raid of the Inverz!! (Japanese): 50 cards
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DT10-JP047 A Prayer to Gusta Trap Card  DNPR  search
DT10-JP043 Aggressive Move Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play  DNPR  search
DT10-JP048 Aggressive Wave Trap Card  DRPR  search
DT10-JP008 Armed Dragon LV10 Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT10-JP013 Black Salvo Monster / Tuner  DNPR  search
DT10-JP049 Blast Held by a Tribute Trap Card  Common  search
DT10-JP024 Calm, Silent Gusta Monster / Effect  DSPR  search
DT10-JP041 Ceremonial Water Mirror of Ritua Spell/Magic Card / Ritual  DNPR  search
DT10-JP036 Cyberdark Dragon Monster / Effect / Fusion  DRPR  search
DT10-JP044 Cyberdark Impact! Spell/Magic Card  Common  search
DT10-JP040 Daigusta Eagles Monster / Effect / Synchro  DUPR  search
DT10-JP039 Daigusta Garudos Monster / Effect / Synchro  DSPR  search
DT10-JP011 Emperor Sem Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT10-JP026 Evil Cell of the Inverz Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT10-JP034 Eviritua Mind Ogress Monster / Effect / Ritual  DSPR  search
DT10-JP035 Eviritua Soul Ogre Monster / Effect / Ritual  DUPR  search
DT10-JP028 Gatekeeper of the Inverz Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT10-JP021 Gusta Eagle Monster / Tuner  DNPR  search
DT10-JP042 Gusta Empathy Spell/Magic Card  DRPR  search
DT10-JP020 Gusta Garudo Monster / Tuner  DNPR  search
DT10-JP022 Gusta Thunbolt Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT10-JP029 Inverz Caller Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT10-JP033 Inverz Gasath Monster / Effect  DUPR  search
DT10-JP032 Inverz Gilafer Monster / Effect  DUPR  search
DT10-JP030 Inverz Madith Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT10-JP031 Inverz Morth Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT10-JP050 Karma Cut Trap Card  Common  search
DT10-JP003 Kelbek Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT10-JP012 Krebons Monster / Tuner  DNPR  search
DT10-JP037 Magical Android Monster / Effect / Synchro  Common  search
DT10-JP046 Meditation Technique of the Ceremonial Water Mirror Trap Card  DRPR  search
DT10-JP004 Puppet Master Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT10-JP014 Ritua Abyss Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT10-JP017 Ritua Chain Monster / Effect  DSPR  search
DT10-JP018 Ritua Erial Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT10-JP016 Ritua Marker Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT10-JP015 Ritua Vanity Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT10-JP027 Scout of the Inverz Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT10-JP001 Senju of the Thousand Hands Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT10-JP019 Shadow Ritua Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT10-JP006 Silent Swordsman LV5 Monster / Effect  DSPR  search
DT10-JP002 Sonic Bird Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT10-JP045 Star Blast Spell/Magic Card  Common  search
DT10-JP005 The Tricky Monster / Effect  DRPR  search
DT10-JP038 Thought Ruler Archfiend Monster / Effect / Synchro  Common  search
DT10-JP010 Volcanic Counter Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT10-JP009 Volcanic Rocket Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT10-JP007 Wynn the Wind Charmer Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT10-JP023 Wynnda, Miko of the Gusta Monster / Effect  DNPR  search
DT10-JP025 Wynndarl, Sage of the Gusta Monster / Effect  DRPR  search

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