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Rituals of R'hllor

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Rituals of R'hllor: 20 cards
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22 Abandoned Fort Location  search
33 Aggo Character  search
34 Aggo's Bow Attachment  search
29 Altar of Fire Location  search
31 Ambitious Oarsman Character  search
23 Campfire Mime Character  search
36 Fallen and Reborn Event  search
28 Fanatic Attachment  search
27 Intolerant Priest Character  search
30 Lord of Light, Protect Us Event  search
40 Many Powers Long Asleep Plot  search
25 Melisandre Holy Character  search
24 Mountain Tactics Event  search
32 River Blockade Location  search
35 Starfall Merchant Character  search
21 The Bastard's Elite Character  search
39 The Brotherhood Without Banners Agenda  search
37 Thoros of Myr Holy Character  search
38 Tom Sevenstrings Learned Character  search
26 Wicked Seductress Character  search

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