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Whispers in the Dark

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Whispers in the Dark: 20 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow  
3 Backwater Deep One Character  search
4 Brood of Yig Character  search
19 Casting off the Skin Event  search
5 Crazed Arsonist Character  search
14 Empty Sockets Support  search
13 Ferocious Dark Young Character  search
2 Flanking Maneuver Event  search
8 Focused Art Student Character  search
18 Hunting Nightgaunt Character  search
1 James Logan, Ready for Anything Character  search
6 Nightstalker Character  search
9 Perpetual Silence Event  search
20 Speak to the Dead Event  search
17 The Laundromat, More Than It Seems Support  search
10 The Locked Door Conspiracy  search
11 The Red-Gloved Man, He Was Never There Character  search
7 The Sirens of Hell Event  search
12 The Yuggoth Contract, Nefarious Pact Support  search
15 Tyler Scindere, Bounty Hunter Character  search
16 Want Ads Support  search

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