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Duelist Pack 10: Yusei Fudo 3 (Japanese)

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Duelist Pack 10: Yusei Fudo 3 (Japanese): 30 cards
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DP10-JP010 A/D Changer Monster / Effect  Common  search
DP10-JP023 Battle Waltz Spell/Magic Card  Rare  search
DP10-JP015 Big One Warrior Monster / Effect  Super Rare  search
DP10-JP021 Blind Spot Strike Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play  Common  search
DP10-JP012 Boost Warrior Monster / Effect  Super Rare  search
DP10-JP014 Bri Synchron Monster / Tuner  Ultra Rare  search
DP10-JP005 Card Breaker Monster / Effect  Common  search
DP10-JP019 Cards of Consonance Spell/Magic Card  Common  search
DP10-JP009 Damage Eater Monster / Effect  Common  search
DP10-JP008 Dash Warrior Monster / Effect  Common  search
DP10-JP028 Desperate Tag Trap Card / Continuous  Common  search
DP10-JP029 Desperate Treasure Trap Card  Rare  search
DP10-JP022 Double Cyclone Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play  Common  search
DP10-JP016 Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste Monster / Effect / Fusion  Super Rare  search
DP10-JP004 Drill Synchron Monster / Tuner  Common  search
DP10-JP018 Drill Warrior Monster / Effect / Synchro  Rare  search
DP10-JP007 Effect Veiler Monster / Tuner  Rare  search
DP10-JP013 Justice Bringer Monster / Effect  Ultra Rare  search
DP10-JP017 Majestic Star Dragon Monster / Effect / Synchro  Rare  search
DP10-JP027 Power Frame Trap Card  Common  search
DP10-JP006 Second Booster Monster / Effect  Common  search
DP10-JP002 Shield Wing Monster / Effect  Common  search
DP10-JP001 Sonic Chick Monster / Effect  Common  search
DP10-JP003 Stardust Xiaolong Monster / Effect  Common  search
DP10-JP025 Starlight Road Trap Card  Rare  search
DP10-JP011 Stronghold Guardian Monster / Effect  Common  search
DP10-JP026 Synchro Barrier Trap Card  Common  search
DP10-JP024 Synchro Gift Spell/Magic Card  Rare  search
DP10-JP030 Synchro Material Trap Card  Super Rare  search
DP10-JP020 Variety Comes Out Spell/Magic Card  Common  search

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