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Scars of Mirrodin

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Scars of Mirrodin: 271 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
1 Abuna Acolyte Creature  search
136 Accorder's Shield Artifact  search
108 Acid Web Spider Creature  search
109 Alpha Tyrranax Creature  search
81 Arc Trail Sorcery  search
28 Argent Sphinx Creature  search
137 Argentum Armor Artifact  search
2 Arrest Enchantment  search
110 Asceticism Enchantment  search
82 Assault Strobe Sorcery  search
3 Auriok Edgewright Creature  search
138 Auriok Replica Artifact Creature  search
4 Auriok Sunchaser Creature  search
139 Barbed Battlegear Artifact  search
83 Barrage Ogre Creature  search
111 Bellowing Tanglewurm Creature  search
224 Blackcleave Cliffs Land  search
54 Blackcleave Goblin Creature  search
84 Blade-Tribe Berserkers Creature  search
140 Bladed Pinions Artifact  search
55 Bleak Coven Vampires Creature  search
112 Blight Mamba Creature  search
56 Blistergrub Creature  search
85 Bloodshot Trainee Creature  search
113 Blunt the Assault Instant  search
29 Bonds of Quicksilver Enchantment  search
114 Carapace Forger Creature  search
57 Carnifex Demon Creature  search
115 Carrion Call Instant  search
T1 Cat [Token] Creature Token  search
86 Cerebral Eruption Sorcery  search
141 Chimeric Mass Artifact  search
142 Chrome Steed Artifact Creature  search
143 Clone Shell Artifact Creature  search
144 Contagion Clasp Artifact  search
145 Contagion Engine Artifact  search
58 Contagious Nim Creature  search
146 Copper Myr Artifact Creature  search
116 Copperhorn Scout Creature  search
225 Copperline Gorge Land  search
147 Corpse Cur Artifact Creature  search
59 Corrupted Harvester Creature  search
148 Culling Dais Artifact  search
117 Cystbearer Creature  search
30 Darkslick Drake Creature  search
226 Darkslick Shores Land  search
149 Darksteel Axe Artifact  search
150 Darksteel Juggernaut Artifact Creature  search
150* Darksteel Juggernaut [Coro Coro Magazine Insert] Artifact Creature  search
151 Darksteel Myr Artifact Creature  search
152 Darksteel Sentinel Artifact Creature  search
5 Dispense Justice Instant  search
31 Disperse Instant  search
32 Dissipation Field Enchantment  search
60 Dross Hopper Creature  search
153 Echo Circlet Artifact  search
6 Elspeth Tirel Planeswalker  search
87 Embersmith Creature  search
118 Engulfing Slagwurm Creature  search
154 Etched Champion Artifact Creature  search
61 Exsanguinate Sorcery  search
120 Ezuri's Archers Creature  search
121 Ezuri's Brigade Creature  search
119 Ezuri, Renegade Leader Legendary Creature  search
88 Ferrovore Creature  search
89 Flameborn Hellion Creature  search
62 Flesh Allergy Sorcery  search
155 Flight Spellbomb Artifact  search
246 Forest Basic Land  search
247 Forest Basic Land  search
248 Forest Basic Land  search
249 Forest Basic Land  search
7 Fulgent Distraction Instant  search
63 Fume Spitter Creature  search
90 Furnace Celebration Enchantment  search
91 Galvanic Blast Instant  search
122 Genesis Wave Sorcery  search
64 Geth, Lord of the Vault Legendary Creature  search
8 Ghalma's Warden Creature  search
9 Glimmerpoint Stag Creature  search
227 Glimmerpost Land  search
10 Glint Hawk Creature  search
156 Glint Hawk Idol Artifact  search
92 Goblin Gaveleer Creature  search
T3 Goblin [Token] Creature Token  search
157 Gold Myr Artifact Creature  search
158 Golden Urn Artifact  search
159 Golem Artisan Artifact Creature  search
160 Golem Foundry Artifact  search
T6 Golem [Token] Artifact Creature Token  search
161 Golem's Heart Artifact  search
162 Grafted Exoskeleton Artifact  search
33 Grand Architect Creature  search
65 Grasp of Darkness Instant  search
163 Grindclock Artifact  search
34 Halt Order Instant  search
66 Hand of the Praetors Creature  search
164 Heavy Arbalest Artifact  search
93 Hoard-Smelter Dragon Creature  search
165 Horizon Spellbomb Artifact  search
67 Ichor Rats Creature  search
166 Ichorclaw Myr Artifact Creature  search
11 Indomitable Archangel Creature  search
35 Inexorable Tide Enchantment  search
167 Infiltration Lens Artifact  search
T4 Insect [Token] Creature Token  search
68 Instill Infection Instant  search
168 Iron Myr Artifact Creature  search
234 Island Basic Land  search
235 Island Basic Land  search
236 Island Basic Land  search
237 Island Basic Land  search
13 Kemba's Skyguard Creature  search
12 Kemba, Kha Regent Legendary Creature  search
94 Koth of the Hammer Planeswalker  search
169 Kuldotha Forgemaster Artifact Creature  search
95 Kuldotha Phoenix Creature  search
95* Kuldotha Phoenix [Dengeki Maoh Japanese Manga The Purifying Fire Vol 1 Insert] Creature  search
96 Kuldotha Rebirth Sorcery  search
170 Leaden Myr Artifact Creature  search
14 Leonin Arbiter Creature  search
123 Liege of the Tangle Creature  search
124 Lifesmith Creature  search
171 Liquimetal Coating Artifact  search
172 Livewire Lash Artifact  search
15 Loxodon Wayfarer Creature  search
36 Lumengrid Drake Creature  search
173 Lux Cannon Artifact  search
97 Melt Terrain Sorcery  search
174 Memnite Artifact Creature  search
174* Memnite [Scars of Mirrodin Gameday Participant (DCI-61)] Artifact Creature  search
69 Memoricide Sorcery  search
69* Memoricide [Scars of Mirrodin Buy A Box] Sorcery  search
175 Mimic Vat Artifact  search
176 Mindslaver Legendary Artifact  search
125 Molder Beast Creature  search
98 Molten Psyche Sorcery  search
177 Molten-Tail Masticore Artifact Creature  search
70 Moriok Reaver Creature  search
178 Moriok Replica Artifact Creature  search
242 Mountain Basic Land  search
243 Mountain Basic Land  search
244 Mountain Basic Land  search
245 Mountain Basic Land  search
179 Mox Opal Legendary Artifact  search
180 Myr Battlesphere Artifact Creature  search
181 Myr Galvanizer Artifact Creature  search
182 Myr Propagator Artifact Creature  search
183 Myr Reservoir Artifact  search
T7 Myr [Token] Artifact Creature Token  search
16 Myrsmith Creature  search
184 Necrogen Censer Artifact  search
71 Necrogen Scudder Creature  search
185 Necropede Artifact Creature  search
72 Necrotic Ooze Creature  search
37 Neurok Invisimancer Creature  search
186 Neurok Replica Artifact Creature  search
187 Nihil Spellbomb Artifact  search
188 Nim Deathmantle Artifact  search
99 Ogre Geargrabber Creature  search
189 Origin Spellbomb Artifact  search
100 Oxidda Daredevil Creature  search
101 Oxidda Scrapmelter Creature  search
73 Painful Quandary Enchantment  search
74 Painsmith Creature  search
190 Palladium Myr Artifact Creature  search
191 Panic Spellbomb Artifact  search
192 Perilous Myr Artifact Creature  search
75 Plague Stinger Creature  search
230 Plains Basic Land  search
231 Plains Basic Land  search
232 Plains Basic Land  search
233 Plains Basic Land  search
38 Plated Seastrider Creature  search
193 Platinum Emperion Artifact Creature  search
259 Poison Counter Counter  search
194 Precursor Golem Artifact Creature  search
195 Prototype Portal Artifact  search
76 Psychic Miasma Sorcery  search
126 Putrefax Creature  search
39 Quicksilver Gargantuan Creature  search
196 Ratchet Bomb Artifact  search
17 Razor Hippogriff Creature  search
197 Razorfield Thresher Artifact Creature  search
228 Razorverge Thicket Land  search
77 Relic Putrescence Enchantment  search
18 Revoke Existence Sorcery  search
40 Riddlesmith Creature  search
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5-5 Rules Tip: Poison & Emblems Tips & Tricks  search
3-5 Rules Tip: Proliferate Tips & Tricks  search
198 Rust Tick Artifact Creature  search
199 Rusted Relic Artifact  search
200 Saberclaw Golem Artifact Creature  search
19 Salvage Scout Creature  search
102 Scoria Elemental Creature  search
41 Scrapdiver Serpent Creature  search
42 Screeching Silcaw Creature  search
229 Seachrome Coast Land  search
20 Seize the Initiative Instant  search
201 Semblance Anvil Artifact  search
43 Shape Anew Sorcery  search
103 Shatter Instant  search
202 Silver Myr Artifact Creature  search
78 Skinrender Creature  search
79 Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon Legendary Creature  search
44 Sky-Eel School Creature  search
127 Slice in Twain Instant  search
203 Snapsail Glider Artifact Creature  search
T2 Soldier [Token] Creature Token  search
204 Soliton Artifact Creature  search
21 Soul Parry Instant  search
104 Spikeshot Elder Creature  search
45 Steady Progress Instant  search
205 Steel Hellkite Artifact Creature  search
205* Steel Hellkite [Scars of Mirrodin Launch] Artifact Creature  search
46 Stoic Rebuttal Instant  search
206 Strata Scythe Artifact  search
207 Strider Harness Artifact  search
22 Sunblast Angel Creature  search
23 Sunspear Shikari Creature  search
238 Swamp Basic Land  search
239 Swamp Basic Land  search
240 Swamp Basic Land  search
241 Swamp Basic Land  search
208 Sword of Body and Mind Artifact  search
209 Sylvok Lifestaff Artifact  search
210 Sylvok Replica Artifact Creature  search
80 Tainted Strike Instant  search
128 Tangle Angler Creature  search
129 Tel-Jilad Defiance Instant  search
130 Tel-Jilad Fallen Creature  search
24 Tempered Steel Enchantment  search
24* Tempered Steel [Scars of Mirrodin Gameday Prize (DCI-62)] Enchantment  search
211 Throne of Geth Artifact  search
47 Thrummingbird Creature  search
212 Tower of Calamities Artifact  search
213 Trigon of Corruption Artifact  search
214 Trigon of Infestation Artifact  search
215 Trigon of Mending Artifact  search
216 Trigon of Rage Artifact  search
217 Trigon of Thought Artifact  search
48 Trinket Mage Creature  search
25 True Conviction Enchantment  search
218 Tumble Magnet Artifact  search
105 Tunnel Ignus Creature  search
49 Turn Aside Instant  search
106 Turn to Slag Sorcery  search
50 Twisted Image Instant  search
131 Untamed Might Instant  search
51 Vault Skyward Instant  search
219 Vector Asp Artifact Creature  search
52 Vedalken Certarch Creature  search
220 Venser's Journal Artifact  search
135 Venser, the Sojourner Planeswalker  search
26 Vigil for the Lost Enchantment  search
132 Viridian Revel Enchantment  search
53 Volition Reins Enchantment  search
107 Vulshok Heartstoker Creature  search
221 Vulshok Replica Artifact Creature  search
222 Wall of Tanglecord Artifact Creature  search
27 Whitesun's Passage Instant  search
133 Wing Puncture Instant  search
134 Withstand Death Instant  search
T5 Wolf [Token] Creature Token  search
T8 Wurm [Deathtouch] [Token] Artifact Creature Token  search
T9 Wurm [Lifelink] [Token] Artifact Creature Token  search
223 Wurmcoil Engine Artifact Creature  search
223* Wurmcoil Engine [Scars of Mirrodin Pre-Release] Artifact Creature  search
Total price for whole set:

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