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Duel of the Planeswalkers

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Duel of the Planeswalkers: 113 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
18 Abyssal Specter Creature  search
37 Act of Treason Sorcery  search
1 Air Elemental Creature  search
19 Ascendant Evincar Legendary Creature  search
38 Banefire Sorcery  search
55 Blanchwood Armor Enchantment  search
39 Blaze Sorcery  search
40 Bloodmark Mentor Creature  search
2 Boomerang Instant  search
3 Cancel Instant  search
41 Cinder Pyromancer Creature  search
56 Civic Wayfinder Creature  search
4 Cloud Sprite Creature  search
90 Coat of Arms Artifact  search
20 Consume Spirit Sorcery  search
5 Counterbore Instant  search
21 Crowd of Cinders Creature  search
6 Deluge Instant  search
91 Demon's Horn Artifact  search
7 Denizen of the Deep Creature  search
92 Dragon's Claw Artifact  search
57 Drove of Elves Creature  search
22 Drudge Skeletons Creature  search
23 Dusk Imp Creature  search
58 Duskdale Wurm Creature  search
42 Earth Elemental Creature  search
59 Elven Riders Creature  search
60 Elvish Champion Creature  search
61 Elvish Eulogist Creature  search
62 Elvish Promenade Tribal Sorcery  search
63 Elvish Visionary Creature  search
64 Elvish Warrior Creature  search
43 Enrage Instant  search
24 Essence Drain Sorcery  search
9 Essence Scatter Instant  search
10 Evacuation Instant  search
25 Eyeblight's Ending Tribal Instant  search
110 Forest Basic Land  search
111 Forest Basic Land  search
112 Forest Basic Land  search
113 Forest Basic Land  search
44 Furnace of Rath Enchantment  search
65 Gaea's Herald Creature  search
66 Giant Growth Instant  search
67 Giant Spider Creature  search
45 Goblin Piker Creature  search
46 Goblin Sky Raider Creature  search
68 Greenweaver Druid Creature  search
47 Hill Giant Creature  search
69 Howl of the Night Pack Sorcery  search
70 Immaculate Magistrate Creature  search
71 Imperious Perfect Creature  search
48 Incinerate Instant  search
100 Island Basic Land  search
101 Island Basic Land  search
98 Island Basic Land  search
99 Island Basic Land  search
72 Jagged-Scar Archers Creature  search
49 Kamahl, Pit Fighter Legendary Creature  search
93 Kraken's Eye Artifact  search
50 Lightning Elemental Creature  search
94 Loxodon Warhammer Artifact  search
73 Lys Alana Huntmaster Creature  search
11 Mahamoti Djinn Creature  search
26 Megrim Enchantment  search
12 Mind Control Enchantment  search
27 Mind Rot Sorcery  search
28 Mind Shatter Sorcery  search
13 Mind Spring Sorcery  search
74 Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer Legendary Creature  search
29 Moonglove Winnower Creature  search
30 Mortivore Creature  search
106 Mountain Basic Land  search
107 Mountain Basic Land  search
108 Mountain Basic Land  search
109 Mountain Basic Land  search
75 Natural Spring Sorcery  search
76 Naturalize Instant  search
77 Nature's Spiral Instant  search
14 Negate Instant  search
78 Overrun Sorcery  search
15 Phantom Warrior Creature  search
51 Prodigal Pyromancer Creature  search
52 Rage Reflection Enchantment  search
79 Rampant Growth Sorcery  search
31 Ravenous Rats Creature  search
80 River Boa Creature  search
81 Roughshod Mentor Creature  search
82 Runeclaw Bear Creature  search
32 Sengir Vampire Creature  search
33 Severed Legion Creature  search
53 Shivan Dragon Creature  search
54 Shock Instant  search
16 Snapping Drake Creature  search
83 Spined Wurm Creature  search
102 Swamp Basic Land  search
103 Swamp Basic Land  search
104 Swamp Basic Land  search
105 Swamp Basic Land  search
84 Talara's Battalion Creature  search
34 Terror Instant  search
95 The Rack Artifact  search
17 Thieving Magpie Creature  search
85 Trained Armodon Creature  search
86 Troll Ascetic Creature  search
35 Underworld Dreams Enchantment  search
36 Unholy Strength Enchantment  search
8 Unsummon Instant  search
87 Verdant Force Creature  search
88 Vigor Creature  search
96 Wall of Spears Artifact Creature  search
89 Wall of Wood Creature  search
97 Wurm's Tooth Artifact  search
Total price for whole set:

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