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M'arrillian Invasion

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M'arrillian Invasion: 224 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow  
1 Accato Creature  Common  search
126 Aerodrone Battlegear  Super Rare  search
2 Akkrean Creature  Rare  search
43 Alazdan Creature  Rare  search
127 Algal Wings of Attraction Battlegear  Ultra Rare  search
190 Allegro Mugic  Uncommon  search
128 Alluring Bait Battlegear  Rare  search
15 Aokua Creature  Rare  search
191 Aria of Enragement Mugic  Uncommon  search
16 Asadab Creature  Common  search
67 Ash Torrent Attack  Uncommon  search
129 Aspect Amplifier: Agility Battlegear  Common  search
130 Aspect Amplifier: Bravery Battlegear  Common  search
131 Aspect Amplifier: Might Battlegear  Common  search
132 Aspect Amplifier: Wit Battlegear  Common  search
156 Ballad of the Belittled Mugic  Rare  search
44 Bivike Creature  Super Rare  search
17 Bladez Creature  Rare  search
195 Bodal's Arsenal Location  Ultra Rare  search
133 Brain Amplifier Battlegear  Super Rare  search
196 Brawlers' Burrow Location  Common  search
134 Breath of the Desert Battlegear  Uncommon  search
18 Brimflame Creature  Common  search
197 Broken Edge Location  Uncommon  search
68 Burning Rain Attack  Super Rare  search
157 Cadence Clash Mugic  Rare  search
158 Carnivore's Keening Mugic  Rare  search
29 Chaac Creature  Common  search
198 Chamber of Waves Location  Common  search
180 Chromatic Postlude Mugic  Super Rare  search
69 Confusion Attack  Common  search
45 Dakkamal, Melee Trainer Creature  Uncommon  search
70 Daunting Bravery Attack  Uncommon  search
199 Deadrange Gong Location  Super Rare  search
71 Deceleration Attack  Uncommon  search
159 Deep Dirge Mugic  Ultra Rare  search
72 Delerium Attack  Common  search
73 Deluge of Doom Attack  Common  search
192 Desert's Wrathsong Mugic  Super Rare  search
181 Deserter's Finale Mugic  Rare  search
135 Destructozooka Battlegear  Rare  search
193 Disarming Theme Mugic  Rare  search
74 Disempowerment Combo Attack  Super Rare  search
175 Dissonance of Will Mugic  Super Rare  search
185 Domestic Hive Hymn Mugic  Rare  search
186 Draining Dirge Mugic  Uncommon  search
30 Drazz Creature  Super Rare  search
75 Dry Liquid Attack  Uncommon  search
160 Duality Dirge Mugic  Rare  search
46 Ebberim Creature  Uncommon  search
57 Ebena'bakku Creature  Ultra Rare  search
176 Ecstatic Fanfare Mugic  Uncommon  search
161 Effervescent Etude Mugic  Common  search
76 Electro-Web Attack  Uncommon  search
77 Ember Swarm Attack  Uncommon  search
177 Empowering Serenade Mugic  Common  search
58 Erak'tabb Creature  Rare  search
162 Etude of Exhaustion Mugic  Common  search
182 Falsetto Mugic  Common  search
163 Fanfare of the Brain Mugic  Ultra Rare  search
164 Fatiguing Falsetto Mugic  Common  search
47 Fazkaal Creature  Super Rare  search
78 Fear Projection Attack  Common  search
183 Final Fugue Mugic  Uncommon  search
79 Flaming Coals Attack  Rare  search
80 Flashwarp Attack  Common  search
165 Fluidmorpher's Fanfare Mugic  Super Rare  search
3 Frafdo, The Hero Creature  Super Rare  search
19 Gambreor Creature  Uncommon  search
200 Gambreor's Hut Location  Super Rare  search
59 Gan'trak Creature  Rare  search
81 Ghost Gouge Attack  Uncommon  search
201 Gloom-mire Night Location  Common  search
82 Gravity Slam Attack  Uncommon  search
4 Grindaald Creature  Common  search
5 Gronmor Creature  Super Rare  search
202 Hall of Fatigue Location  Common  search
83 Hammer Dash Attack  Uncommon  search
84 Hampering Winds Attack  Uncommon  search
85 Heat Rage Attack  Common  search
31 Hermatred Creature  Common  search
136 Hive Amber Battlegear  Rare  search
86 Ice Disks Attack  Rare  search
87 Ice Sheet Attack  Super Rare  search
60 Ihun'kalin Creature  Rare  search
205 Ijahni Outpost Location  Super Rare  search
6 Ikkatosh, Guardian of Nature Creature  Rare  search
206 Illusionary Lake Location  Super Rare  search
20 Ilx Creature  Super Rare  search
207 Imaginary Walls Location  Rare  search
184 Improvisational Melody Mugic  Uncommon  search
187 Intense Polyphony Mugic  Uncommon  search
32 Irrabeq Creature  Uncommon  search
7 Issaley Creature  Rare  search
209 Jade Pillar Location  Ultra Rare  search
48 Jumbad Creature  Common  search
33 Kalanju Creature  Rare  search
34 Katharaz Creature  Ultra Rare  search
137 Kha'rall Husk Armor Battlegear  Rare  search
49 Kileron, Warbeast of the Dust Storm Creature  Ultra Rare  search
61 Klar'nok Creature  Super Rare  search
21 Kraade Creature  Common  search
22 Kreaal Creature  Rare  search
210 Lava Pond, Milla'iin's Foothold Location  Rare  search
35 Lendai Creature  Rare  search
88 Lightning Burst Attack  Uncommon  search
23 Lyssta Creature  Ultra Rare  search
8 Lystone Creature  Common  search
50 Maliph, Guard of the Palace Creature  Super Rare  search
138 Manual of Vidav Battlegear  Uncommon  search
139 Maxxor's Torch Battlegear  Super Rare  search
178 Melody of Miracles Mugic  Uncommon  search
166 Melody of Mirrored Actions Mugic  Rare  search
62 Milla'iin Creature  Rare  search
89 Mind Grind Attack  Uncommon  search
140 Mind Prism Battlegear  Uncommon  search
141 Mindclasp Battlegear  Rare  search
90 Mindful Finish Attack  Super Rare  search
91 Mindsink Attack  Common  search
92 Minor Roar Attack  Super Rare  search
142 Mirrors of Misplacement Battlegear  Super Rare  search
36 Mivindal Creature  Super Rare  search
51 Mizkio Creature  Uncommon  search
211 Mommark's Catapult Tower Location  Common  search
212 Mount Pillar Reservoir, Neth'uar's Foothold Location  Rare  search
24 Nauthilax, Tainted Creature  Super Rare  search
37 Necrabe Creature  Ultra Rare  search
63 Neth'uar Creature  Rare  search
93 Neuro Freeze Attack  Super Rare  search
38 Nimmei Creature  Rare  search
167 Nourishing Nocturne Mugic  Uncommon  search
179 Odd Opus Mugic  Rare  search
9 Okaxor Creature  Super Rare  search
25 Ooloo Creature  Uncommon  search
213 Open Doors of the Deepmines Location  Super Rare  search
94 Outsmart Attack  Rare  search
95 Outwit Attack  Uncommon  search
52 Owayki Creature  Rare  search
143 Parasite Tablet Battlegear  Uncommon  search
223 Parasite Token Blue Battlegear  Super Rare  search
224 Parasite Token Orange Battlegear  Super Rare  search
96 Perplexing Heat Attack  Common  search
144 Phobia Mask Battlegear  Uncommon  search
145 Phobia Tabard Battlegear  Uncommon  search
97 Piercing Brilliance Attack  Uncommon  search
147 Plasma Pounder Battlegear  Super Rare  search
98 Plasmarrow Attack  Rare  search
99 Poison Panic Attack  Super Rare  search
100 Poison Sphere Attack  Uncommon  search
101 Power Punch Attack  Rare  search
168 Predator's Song Mugic  Ultra Rare  search
169 Prelude to Dominance Mugic  Uncommon  search
102 Primal Smash Attack  Ultra Rare  search
148 Prism of Fright Battlegear  Common  search
149 Prism of Mindlessness Battlegear  Common  search
150 Prism of Sloth Battlegear  Common  search
151 Prism of Vacuity Battlegear  Uncommon  search
103 Psi-mageddon Attack  Super Rare  search
216 Psikoom Madness Chamber Location  Common  search
170 Psionic Serenade Mugic  Ultra Rare  search
104 Psychodrain Attack  Common  search
105 Quick Exit Attack  Common  search
106 Radical Ice Balls Attack  Common  search
26 Ragetrod Creature  Uncommon  search
217 Rao'Pa Sahkk, Ihun'kalin's Foothold Location  Rare  search
27 Rarran, Tainted Creature  Rare  search
64 Rath'tab Creature  Ultra Rare  search
39 Rebant Creature  Common  search
152 Reefshard Battlegear  Rare  search
188 Rhythms of Rage Mugic  Super Rare  search
107 Rip Tide Attack  Uncommon  search
65 Ritzu'dag Creature  Super Rare  search
218 Riverlands, Erak'tabb's Foothold Location  Rare  search
53 Savell Creature  Super Rare  search
108 Screeching Scare Attack  Rare  search
194 Selective Strain Mugic  Common  search
109 Shadow Strike Attack  Common  search
110 Shriek Shock Attack  Common  search
153 Sinister Statuette Battlegear  Uncommon  search
111 Sink Scream Attack  Ultra Rare  search
54 Sirri Creature  Common  search
112 Slowsand Attack  Common  search
113 Snare Attack Attack  Rare  search
171 Song of Stable Shields Mugic  Super Rare  search
172 Specific Diminishing Mugic  Common  search
114 Spirit Gust Attack  Common  search
219 Stormgrounds Location  Uncommon  search
115 Streak Strike Attack  Uncommon  search
116 Stupefying Tide Attack  Uncommon  search
173 Surprising Riffs Mugic  Common  search
189 Symphony of Similarity Mugic  Common  search
40 Tabaal Creature  Uncommon  search
10 Tangath Toborn, In Training Creature  Super Rare  search
11 Targubaj Creature  Uncommon  search
12 Tartarek, Psi Overloader Creature  Ultra Rare  search
117 Terror-fying Tackle Attack  Uncommon  search
203 The Heart of the Jungle Location  Super Rare  search
204 The Hive Gallery Location  Uncommon  search
208 The Infectorium Location  Rare  search
214 The OverWorld Library Location  Uncommon  search
146 The Pit Token Battlegear  Uncommon  search
215 The Pits Location  Uncommon  search
118 Timeslow Attack  Common  search
55 Tinnoi Creature  Rare  search
28 Tomugar Creature  Super Rare  search
174 Tonal Destruction Mugic  Common  search
119 Torrent of Flame Attack  Common  search
120 Torrent of Water Attack  Common  search
13 Trimdaal Creature  Uncommon  search
41 Uholdan Creature  Uncommon  search
154 Ulmar's Bionic Steam Arms Battlegear  Rare  search
220 Ulmar's Projection Cavern Location  Super Rare  search
155 Ulmar's Projector Battlegear  Rare  search
42 Ulmquad Creature  Super Rare  search
221 Van Bloot's Banquet Location  Super Rare  search
121 Velocitrap Attack  Common  search
222 Vidav's Refectorium Location  Uncommon  search
122 Vine Snare Attack  Uncommon  search
123 Web Cocoon Attack  Common  search
124 Whirling Wail Attack  Rare  search
125 Whirlwind Scythes Attack  Common  search
56 Wistanne Creature  Common  search
14 Wrenges Creature  Uncommon  search
66 Xis'torq Creature  Uncommon  search

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