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The Horror Beneath the Surface

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The Horror Beneath the Surface: 20 cards
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30 A Single Path Event  search
28 Arkham Advertiser Archives Support  search
38 Beneath the Surface, Eureka! Event  search
34 Book of Eibon, Mind Bending Revelations Support  search
25 Chess Prodigy Character  search
26 Fugitive Scientist Character  search
22 Hand Restraints Support  search
23 Hapless Graduate Student Character  search
32 Local Brew Support  search
21 Marshall Greene, Too Old For This... Character  search
35 Mind Eater Character  search
24 Scholarly Plagiarist Character  search
29 Silver Twilight Temptress Character  search
40 The Endless Investigation Conspiracy  search
37 Tithe Collector Character  search
36 Under the Porch Support  search
33 Unfathomable Elder Thing Character  search
27 Vengeful Hit Event  search
31 Wandering Inmate Character  search
39 With a Fine Toothed Comb Event  search

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