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The Dead of Winter

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The Dead of Winter: 165 cards
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109 1,000 Cuts Technique Strategy  Rare  search
47 Agasha Kamarou Personality  Common  search
48 Agasha Kokiden Personality  Uncommon  search
33 Akodo Ebiro Personality  Uncommon  search
34 Akodo Raemon Personality  Rare  search
35 Akodo Seiichi Personality  Rare  search
100 All Water Flows Spell  Common  search
81 Ancestral Temple Region  Rare  search
164 Aramasu's Vigilance Stronghold  Fixed  search
84 Archery Unit Follower  Common  search
93 Armor of the Loyal Son Item  Rare  search
19 Asahina Beniha Personality  Fixed  search
49 Asako Hitsuko Personality  Rare  search
110 Atone Through Life Strategy  Uncommon  search
111 Awed Witness Strategy  Rare  search
112 Balance in Water Strategy  Uncommon  search
54 Bayushi Azumamoru Personality  Uncommon  search
55 Bayushi Jou Personality  Uncommon  search
56 Bayushi Muhito Personality  Rare  search
57 Bayushi Saito Personality  Common  search
113 Bestial Rage Strategy  Uncommon  search
114 Calculated Offensive Strategy  Common  search
101 Castle of Earth Spell  Common  search
85 Cavalry for Hire Follower  Rare  search
61 Chuda Inisi Personality  Rare  search
115 Compromised Strategy  Uncommon  search
116 Concentrated Fire Strategy  Rare  search
102 Consumption by Fire Spell  Rare  search
117 Controlling the Seas Strategy  Uncommon  search
7 Corrupt Governor Holding  Uncommon  search
118 Crippling Weather Strategy  Common  search
119 Croplands Strategy  Common  search
20 Daidoji Kagami Personality  Common  search
21 Daidoji Sadayori Personality  Rare  search
62 Daigotsu Gahseng Personality  Rare  search
63 Daigotsu Sahara Personality  Fixed  search
94 Daisho Item  Common  search
8 Dark Oracle of Fire Holding  Rare  search
95 Dependable Gear Item  Common  search
22 Doji Nukada Personality  Common  search
23 Doji Shikatsu Personality  Uncommon  search
120 Draw Attention Strategy  Uncommon  search
103 Drawing the Void Spell  Common  search
1 Ekibyogami's Spite Celestial  Rare  search
165 Embassy of the Crane Stronghold  Fixed  search
121 Endless Stamina Strategy  Common  search
122 Favor of Artisans Strategy  Common  search
86 Fifth Wind Cavalry Follower  Rare  search
64 Fosuta no Oni Personality  Common  search
104 Guardian of Earth Spell  Uncommon  search
123 Guided by Honor Strategy  Uncommon  search
65 Hachigoro Personality  Uncommon  search
124 Heroic Inspiration Strategy  Rare  search
12 Hida Akeno Personality  Common  search
13 Hida Desora Personality  Common  search
14 Hida Eijiko Personality  Rare  search
15 Hida Tokido Personality  Uncommon  search
16 Hida Yiu Personality  Uncommon  search
125 Hidden in the Shadows Strategy  Common  search
126 Hunting the Daughter Strategy  Rare  search
127 Iainuki Strategy  Common  search
75 Ieyoshi Personality  Common  search
3 Ignoble Demise Event  Uncommon  search
97 Impromptu Weapon Item  Uncommon  search
2 Inari's Blessing Celestial  Rare  search
128 Infamous Strike Strategy  Rare  search
129 Inspired Devotion Strategy  Uncommon  search
50 Isawa Furiko Personality  Rare  search
51 Isawa Kumai Personality  Rare  search
52 Isawa Kuniki Personality  Uncommon  search
68 Iuchi Katamari Personality  Rare  search
4 Jimen's Decree Event  Rare  search
24 Kakita Noritoshi Personality  Rare  search
25 Kakita Yosuga Personality  Uncommon  search
76 Karyuudo Personality  Common  search
66 Katahide Personality  Common  search
87 Khol Regulars Follower  Uncommon  search
26 Kitsuki Bokuko Personality  Uncommon  search
130 Know the Terrain Strategy  Rare  search
17 Kuni Kiyoshi Personality  Rare  search
166 Kyuden Suzume Stronghold  Fixed  search
5 Lack of Vigilance Event  Uncommon  search
131 Leaked Information Strategy  Uncommon  search
132 Legendary Feud Strategy  Rare  search
36 Matsu Amuro Personality  Uncommon  search
37 Matsu Ato Personality  Common  search
38 Matsu Fumiyo Personality  Rare  search
39 Matsu Sako Personality  Common  search
88 Midnight Shadows Follower  Common  search
27 Mirumoto Hojatsu Personality  Rare  search
28 Mirumoto Kijima Personality  Common  search
29 Mirumoto Tsubasa Personality  Uncommon  search
40 Moshi Kalani Personality  Rare  search
41 Moshi Kinyo Personality  Common  search
69 Moto Jeng-Yun Personality  Rare  search
133 Muscle and Steel Strategy  Rare  search
134 No Pure Breaths Strategy  Rare  search
135 Open Emotion Strategy  Rare  search
136 Out of Nowhere Strategy  Rare  search
137 Panther Tattoo Strategy  Rare  search
138 Preparedness Strategy  Rare  search
139 Preserve Your Forces Strategy  Common  search
9 Private Farm Holding  Common  search
10 Public Records Holding  Common  search
140 Pure Breath Strategy  Rare  search
141 Rain of Justice Strategy  Rare  search
142 Rally Through Sacrifice Strategy  Uncommon  search
105 Reach Across the World Spell  Common  search
143 Reckless Assault Strategy  Common  search
89 Retired Magistrates Follower  Uncommon  search
144 Second-Hand Goods Strategy  Rare  search
77 Seppun Ujifusa Personality  Common  search
90 Serene Brother Follower  Uncommon  search
145 Shatter the Wave Strategy  Uncommon  search
53 Shiba Gohiko Personality  Common  search
70 Shinjo Chu-Yeung Personality  Uncommon  search
71 Shinjo Hwarang Personality  Rare  search
72 Shinjo Meng-Do Personality  Common  search
73 Shinjo Tobasa Personality  Common  search
58 Shosuro Jimen Personality  Rare  search
59 Shosuro Shigemasa Personality  Rare  search
146 Shuriken and Smoke Strategy  Rare  search
82 Snow-Covered Plain Region  Common  search
147 Snowy Plains Strategy  Common  search
60 Soshi Hirotsugu Personality  Common  search
148 Southern Blockade Strategy  Rare  search
6 Stand Alone Event  Uncommon  search
106 Stealing the Essence Spell  Uncommon  search
91 Stone Guardian Follower  Uncommon  search
149 Strike Quickly Strategy  Common  search
150 Subversive Influence Strategy  Rare  search
78 Takaharu Personality  Uncommon  search
30 Tamori Wotan Personality  Rare  search
151 Taxing the Scum Strategy  Uncommon  search
11 Temple of Redemption Holding  Uncommon  search
152 Temporizing Ground Strategy  Common  search
153 The Fires of War Strategy  Rare  search
107 The Kami's Whisper Spell  Rare  search
154 The Shadow Court Strategy  Uncommon  search
155 The Testament of Fire Strategy  Uncommon  search
31 Togashi Okamoto Personality  Common  search
32 Togashi Shiori Personality  Rare  search
18 Toritaka Horoiso Personality  Rare  search
108 Touch of Thunder Spell  Rare  search
83 Treacherous Defile Region  Common  search
98 Tsangusuri Item  Common  search
92 Tsume Spearmen Follower  Common  search
99 Tsuruchi Daikyu Item  Uncommon  search
42 Tsuruchi Seisha Personality  Uncommon  search
43 Tsuruchi Toburo Personality  Rare  search
79 Ujisato Personality  Rare  search
156 Unnatural Hunger Strategy  Rare  search
74 Utaku Liu-Xeung Personality  Uncommon  search
157 Vigorous Sparring Strategy  Uncommon  search
158 Waves Rush to the Shore Strategy  Uncommon  search
159 Well Scouted Target Strategy  Uncommon  search
160 Winter Pilgrimage Strategy  Common  search
161 Winter Siege Strategy  Rare  search
162 With My Last Breath Strategy  Common  search
163 Words Have Strength Strategy  Uncommon  search
44 Yoritomo Ai Personality  Common  search
45 Yoritomo Aranai Personality  Uncommon  search
67 Yoritomo Aranai Personality  Uncommon  search
46 Yoritomo Eihiko Personality  Fixed  search
80 Yukataka no Onna Personality  Uncommon  search

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